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Where the F I Was

By M Davies   /     May 07, 2012  /     Misc/Crap, TV Rants  /     0 Comment

I’m summoning my inner Nikki Minaj for this evening’s blog post title.

I’ve been avoiding my blog like the plague for the last few weeks because I was beyond pissed off at it.  It seems that every time that I start to write a post, Firefox decides that it wants to freeze up and then WordPress conspires along with it to not save my blog posts before it crashes thereby losing whatever I worked on (sometimes for multiple hours).  I haven’t figured out why Firefox is being such drama queen, but I have figured out what’s wrong with WordPress.  A few years ago, I was having trouble with the backend of WordPress.  In the “Edit Post” section, the tool bar at the top that would allow me to create links, bold, italicize, etc disappeared.  I searched all over the Internet and in the WordPress.org forums to find a solution to the problem, but had no luck.  I decided to do some further investigation on my own and found a plugin that replaces the WordPress toolbar with a proprietary third-party toolbar.  Welp.  For whatever reason, the toolbar was causing the autosave function to stop working.  I have a feeling it was not compatible with whatever the most recent version of WordPress was that I updated to.  This problem only popped up within the last few months.  I took a chance like Columbus and disabled the plugin and luckily my WordPress toolbar is back.  I also hacked at the WordPress PHP and set the autosave to happen every 30 seconds.  I will never lose another post again, even if Firefox has another one of its temper tantrums.

No.  I don’t like Chrome.  No.  I don’t like Safari.  I have my reasons.  I like Firefox best on Mac.  Shut up, leave me alone.

It’s been a wild four weeks.  Let me just tell you.  On my last post, I was under a lot of stress and deadlines.  Some of that has since faded, but not much.  I will still feel better once this semester is over and I have my final grades.  As much as I hate doing recap posts….here’s what’s been going on…..

I was on ComputerWise on 4/11 to talk about Pinterest.  Below is a screen cap from the show.  I was going to rip the show off of the DVR, but it was removed before I could.  They will probably repeat it again over the summer.

On 4/16 Owen had an ENT appointment to which I found out that he would need to go for surgery.  The doctor took a few hearing tests, and his right ear appeared to have the tube in from 2 years ago. Tubes are only supposed to be in the ear drum at max for 2 years.  The tube in the left ear had already fallen out, the right tube was hanging by a thread.  The doctor did not feel comfortable that Owen would hold still to remove the tube in the office, so we scheduled the surgery.  The surgery was on 4/19 and everything went fine.  Owen’s ear drums are completely healed and we do not need to replace the tubes, thank god.

In between all of that mess, the 4square meetup day was on 4/16 and I got to see Red Green at the Kirby Center on 4/17 with my crazy brother, who started a blog recently.

I went to the spring edition of the NWS Skywarn Training on 4/23 at Wilkes University.  In the same week, I also participated in Community Reading Day, NEPA Blogcon Meet and Greet and was in the “Women in Technology” panel during TECHbash at LCCC.

I still have been regularly attending my Tuesday night COBOL (or as I like to call it COB-Hell) class and my Thursday night Networking & Communications class.

Busy, busy, busy.

I was supposed to be taking over the on-air Blog of the Week segment Tuesdays on WBRE’s PA Live on 4/10 in place of Harold who now has a full time job with my employer former employer Travelocity.  I had worked out a deal with my manager at the time that would allow me to come in early enough on Tuesdays so that I could leave early and head down to WBRE.  That was all well and good until I received another job offer.  The job offer was for WNEP.  I’m sure you can understand why this arrangement wouldn’t have been a good idea to move forward with.  There was a lot of back and forth and I wasn’t really sure what was happening with the WNEP job.  I know that my references were being checked, so I figured that was a good sign for my career, but not for the PA Live segment.  I was communicating with Harold the whole time to let him know what was going on and we immediately started our contingency planning.  We asked Gort if he would want to take over the weekly segment, but he was unable to due to his work schedule.  With all 3 of us unable to commit to doing the weekly segment we were out of ideas and it looked like the segment was going to end.  Then along came Shannon Nelson from A Girls Gotta Spa! who graciously agreed to step in and take over the weekly segments, taping each one in advance.  That solved that problem.

