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Q:  Who Is She?

A:  The author of this blog is Michelle Davies nee Hryvnak.  You can more about her in the unabridged “About Me” section right here.


Q:  What Does She Do?

A:  Michelle is currently employed as an Broadcast Maintenance Engineer at WQED Multimedia (a.k.a. The Mister Rogers station) and is a co-admin/contributor at NEPA Blogs.  She’s also a wife, mother, sister, daughter, blogerina and part-time student.  For more information, check out her LinkedIn profile.


Q:  Where Does She Do It?

A:  In the Valley of the Sweets, in Northeastern Pennsylvania.


Q:  When Does She Do It?

A:  Whenever the moment strikes her fancy.  …Or whenever she has a free moment.  Whatever happens first.


Q:  Why Does She Do It?

A:  Michelle has been blogging since 2001.  It initially started out as an online journal on Diaryland.  It has since transformed into a full hosted domain name on a CMS platform (Greymatter and then later WordPress).  She simply read and witnessed other people doing it (blogging) and said to herself, “I can do that.”  It really just helps her to get things off her chest and out of her head.  She likes the feeling of knowing her blogging may help someone.  She feels that people who read blogs are looking for someone with similar interests to connect with.  She loves to learn about web programming languages and uses her blog as testing lab.  She also feels awkward using the third person to talk about herself.


Q:  How Does She Do It?

A:  A mix of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages,  buttloads of technology, a touch of class, and a sprinkling of sass.

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