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Kitchen Nightmare Marathon and other random nonsense.

By M Davies   /     Oct 21, 2007  /     The Myspace Blog File  /     0 Comment

There is a BBC America Kitchen Nightmare Marathon this afternoon, so you know that’s where I’m going to be all afternoon.  Sitting with my ass parked in front of the TV watching a pissed off Brit that curses worse than I could ever hope to. 

I am feeling like I’m coming down with a cold or something.  My head is all stuffy and I’m tired.  I probably picked up something from one of the disease carriers that live in my house (aka my children). 

It only 12 on Sunday and I’ve already baked cookies and fudge.  It was place and bake stuff, so don’t go thinking I’m all domesticated or anything.  I also loaded the dishwasher and I’m going to clean the bathroom shortly.  I want to make a pasta salad and regular veggie salad too before the weekend is over.  Again – taking help from a pasta salad mix and bagged lettuce.  Not domesticated.

I really need to start bringing stuff home from my desk at work.  I’ve been putting it off because I’m lazy and part of me wants to think that I’m really not getting laid off in another week and a half – that it was all just a dream.  I know better than that, but it all seems so surreal.  Last week I spent most of my week tossing old papers out.  You wouldn’t believe the stuff I was hanging on to.  If Bryan is happening to read this – yeah I found emails that you sent to me from orientation printed out (circa april 2000).  I tossed those.  Its amazing that the last 7 years of my life – my career – can fit into a trash can.  I’m throwing my career away.  I keep hearing that when one door closes another one opens.  I’m not seeing this other magical door opening anything for me.  Just a lot of rejection.  Eh.  I’m really trying to stay positive through this whole ordeal.  Its *their* loss, not mine….right?

Anyway.  Its Sunday.  Time to go watch football. 

Have a productive Sunday afternoon all!

Oh and by the way – The Murray Complex is/was on fire.  Yeah, not the one on Penn Ave, the one in North Wilkes-Barre sorta near the hospital.  I did a double take when I seen that this morning.

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Middleswarth Sour Cream & Onion BIG BAG

By M Davies   /     Oct 20, 2007  /     NEPA, The Myspace Blog File  /     0 Comment

Ok folks.  This is freaking HUGE! 

That’s right you read it here first.  For years and years there have only been tiny bags of Middleswarth Sour Cream and Onion chips to buy.  I was just to Gerrity’s this morning and found out that now you can get them in the big 16 oz resealable bag.  OMG, yes!


Feel free to spread the word because these are seriously the best chips in the universe.

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My son & the medical issues

By M Davies   /     Oct 20, 2007  /     Mommyhood, The Myspace Blog File  /     1 Comment

My son has had more medical issues than anyone can shake a stick at since he’s been born. 

Last November — when he was only 3 months old, daycare called me at home and sent me into a whirl wind panic because “Owen was having trouble breathing and was turning blue”.  Well holy fucking shit.  I never got from Lee Park Ave to South Washington Street faster in my entire life.  Ever since he was born he has had issues with “labored” breathing.  He sounded as if he had a perma cold.  I took him for chest xrays and they found nothing.  Anyway — I ended up in the ER with him that night while they ran about 85 different tests on him.  He has asthma and eczema.  He’s got an inhaler and is on elidel.  I had to give him regular breathing treatments, butter him up like a thanksgiving turkey with cream and also give him an oral steroid.

Fast foward a few months to February.  Owen has green — almost booger/phlegm consistency coming out of his nose?  NOPE.  Its coming out of his ears.  I have never ever seen something this color come out of someone’s ear.  Call the doctor.  Owen has an ear infection and a small hole opened in his ear drum allowing the fluid behind his drum to drain.  SICKKKK.  So now Anti biotics, ear drops, inhaler, cream.  The problem is.  The ear infection never went away.  It would either switch ears or go away for a few days, but once the anti-biotic was done, it would return.  Once you take amoxicilian or another type of anti-biotic, you cannot take the same one again becuase your body can build up a resistance.  So at one point we had 3 different variations of amoxicilian in my fridge.  2 different types of ear drops.  What else.  Oh like 3 different inhalers, and the eczema cream. 

Btw — The 3 different inhalers are for different reasons – we have the albuterol for normal breathing issues which can be taken every 3-4 hours.  The flowvent which is the inhaled steroid – once daily.  Also proventil which can be used every 2 or so hours if he is really bad.

Finally, in desperation I talked to a co-worker who suggested I take Owen to an ENT doc.  She took her daughter there, who was having similar issues with her ears and got the ear tubes in and it cleared everything up.  It was like the angels were singing the hallelujah chorus.  I called the ENT doc in Kingston and setup an appt.  He then gives me yet another set of ear drops, suctions out all of the crap from his ears and asks to see him back in a week because he couldn’t even see his drums with all of the crap in there.  In one week, I take him back and he said putting in the ear tubes would be totally my decision.  I say PUT THEM IN.  I missed so much time at work this winter….SO MUCH.  Luckily my boss has 2 kids and is understanding.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.  We get the surgery and everything cleared up with his ears!!!  Thank GOD.  We only had one minor issue a few months ago, but it cleared up after putting in some drops.  ***knock on wood***

Then I noticed his “man parts” — one was bigger than the other, if you know what I mean.  So guess where we went — right back to the doctor.  He has a hydrocele, which means when his “man parts” descended, the opening never closed completely and fluid drains down into there….I ended up having to take him to a specialist in Hershey to have it checked.  If that doesn’t go away by the time he’s 2 he will have to have corrective surgery for THAT.