I didn’t get the WNEP job offer until 4/5, which was supposed to be the day I was to be going for a root canal.  I rescheduled the root canal for another day and went to WNEP instead, BEST DECISION EVAR.  I was officially offered the job in person — which was a first for me.  Most of my job offers have come over the phone or in writing.  I was a nervous wreck!  My first day of work was 4/23.  This will be my 3rd week at WNEP, and so far everything is going well.  I’m still a nervous wreck, but I’m sure that will pass.  One thing I can tell you though, not a single person has told me that I don’t know how to use a stapler, no doctors have screamed at me on a telephone, and I haven’t been asked for a report needed for a presentation yesterday.  I don’t like job hopping, but when you are not happy somewhere, you are not happy.  I read about the WNEP job online and even though at the time I was only at Travelocity for a few weeks, I just could not pass up the opportunity to apply.

I am hoping to get back to regular blog posts again shortly.  I just have to get through this week of classes and I’m home free.

(At least for 3 weeks, anyway.  Then the summer semester starts.)

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Blah blah blah STRESS blah blah blah

By M Davies   /     Apr 09, 2012  /     Annoyances, Misc/Crap  /     0 Comment

I have once again over-allocated myself to the umpteenth degree.  This really shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.  It's a sickness.

A look at the week ahead:


An 8:30am root canal to which I'll being to work immediately after it is completed.

Once I arrive at work, I have a 2pm, 3pm and 4pm meeting.  The 3pm meeting is a training for Excel Vlookups, to which I'm not finished preparing the training materials.  I think it's informal, but I'd feel better prepared with having some reference guides/training aides to present to the peeps I'm training.

I need to write-up 2 BOTW posts for NEPA Blogs.  There's a whole story behind that, which I will tell at another time.



My COBOL homework and test is due, and I have class from 6-8pm.

I need to complete my research and write-up something for ComputerWise about Pinterest.



Computerwise at 7pm in Lehighton.

Networking homework chapter 9 (which was due like 2 weeks ago) and chapter 10 need to be completed and submitted.


Work.  Meeting at 10:30am (which I will be the subject of this week, no doubt).

Networking class 6-8:45.  More homework and another test will be assigned.


The 13th…

I'm supposed to have a dentist appointment for a cleaning on this day.  Yeah, that's funny right?  I'll probably have to reschedule that.  I don't need people probing around in my mouth after I've been through a root canal on Monday. Plus, I really can't miss any more time at work.  I'm falling behind on shit.



Next week isn't looking much better. 



Is this semester over yet?  I want my life back.

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2011 Year in Review (Jan-Mar)

By M Davies   /     Jan 14, 2012  /     Events, Into the Void, Misc/Crap  /     0 Comment

I've been putting off writing these posts for a few weeks now, mainly because I'm lazy, but also because I wasn't sure what to write.  I started regularly blogging again in the second half of the year, so the first half of the year was a blur.  Luckily, I have my Facebook Feed, Twitter Feed and my Google Calendar to remind me what happened during that time.  So without further ado…I present to you the first installment of my 2011 year in review (better late than never).  I decided after writing out the first few months, it would be easier to break it down in 3 month chunks.  It's too overwhelming for me to write it all out at once.  I will continue with April-June tomorrow.


I was working at Kraft at the beginning of the year, and I just accepted a new Customer Service Coordinator position in December.  I was learning slowly that I hated the job and started looking for employment outside of the company.  I had an interview at a local paper company in Moosic on 1/14.  This was my second interview for this position at this company.  The last time I interviewed for the job was after I lost my job at Commonwealth/Frontier.  They passed on me then and passed on me again.  Oh well…their loss, not mine. 

I also got my performance review, in which I did really well, except Kraft restructured their rating systems, so I was only given an "average" review.  The company also did "average", so my yearly bonus was going to be next to nothing. 

