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Several people and local news sources have been kind enough to interview me and allow me to be featured in their publications, TV shows, and on their blogs.  Here’s a brief list of those articles!


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Leadership Wilkes-Barre Press:

01.25.10 Leadership Wilkes-Barre has a full slate of community projects Source: Citizens’ Voice
03.07.10 Dream Builders Source: Times Leader
03.10.10 Slackin’ Off Source:
03.12.10 Wilkes-Barre’s St. Patrick’s Day parade lineup Source: Citizens’ Voice
03.21.10 Leadership Wilkes-Comedy Night, Thursday April 8 Source: Another Monkey
03.26.10 Ryan Leckey Clips Source: Vimeo

03.27.10 Breslau/Lynwood Little League Source: Citizens’ Voice
04.26.10 BILAA Opening Day Field Dedication Video Source: Vimeo

06.03.10 Leadership Wilkes-Barre Class of 2010 Source: Citizens’ Voice
06.03.10 BILAA Project Wrap-Up Source: Vimeo

NEPA Blogs Press:

05.25.11 New Header Wednesday:  Sunrise over Sweet Valley Source: NEPA Blogs
06.20.11 NEPA Blog Reunion Source: Happenings Magazine
08.11.11 WFTE-FM Interview Source: WFTE-FM
08.31.11 New Header Wednesday:  Sweet Valley sunset, 8/29/2011 Source: NEPA Blogs
10.12.11 New Header Wednesday:  Hotel Sterling and Suquehanna River, Wilkes-Barre Source: NEPA Blogs
11.16.11 New Header Wednesday:  Sunrise from Sweet Valley Source: NEPA Blogs
11.21.11 New Header Wednesday:  Houses across from Nay Aug Park, Scranton Source: NEPA Blogs
01.04.12 New Header Wednesday:  Sunrise over Sweet Valley 11/28/2011 Source: NEPA Blogs
03.27.12 Connecting the Blogs Source: The Weekender
03.21.12 NEPA Blog Fest draws candidates’ attention Source: The Citizens’ Voice
12.2011 2012 Winner “Best Blogger” Category Source: Greatest Around the Poconos
04.02.12 PA Live! Blog of the Week Source: WBRE-TV
09.12.12 New Header Wednesday:  Tiki Torch in the Sunset at the River Grille, Plains Source: NEPA Blogs
12.2012 2013 Winner “Best Blogger” Category Source: Greatest Around the Poconos
12.19.12 New Header Wednesday:  WNEP Backyard, Moosic Source: NEPA Blogs
01.16.13 New Header Wednesday:  View from Penobscot Mountain from Transmission Towers Source: NEPA Blogs



ComputerWise TV Appearances:











WNEP-TV Appearances:



11/17/12 – Survived my first Santa Parade!


11/26/12 – Talkback Feedback


2012 WNEP Holiday Greeting








Pecha Kucha Night Presentations:






Other Publications:

01.18.03 A Story Runs Through It: Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania Levee System: Luzerne County Historical Society Source:
03.21.06 Allurements and Lamentations: Lou Orfanella Source:
04.10.07 Excursions: Poetry and Prose: Lou Orfanella Source:

01.28.12 If you had six minutes and 40 seconds to say something, anything, what would you say? Source: Times Leader

02.15.12 LCCC Phi Theta Kappa holds induction ceremony Source: Times Leader

05.23.12 Starstruck Source: The Weekender

01.09.13 The Word Fountain Special Flood Issue Source: The Osterhout Library


02.16.13 Honors List Source: Times Leader

02.20.13 12 Uncanny iMadeFace Self-Portraits Source: Mashable


BlogCon 2013 Press:

04.08.13 Mara Wilson rules, So do my IGGPPC girls, and a sneak peek at NEPA BlogCon Source: Darling Stewie
06.12.13 NEPA BlogCon 2013 Kick-Off Party Source: Justin Vacula
06.25.13 It’s Kick-Off Party Time! Source: Mandy Boyle
06.26.13 NEPA BlogCon 2013 Launch Party Source: Brent Pennington: Photographer
08.01.13 Event Listings Source: The Sunday Dispatch
08.08.13 Datebook: Your guide to area activities and events Source: The Times-Tribune
08.08.13 Event Listings Source: The Times Leader
08.08.13 2nd Annual NEPA BlogCon Set For October 2013 Source: Pocono Moms
08.15.13 NEPA BlogCon 2013 Source: Karla Porter
08.29.13 Events to Benefit Blue Chip Animal Refuge Source:
08.30.13 Social Media Solutions: Should small businesses handle social media themselves? Source: Wicked Local
08.31.13 We’ve Been Nominated For The Food #NEPABOTY Source:
09.02.13 PensFans4Ever honored to be nominated for NEPA BOTY Award Source: HometownHockey.CA
09.02.13 PensFans4Ever Honored To Be Nominated For NEPA BOTY Award Source: PensFans4Ever
09.04.13 The winner is… Source: King of Kings Gyros
09.06.13 NEPA BlogCon 2013 Source: CrossValleyMedia
09.07.13 Honors and Awards Source: The Times Leader
09.10.13 How I’m Spending My Time: Blog of the Year Awards and BlogCon Source: Mandy Boyle
09.10.13 Blog of the Year Nomination Source: RandiLynn
09.10.13 Grandmaman Visit Source: Crafternoon Tea
09.10.13 September Meetup: Favorite WordPress Plugins Source: NEPA WordPress /
09.11.13 Giveaway: Win a ticket to NEPA BlogCon 2013! Source: Leslie IRL
09.12.13 The Scoop Source:
09.18.13 Vote for us to win Blog of the Year! Source: NEPA Beer Reviews
09.18.13 Speaking at NEPA BlogCon Source:
09.18.13 NEPA BlogCon Radio Interview w/ Prospector Source: Rock 107
09.18.13 NEPA BlogCon visits STK Source: Save the Kales & RCN
09.18.13 NEPA BlogCon visits ComputerWise Source: ComputerWise TV & Blue Ridge Communications
09.19.13 Shit that happened when I wasn’t here Source:
09.20.13 Friday 5s: Five Reasons to Love Living in NEPA Source: North East Bloggers Network
09.21.13 In Your Neighborhood Source: WNEP
09.21.13 Vote for Rants from my Crazy Kitchen! Source:
09.21.13 NEPA BlogCon and Geek Creation Show: It’s a regular Con Party! Source:
09.22.13 PensFans4Ever Up For NEPA BOTY – Come And Vote Source: HometownHockey.CA
09.22.13 NEPA BlogCon 2013 Source: Justin Vacula
09.23.13 King’s Mass Comm Professor Publishes Article; Professors to present at NEPA BlogCon Source:
09.24.13 Attention Pizzeria Owners – an Opportunity to Help a Great Cause and GAIN EXPOSURE Source: NEPA Pizza Review
09.25.13 bikeNEPA Has Been Nominated for the 2013 NEPA BlogCon Blog of the Year Award! Source: bikeNEPA
09.26.13 NEPA Blog Con Registration Source: Slavic Kitchen
09.26.13 98.5 KRZ Rocky & Lissa Radio Interview Source: 98.5 KRZ
09.26.13 NEPA BlogCon Returns this October Source: Geekadelphia
09.26.13 Developing College Students Through Community Projects Source:
09.29.13 WNEP Pointer Picture Video Source: WNEP
09.30.13 Good Things Are Happening / In Your Neighborhood Source: WNEP
10.01.13 NEPA BlogCon is this Saturday! See you there! Source: NEPA Geeks
10.03.13 Registration for second NEPA BlogCon closes tonight Source: The Citizens’ Voice
10.03.13 NEPA BlogCon: Event to Highlight Creative Ways To Link Together Source: WNEP
10.03.13 NEPA BlogCon: Innovative Group Hosts Tech Conference Source: WNEP
10.03.13 Good Things Are Happening PSA Source: WNEP
10.04.13 #FF @NEPABlogCon 2013 Source: Well Said Cabot Blog
10.04.13 Speaking: NEPABlogCon and Beyond! Source:
10.04.13 I’m Delighted Source:
10.05.13 Bloggers unite @ #NEPABlogCon Source: The Citizens’ Voice
10.05.13 Second Annual NEPA BlogCon Source: WNEP
10.05.13 Second Annual NEPA BlogCon SOTVO 11PM News Source: WNEP
10.05.13 NEPA BlogCon: Pennsylvania’s Best Ever Blog Conference Source: Save the Kales
10.05.13 Rooted Takes BlogCon Source: Rooted Now
10.05.13 How to Achieve Two Thumbs Up in Collaborative Work Source:
10.06.13 Second Annual NEPA BlogCon SOTVO 8AM News Source: WNEP
10.07.13 12 Ways to Make, and Keep, Your Blog Awesome Source: Social Media Times
10.09.13 Lessons Learned at NEPA Blog Con 2013 Source: suheiry, etc.
10.08.13 How Bloggers Can Create Rockin’ Email Newsletters Source: Social Media Times
10.22.13 NEPA BlogCon like bootcamp for bloggers Source: The Wood Word

