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Youtube Weekend

By M Davies   /     Jan 04, 2009  /     Mommyhood, Youtube  /     0 Comment

I’ve been feeling guilty for months that I created Gabby her own "flapdoodle" music video and haven’t made anything similar for Owen.  I worked on it last night using iMovie, so it came out slightly different from the Gabby video.  I am not sure how/if I like the way it came out yet, I see at least 4-5 things I would like to change, but I just can’t look at it anymore.  Everything is drag and drop into iMovie and if you drop it into the wrong place, god help you try to figure out how to remove it.  Its a bitch.  Anyway, without further complaining, I am posting the Owen video and reposting the Gabrielle video for your viewing pleasure down below.  Enjoy!





The things I do for these kids!  And does anyone appreciate it, NO!  I’m starting to sound like my mother.

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Then and Now: The Owen Edition

By M Davies   /     Aug 01, 2008  /     Family, Mommyhood, Youtube  /     1 Comment

Happy 2nd Birthday Owie!!!.  My baby boy is getting to be such a little man.  I can’t stand it.  My baby is growing up!  Where did/does the time go?  To think, 2 years ago around this time my water was JUST breaking.  Owen wasn’t born until practically 11pm that night. 

Then:  A few days old, in August 2006

Now:  My 2 year old big boy, playing in the yard with his sister and digging up flowers

Honestly.  Where does the time go? 

Link to the WBRE video || Link to the Times Leader write-up

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Youtube Weekend: Fireworks

By M Davies   /     Jul 19, 2008  /     Youtube  /     1 Comment

I edited this video with iMovie.  I was going to try to do it with Windows Movie Maker (like I did with the Gabby video) but because my camera records clips in a quicktime format (.mov) I was not able to import the clips.  Yeah, apparently the nazis over at Microshaft only allow .wmv’s and mp4s, etc.  No quicktime for you!  Do you know of any cameras that record video files in .wmv format?  Because I don’t.  DIAF, Microsoft.

Anyway, this is the 4th of July fireworks display we had in our backyard this year following the cookout.  We have an acre so there was plenty of room to set them off safely. 


However, these folks below make us look like ammatures:

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My Sunday Salvation

By M Davies   /     Jul 13, 2008  /     TV Rants, Youtube  /     0 Comment

I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays.  This week and last week I hated them because it meant the weekend was over and it was time to return to work.  Any weekends before that, and it was just another day of a never ending week of taking care of the kiddos.  Unemployment has a way of making one day bleed into the rest.  After the first month you find yourself asking, what day is it today?  It gets really bad when you start remembering what day it is by knowing what’s on TV that night. 

"Oh the Office is on tonight?!  Must be Thursday!"  (Or Tuesday, if you watch the repeats on TBS)

On Sundays, there are a bunch of TV shows I wait for all week, so I get kind of excited, even though the weekend is over.

1.  Family Guy/American Dad.  I know they’ve been repeats since about April/May.  I don’t care.  I’ll watch them everyday of my life.  Even if I’ve seen the episode 20 bazillion times before.  Its funny shit.

2.  The Next Food Network Star.  This is sort of similar to Hell’s Kitchen, without all of the cursing.  The 10 chefs (now only 4) compete in food preparation/tasting/on screen challenges each week and then face a panel of judges from Food Network with a chef being eliminated each week.  The winner gets their own show on Food Network.  I’m going to be really lost when this one is over.  BTW, Bobby Flay is a pretentious-pompous ass.

3.  Code Monkeys.  This is on G4 Video Game TV.  If you haven’t watched it, you are missing out.  Its a cartoon, but its animated like a 8 bit video game.  It follows 2 video game programmers around (Dave & Jerry) in the 1980s along with the mis-adventures of the fake company they work for, Game-A-Vision (sort of a play on words for Activision).

If you have ever watched Seinfeld, on the episode with the Puerto Rican Day parade; Elaine keeps trying to find a way out of the crowds so she can go and watch 60 minutes as part of her Weekend/Sunday Wind Down".  These shows would be considered part of my Sunday night wind down.  60 minutes is just so weird now with Andy Rooney these days:

>>>>Starting at 6:44


>>>And for the first 40 seconds:


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