I started taking my Spring semester class at LCCC – I only took one course – VB.Net.  However, with the stress of the new job, and all of the snow days that occurred, I ended up falling dangerously behind in the class.  More on that later.

I also started my Penn State SCM course which was something that was taken though Kraft at the office.  The latest course in this certificate program was "Transportation Systems"

I decided to join some of my former co-workers from my old department in a "Biggest Loser" competition at work.  Every Friday we'd pay 5 dollars and get weighed in.  Here's the problem:  I never seriously watched what I ate.  I think the first week I lost two pounds…anything after that, I stayed the same or lost maybe a pound. 

Oh yeah, and I thought I should maybe make the big switch to contacts from glasses.  I went to my doctors office to get fitted for contacts, which ended up being a complete nightmare the first time around. 

From my count Lake Lehman had 3 snow days, which means I worked from home 3 days – Jan 18, 21, and 31.


Another mainly boring and quiet month…this changes soon, I promise. 

There was a snow day to start off the month on February 1st.

Owen's Kindergarten registration started in February.  I took off time from work to take him to the programs, and before the end of the month he was ready for the fall. 

I had lunch with a "Senior" manager at Kraft….because I was forced to…not because I wanted to.  It was one of the "requirements" as a an employee new to the department that I moved to.  Don't get me wrong, the manager was nice enough, but I really hate eating lunch with people that I don't normally associate with.  I get terribly nervous that I'm going to say something stupid, spill something on myself or get stuff stuck in my teeth.  I made it out without any embarrassing incidents, thankfully.

I continued plugging away with my SCM class, the VB.Net class and the biggest loser competition. 

It snowed again on February 21st.  Yet another Lake Lehman snow day.  I usually like shoveling, but this was getting out of control.  On one of the snow days (although, I can't remember for sure which one…I interviewed with the Craft Oil company in Avoca for a Sales/Marketing Analyst position, I didn't get that job either)

I began to express how overwhelmed I felt with my new role to my supervisor and manager, we had a meeting on the last day of the month to discuss my concerns.



This is where things start to get interesting..

I took off 3 consecutive days on March 8th, 9th, and 10th to take care of some outstanding doctors appointments and also Owen had another Kindergarten Registration.  Owen's KG registration was on my first day off at 9am.  I was exhausted because the previous night, I had to pull an all-nighter because I needed to play catch-up with my VB.net course.  I think I maybe slept for 3 hours tops.  I got Gabby off to school without a hitch, and got Owen and myself ready and we went to the KG registration.  We were some of the first people there, so we got in and out pretty quickly.  After I returned home, I was called for a job interview at Geisinger in Danville.  It was a job I applied for in January, and they were just calling me….IN MARCH…to interview for the position.  After talking with the hiring manager, I decided it would be best if I drove down THAT SAME DAY to interview for the position.  Aye aye aye.  What is wrong with me?  During the drive, I was pretty sure that I was lost even though I had the GPS with me.  It took me through Millville and Iola, an area to which I've never traveled through.  If you haven't traveled through there, don't worry, you aren't missing much.  You could blink and be out of the town.  I felt the interview went positively, but I ended up not getting the job.  It was a shame, I really liked the hiring manager.

In the 3 day span that I was off, I also went to a hockey game.  Yay, I love going to hockey games!

Also, I decided to take my MOS 2003 exams, I passed the Powerpoint and Access exams with no issues.  Microsoft (those assholes!) decided to change the test requirements to get the MOS Master certificate.  Previously, you had to pass Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Access or Outlook.  Now you had to pass Word Expert and Excel Expert to get the MOS Master certificate.  I didn't think that this would be an issue…WRONG.  The expert test versions were extremely difficult and I failed them.  You can read more about it on my blog post here

In March, I signed up for 2 workshops at PSU for Adult CEU's.  They were taught by my VB.Net teacher!!  The first class was a Windows 7 overview, and the next class was a Transitioning into Office 2010 class.  I needed the training so I could prepare to take my Office 2010 MOS exams. 