BlogCon 2012 Press:

04.02.12 NEPA Bloggers Call to Action Source: Karla Porter
04.02.12 NEPA BlogCon Announcement & Survey Source:
05.04.12 Super Cat Meme, NEPA BlogCon & Star Wars Day Source: Darling Stewie
06.03.12 NEPA Digerati in Action Source: Karla Porter
06.03.12 NEPA BlogCon to Host Launch Party Source: The Citizens’ Voice
06.18.12 98.5 KRZ Rocky & Sue Interview (MP3 Format) Source: 98.5 KRZ
06.21.12 NEPA BlogCon Launch Party Tomorrow Source: Gort42
06.21.12 For the love of blog Source: The Weekender
06.22.12 Rock 107 Interview ~ BlogCon Girls 06 22 2012 (MP3 Format) Source: Rock 107
06.22.12 NEPA BlogCon Launch Party Tonight Source:
06.22.12 NEPA BlogCon Launch Party Tonight Source:
06.23.12 PwnVFail Source:
06.23.12 NEPA BlogCon Updates Source: Justin Vacula
06.24.12 NEPA BlogCon Updates and Whatnot Source: Darling Stewie
06.29.12 We’ve Launched! Source: Mandy Boyle
07.18.12 10 tips to market your professional self via your blog Source: Karla Porter
07.20.12 Come & See Me… In The FLESH! Source:
07.22.12 2012 Conferences for Mom Bloggers Source: Mom Spark
07.29.12 Road Apples, #128 Source:
08.01.12 The ladies behind NEPA BlogCon Source: Brent Pennington Photography
08.03.12 ‘Cuz Bloggers Do It Better. Source:
08.06.12 NEPA BlogCon: A local blogging conference for a cause Source: Pepperjam Exchange
08.10.12 NEPA BlogCon 2012 Source:
08.14.12 We’ll be on ComputerWise TV on 08.22.12! Source: ComputerWise TV
08.14.12 NEPA Blogcon 2012 Flyer Source: Justin Vacula
08.15.12 There’s others like us?! Source: An Organized Mess (My Life)
08.17.12 NEPA BlogCon Guest Post (On Civility, Rationality) Source: Justin Vacula
08.19.12 NEPA BlogCon the blogging and social media event for everyone Source: Karla Porter
08.22.12 Upcoming Events Source: Gort42
08.23.12 NEPA BlogCon, NEPA’s First Blogging and Social Media Conference to be Held September 29 Source: Lehigh Valley Women’s Journal
08.23.12 Weekend: Your Guide to Entertainment in Northeast Pennsylvania Source: The Times-Tribune
08.23.12 ComputerWise Episode (HD Video) Source: Vimeo
08.23.12 Area’s first blogging, social media conference set for Sept. 29 (pic) Source: Citizens’ Voice
08.21.12 Blue Ridge Public Service Bulletin Board (pic) Source: Blue Ridge Channel 13
08.22.12 Why Magnify Your Style Should Win an Official NEPA BlogCon Press Pass Source: Magnify Your Style
08.25.12 NEPA BlogCon 2012 Source:
08.25.12 Origins of NEPA BlogCon and the Fearsome Foursome (Pecha Kucha Presentation) Source: Mandy Boyle
08.28.12 Save 25% on NEPA BlogCon Source: .NET Valley
08.30.12 SEPTEMBER EVENTS: with Save the Kales Source: Save the Kales
08.31.12 Running A Business Does Not Equate to Running A Country (Guest Post) Source: Gort42
09.01.12 NEPA BLOGCON Source: Lehigh Valley Style
09.01.12 NEPA BlogCon Source: Pocono Talk
09.01.12 NEPA BlogCon to benefit The Arc of Luzerne County Source: The Arc of Luzerne County
09.01.12 Bloggers and social media aficionados to support veterans at NEPA BlogCon Source: NEPA VMA
09.01.12 Blogging to Resume Next Week Source: The Pigeon Coop
09.04.12 PA Live! Blog of the Week: NEPA BlogCon Source:
09.04.12 The First Ever NEPA BlogCon Comes to Luzerne County Source:
09.04.12 Blog of the Week: NEPA BlogCon (video) Source:
09.04.12 Future Talk Show Host sponsors NEPA BlogCon 2012 Source: Bernard Talks
09.05.12 NEPA BlogCon Source: LCCC Student Intranet
09.05.12 Good Morning Pennsylvania (video) Source: Vimeo and WNEP-TV
09.08.12 I won a contest Source: Brent Pennington
09.10.12 I’ll be Speaking at NEPA BlogCon 2012 Source: Jason N. Gaylord
09.12.12 Rock 107 Interview with Dave DiRenzo and Prospector (MP3 Format) Source: Rock 107
09.12.12 NEPA: Win a free BlogCon ticket by drawing a cat Source: Darling Stewie
09.14.12 #FF: @NEPABlogCon Source: Well Said – A Cabot Community Blog
09.14.12 Good Morning PA Source:
09.14.12 Tutorial Writing and Presenations Source: GP Animations
09.16.12 Upcoming Events Source: Gort42
09.19.12 BlogCon Cometh Source: The Weekender
09.19.12 Upcoming Blogging Events Source: Another Monkey
09.20.12 Weekend: Your guide to entertainment in Northeast Pennsylvania Source: The Times-Tribune
09.21.12 Patton Oswalt, NEPA BlogCon, The Perks of Being a Wallfower, oh and… It’s the Last Year of My 20′s. Source: Save The Kales
09.25.12 BlogCon Interview w/ Rocky & Lissa Source: 98.5 KRZ
09.26.12 Online meets offline at NEPA BlogCon Source: The Weekender
09.27.12 Let’s get nuts, bloggers Source: Electric City/Diamond City
09.27.12 Online writers join forces to produce blog convention (article) Source: The Citizens’ Voice JumpStart!
09.27.12 Online writers join forces to produce blog convention (pic) Source: The Citizens’ Voice JumpStart!
09.27.12 Busy Weekend Source: Gort42
09.28.12 BlogCon 2012 Source:
09.28.12 NEPA BlogCon Source: Not Cease from Exploration (Steve Albert)
09.28.12 Henri, Bagel heads, Toronto’s national anthem and the Nintendo cartridge blow Source:
09.29.12 Purchase Guerrilla History Prints Source: Cheri Sundra
09.29.12 Speaking at NEPA BlogCon Source: Jason Valenti
09.30.12 Shirt Surgery, NEPA BlogCon
09.30.12 NEPA BlogCon Source:
10.01.12 NEPA BlogCon Postgame Source: Another Monkey/Harold Jenkins
10.01.12 Gala Darling: How to Spice Up Your Blog’s ‘About’ Page Source: Tim Sohn from Social Times/Media Bistro
10.02.12 Top 6 Content Tips from Fashion and Beauty Bloggers at NEPABlogCon Source: Tim Sohn from Social Times/Media Bistro
10.02.12 Three Things Bloggers Don’t Want To Do: My Keynote From NEPABlogCon! Source: Gala Darling
10.03.12 I Love Business Cards Source: Randi Dot JPEG
10.04.12 Out & About in and around NEPA BlogCon at LCCC (pic 1 of 2) Source: The Citizens’ Voice
10.04.12 Out & About in and around NEPA BlogCon at LCCC (pic 2 of 2) Source: The Citizens’ Voice
10.09.12 My Conference Doubleheader Source: Skeptic Ink Network
10.10.12 Events: NEPA BlogCon Source: Coriosity
10.20.12 13 No Strings Attached NEPABlogCon Sessions Online Source: Karla Porter
10.20.12 NEPA BlogCon: The Technology Wrap-up Source:
11.11.12 Changing tools of media shared Source: The Dallas Post
12.08.12 Blogging Communities: Pioneers of the Digital Age Source: IndependentNEPA

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