Anyway, now I have to go get ready to go to the doctor with him AGAIN because his eczema is infected on his leg.  I was reading a bit about it online last night and I guess it gets infected with staph and gets pussy and yuck yuck ew ew.  Our appt is for 10.  It seems like once something clears up, something else flairs up.  We cannot catch a break.  Yet, through all of his issues, he’s the happiest kid I know.  I don’t get it. 

Just get a load of this smile:

[1:15pm Edit]: Owen has been diagnosed with “cellulitis”.  A quick check of Wikipedia says that “Cellulitis is an inflammation of the connective tissue underlying the skin, that can be caused by a bacterial infection. Cellulitis can be caused by normal skin flora or by exogenous bacteria, and often occurs where the skin has previously been broken: cracks in the skin, cuts, blisters, burns, insect bites, surgical wounds, or sites of intravenous catheter insertion.” 

Terrific. So now we are on two more antibiotics – a steroid cream and an oral ammoxicilian type thing.

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Pros & Cons

By M Davies   /     Oct 19, 2007  /     The Myspace Blog File  /     0 Comment

I hate the Cross Valley with a passion, so I’ve been experimenting with taking the Plymouth/Larksville Mountain as an alternate route into Dallas.  I haven’t really decided if one is better or faster than the other, because they both are about the same. 

The Cross Valley sucks because of the amount of assholes that drive it daily.  Hey you!  You don’t need to drive 45 miles per hour in the passing lane if you aren’t passing anyone.  Yeah you.  I’m talking to you!  35 mph through the rock cut is a joke.  Does anyone actually go this speed?  And lights.  There are about 10 lights between Trucksville and Dallas.  You cannot make it through all of them without hitting at least 5-7 red ones.  Oh and I love the surprise bridge inspections during rush hour and lunch hour.  They are fantastic.  But then again, maybe I should stop taking 2 hours to go to Wilkes-Barre on my lunch break. 

The backway to Dallas through the Plymouth Mountain rocks.  During the summer only.  I would not recommend driving it during a snowstorm because its a big windy steep hill.  There are no lights for the entire road.  Once you get on it, there are 4 stop signs, then a stop sign and 2 lights in dallas.  Its zippy.  The problem is, after dropping off Gabby and Owen downtown, I have to backtrack all the way to Hanover Township to get over to Plymouth, I guess I could cross the Market Street bridge or Pierce Street and take Route 11, but would that be any quicker?  Nope.  Probably not.  If you get stuck behind a slow driver, you are pretty much stuck behind them for the entire route, because there aren’t any passing zones.  Since my jeep rolls on hills, if I get behind a large construction vehicle I’m screwed (it has happened before).  The quadruple way intersection between Reseviour Road/Huntsville Road/Sutton Road sucks.  It is very difficult to see pulling out there. 

I guess I just hate having to drive so far to get here.  Working in W-Barre was so convenient — 5 minutes.  I could go for 2 weeks without filling my tank.  Coming to Dallas its like fill the tank once a week if not more (again — not going to Wilkes-Barre on lunch would probably help).

Hey — its raining out.  You know what that means?!  It will be monsooning later when I pick up the kids.  Everytime it is downpouring I am either picking up the kids or dropping them off at daycare.  If you ever look outside and see it pouring hard, just think to yourself — somehow, somewhere, Michelle is picking up her kids from daycare.  Remember the flood in June/November?  Remember the hurricane in Mtn Top last year?  Yep.  I was picking up my kids during the worst of these times.  Mother nature hates me.

Maybe I should go back to school and become a meteorologist like I wanted to back in elementary school. 

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The Blog Jr.

By M Davies   /     Oct 18, 2007  /     The Myspace Blog File  /     0 Comment

I decided to gently ease my way back into blogging by posting a few things on myspace before my real blog returns (t minus 9 business days and counting….).  For those of you that don’t know; I am losing my job in 9 days.  Not because I did anything wrong…rather my company was bought by another telco and they are eliminating duplicate corporate functions.  I’ll post a few things here now, and then move everything back over to later when it goes back online.

What I did today:  Got up, dropped off kids, Went to work, did nothing, went for walk, had lunch, returned to doing nothing, left work, went to gym, picked up kids, came back home.  I wish I felt more productive.  Now that they’ve moved us out to Dallas I feel I spend half of my life in my vehicle. 

The highlight of my day was when I took Owen out of his car seat earlier, it sounded like he said “thank you”.  He probably didn’t, but it sure sounded like it. 

Earl and the Office is on tonight so that’s what I’m doing after the kiddos go to bed.  What’s up with TV anymore?  I’m only watching it on Monday for Heroes, Wednesday for Kitchen Nightmares and Thursday for Earl & The Office.  Everything else pretty much sucks.  I am enjoying the shit out of the new season of the Office though. 

Tomorrow I think I might try to organize a going away party for our department.  I’m not sure if anyone is interested in having one, but hey what the hell, I went to like 5 other departments…its time to return the favor.  If I go through all of the trouble to organize something, I really hope people show up.  I will be really pissed if I’m the only one there after going to all of the other parties.

They are paving Hanover Street.  Avoid Avoid Avoid.


Work = Nothing going on.

9 business days left — 1 week/3days — 72 hours left

Yikes.  Doesn’t look like much on paper.  Somebody please hire me!!

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