I marched with Kraft Foods in the Wilkes-Barre St. Patrick's Day parade, which was televised on WYLN TV.  We had several costumed individuals, including the Kool-Aid man.  I suggested that we should have the Kool-Aid guy jump out of a brick wall, like he does on Family Guy.  We got some banner paper, drew a fake brick wall on it, and had him do that right near the mayor's judging station.  OH YEAH!  We also got the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile to show up.  Here's a photo with me and Gabby in front of it. 

After the parade, I put in my two weeks notice with Kraft.  I couldn't take another 10 hour work day and the stress that went along with having the work load of 2 people.  I did not have another job to go, but my mental sanity was at stake.  I left with the hopes that I would eventually find something better.  I had my fill of cookies and crackers.

I came to terms with the need to drop my VB.Net class.  I fell too far behind and there was no way to catch up.  I called my advisor and she understood my situation.  I made plans to stop on campus and meet with my advisor in person to formally drop the class.  I felt like a big fat failure.

I also scheduled surgery for women-related issues I was having, the surgery was to happen in April, but before that happened, I had to go for a slew of lab work before that could happen.  If you didn't already know, I FREAKING HATE BLOOD WORK.  You can read more on how much I despise it here

On the last day of the month, I had a job interview with the Topps Bubblegum/Baseball card company which ended up never materializing.  I was really starting to feel like something was wrong with me.  I kept going on all of these interviews and not a single solitary job offer.  I was seriously getting depressed.

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Help Wanted: Personal Assistant

By M Davies   /     Nov 19, 2011  /     Misc/Crap  /     0 Comment

This week has been absolutely insane.  I was split between two jobs, school and home.  Google Calendar was my best friend all week long.  Here's a summary of the madness:

Monday:  Woke up at 5:30, got the kids and myself ready.  Took the kids to the bus stop for 7:30 discovered that Owen may have an ear infection, and then headed to Wilkes-Barre.  I worked at the ARC from 8:30am until 10:30am.  Then I ran for lunch and worked at the Hospital from 11:00 to 4:30.  I got home at 5ish and helped the kids with their homework and went to bed.

Tuesday:  Woke up at 6, got the kids and myself ready.  Took the kids to the bus stop for 7:30 and then headed to back to the house to kill some time.  One of my AM classes was canceled due an electrical issue in the building it was held in…so I only had one AM class which threw off my whole morning cadence.  Made an appointment to get Owen's ear checked out at 2pm.  Called my boss at the ARC and informed her that I would not be in.  Dropped off food for Rock 107's pantry raid at Gerrity's hung out and watched old movies on WNEP2.  Ran into an old friend and BS'd for 10 minutes.  Donated clothes to the Salvation Army.  Ran back to Sweet Valley and hung out for an hour.  Picked up Owen at school and ran back to the valley.  Took Owen to the ENT then stopped off at a supermarket for stuff for dinner…Agway for wood pellets and then finally home. 

Wednesday:  Woke up at 4:30am.  Ran to the Pump & Pantry and filled up my tank and got coffee.  Drove to Harrisburg.  Stayed there until 3pm.  Drove back to Sweet Valley…got home at 5pm.  Stopped at Mountain Fresh and picked up chips and juice boxes for the kiddos.  Arrived home and fought with husband about dinner.  Ended up eating dinner at like 8pm at a restaurant in Dallas.  Spent to much, ate to much, and fell into a food coma shortly after arriving home.

Thursday:  Class again!  YAY.  (Not really…its getting old).  Woke up at 5:30, got the kids and myself ready.  Took the kids to the bus stop for 7:30 and immediately headed to school (after stopping off for coffee of course).  Attended both of my AM classes and then headed to the ARC where I was unable to get on the internet for like a half hour.  When I finally got that issue resolved….I worked through some other stuff and soon 4:30 came.  I left the ARC and drove home.  Ate another late dinner, drank beer while watching football and fell asleep on the couch shortly thereafter.

Friday:  Woke up at 5:30, got the kids and myself ready.  Took the kids to the bus stop for 7:30 … had to do Owen's homework that he forgot about IN THE CAR, ran out of the house without a coat then realized it was FUCKING COLD.  After the kids were en route to their perspective schools, ran back to the house, got my coat and then ran to the Pump & Dump for coffee of course.  WORKED ALL DAY AT THE HOSPITAL.  Shoot me in the face.  I took 37 calls.  My brain was pretty much fried by 4:30, but…..I drove to the Factory Card Outlet to get Gabby's birthday invitations, then stopped for gas (I was on E), then met @JasonPercival to exchange Wii Hard Drives to clone at Gerrity's….then it was FIL's birthday party in Hanover until 9pm.  I was falling asleep on the couch before it was over.  I somehow managed to drive home semi-awake, and got home with no issues.  I was planning to crash out as soon as I hit the couch, but I felt guilty for not blogging in a week…so I blogged about the Friday Five and watched the tail end of Monty Python and the Holy Grail on IFC and fell asleep after that.

Today:  I want to put up the Xmas lights, but have to take Gabby to a swimming birthday party at 1pm in Tunkhannock.  I'm not bringing my bathing suit and hope that the parents do not expect me to get in the pool.  I do not bode well in a bathing suit around strangers.  Also….do I have to hang around?  Gabby is in second grade.  When do I get to just drop her off and leave her somewhere?  When does that get to happen?  Is second grade too early for that?  By the way….local weather people who said "the weekend would be warm", 45 degrees in November does not constitute "warmth" in my book.

Next week will be worse.  Trust me.  I am already curling up into the fetal position looking at Google Calendar.  This is what dreams are made of?

Speaking of dreams…I've been having some vivid yet weird ones as of late.  I think maybe its because my brain forgets what its like to get more than 4 hours of sleep per night.  It's rewarding me with watching mini weird sci-fi type of movies in my sleep…. or something.  Here's the short list of things I've dreamt over the last 2 weeks:

  • I had no Xmas tree, but yet My Mom reassured me it was OK because she didn't put up one either
  • I dreamt that we were out of potatoes…so I bought like a ton of them from the supermarket.  (Sidenote:  This is actually so ironic because we WERE out of potatoes…so I did go to the store to buy some, but hubs did as well….now we have like 5 bags of various types of potatoes in the fridge).
  • I was holding a baby of a teenage unwed mother, but I was loving every second of it and was thinking of stealing it.
  • I was shopping at a pet store that specialized in birds and I was looking into buying either a baby duck or a baby cockatiel  (Sidenote:  Maybe related to our family pet cockatiel dying over the summer)
  • I owned a restaurant in my old house in Lee Park and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs for members of the local news media.  Similar to Abe's Hot Dogs/Ferris' in Wilkes-Barre.
  • I dreamt that I was living in my parents house (kill me now), and there was a tornado blowing through….THE POCONOS….and the trees and stuff around their house were destroyed.  I kept yelling at my kids to get the hell in the basement and ended up doing the moves to Thriller at the end of the dream.  I'm not sure what's more scary….the fact that I was dancing to Thriller or living with my parents.  NIGHTMARE.
  • I was late to everything or just plain forgot that I was supposed to be somewhere at a certain time.
  • Something about eating a bagel.

I have an app on my iPhone that helps me track my dreams called "Dreambook".  I think its like $1.99 to buy, but you can look up the definitions of your dreams and then add them to a calendar to see what you dreamed about and when.  I've been tracking for my dreams for about 2 years and I love doing it.  It helps me to remember what they are so I can go back and be like…. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN?  Something like that, anyway.

In closing, I'm not spell or grammar checking this blog post.  I am fully aware its a mess, but yet don't seem to care. 

You'll get over it.

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Election Day

By M Davies   /     Nov 03, 2011  /     Misc/Crap  /     1 Comment

Election Day is less than a week away and I honestly could not be more excited.  I'm so tired of the signs that litter the landscape and the mudslinging commercials.  Well…that's not entirely true.  I do have a political sign in my front yard, but to my credit, at least its freaking hilarious.

"Winning" Sheen/Busey 2012

I think they could seriously pull out a victory next year. 

Thanks to Todd at SignWerks for hooking me up w/ the signage 🙂

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