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North East vs. Northeast Pennsylvania

By M Davies   /     Feb 27, 2018  /     Misc/Crap, NEPA  /     3 Comments

I got into a conversation with a cashier last night and it took me a good 20 or so minutes to realize we were on two completely different plains of existence.

The gentlemen in question saw that I was wearing my WQED hoodie and started talking to me about people he knew that worked here and how he got the chance to meet Mister Rogers and tour the studio. Unfortunately, Mister Rogers, the set and the show are well before my time at this station. I assume that most of his friends have retired, because the names did not sound familiar.

— Oh yeah, by the way, did I tell you I now work at WQED, “the Mister Rogers station”? More on that another time. —

Anyway, I told him I wish I had the opportunity to meet more people in Pittsburgh, but that I did have a few friends from my jobs here. He of course, wanted to know where I was from and I said “Northeast Pennsylvania.” I find that by saying this, it triggers some knee jerk reaction about Philadelphia. In this case, he said “North East Pennsylvania? OH YEAH! I’ve been to the wine festival up there.” (note the difference in spacing)

I know there are a ton of wine festivals in Northeast PA, but a wine drinker I am not, so I mentioned the only two I could think of off the top of my head. “Montage Mountain? Tunkhannock?” He looked at me like I grew another head.

“No, it’s by the train station,” he said. “There’s an Italian restaurant we ate at near the tracks that was really good.”

Me: “Oh? Maybe you were in Scranton or East Stroudsburg?”

Him: *another puzzled look* “It’s by Lake Erie.”

Me:  “Wait….what?”

He said “Well, you’re from up by Lake Erie, right? That’s where North East is.”



I told him I was NorthEASTERN Pennsylvania. “You know, by Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, the Poconos.” Another blank stare.

It took us a few more minutes of back and forth for us to figure out what the hell we were both talking about and then we had a good chuckle.

As it turns out, there is a small borough near Lake Erie, in Erie county, called “North East” and when you pair it with Pennsylvania it sounds like you’re referring to Northeastern, Pennsylvania (NEPA). These are two entirely different areas clear across the state from each other. I would have had no idea that this town even existed if it wasn’t for this awkward conversation. After I got a chance to sit down, relax, and boot up my computer last night, I googled North East, Pennsylvania. According to the borough’s website, the region is known for it’s fruit growing especially cherries and grapes. Welch Foods has a plant in North East and it is one of the area’s largest employers. There is an annual Cherry Festival in the summer and an annual Wine Country Harvest Festival in the fall — this must be the wine festival the cashier was referring to during our chat.

Taken from the North East Wiki

According to some other friends, there’s a rail museum (Lake Shore Railway Museum) and a hotel that’s on the National Register of Historic Places (Short’s Hotel). Additionally and equally confusing/hilarious, there’s a North East Fair, not to be confused with the Northeast Fair near Pittston.

Lesson learned! When you’re referring to Northeast PA on the western side of the state, it’s just easier to call it NEPA or give geographical reference points. Otherwise people will just assume you are from Erie.

The horror!

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Who says you can’t go home?

By M Davies   /     Feb 07, 2016  /     Into the Void, Misc/Crap  /     2 Comments

*Cue that terrible Bon Jovi song*


In my travels recently, I found that the house where I spent most of my childhood went up for sale.  We moved from the place in Hanover Township in 1989 to the Poconos where I lived until 2000.  Out of sheer curiosity and sick fascination, I decided that I was going to pretend in being interested in buying the house just so I could take a tour of it and hash out some old memories (with regrets to the realtors and the seller).


DSCF3022     DSCF3020


The outside of the house pretty much looks the same way I remember it.  It’s kind of an oddly shaped a-frameish house.  Standing on the porch is the realtor who was kind enough to show me the inside even though I had no intentions of buying.  The small box area with the rectangular window is where my playroom used to be.  Before that it was a porch.  My parents had it enclosed to add square footage (for my toys).  I knew this, but the realtor didn’t.  Before the yellow siding was installed, it had the ugliest mutli-colored asbestos siding.


DSCF3018     dogs


My Mom and I standing somewhere near the rock wall on Easter.


Facing the opposite direction is a hill with a lot of brush that looks into the yards of people that are a street (Strand Street) over.  Notice the neatly stacked rocks and bricks?  My grandfather ALWAYS did this.  Every house that my parents have lived in, he stacked rocks like this.  This area was used to store garbage cans, lawn tools and also had a dog pen.  Say hello to my Dad’s dogs Barney (the bloodhound) and Penny (the beagle).  They’re dead about three times over now and the dog pen is long gone.  I didn’t mean that to sound as morbid as it did.  I remember Barney to be a good dog.  Penny was a little psychotic.  She escaped several times and I think eventually was found and kept by a paper boy.


DSCF3010 mirror


Ahhhhh yes.  The mirrors.  Essentially the entire left most wall in the living room is one large mirror.  My Dad was a glazier, my grandfather was a glazier and my uncle was a glazier so this house is full of mirrors.  I was always fascinated with the design of the living room mirror.  It would catch the afternoon sun and reflect tiny rainbows on the floor.  While fascinating, it was obviously impossible to keep clean because of tiny fingers.  Mirrors are supposed to give the illusion of a room being larger than it is.  The room was a lot smaller than I remember it, but I am a lot bigger than the last time I stood in this spot.


shera mom


The 80s were a confusing time for interior decorating, apparently.  Here’s a look at the opposite side of the room then and now.


shera2 DSCF3011


The first photo is a little blurry, but it was me in my She-Ra: Princess of Power costume.  My parents weren’t the best photographers.  The wrought iron railing on the stairs has since been replaced with wooden railing and banisters.


DSCF2996 DSCF2998


Here’s my old bedroom.  I thought it would be more exciting, but this is it.  See those two brackets on the wall near the window?  Two shelves used to be there.  They held ceramics that my grandmother made for me.  I also had two large clowns hanging on my wall.  I was terrified of them.  I am still terrified of clowns to this day because of those damn ceramic clowns.  It is said that if you don’t control your fears they control you.  I’ve since been to the circus with my children and have been ok.  I don’t like clowns, but I can deal.  Bees on the other hand.  No way in hell.  I will still scream bloody murder if one of those winged hell beasts comes near me.  The door leads to the old enclosed porch/converted playroom I talked about earlier.  It’s just a small room that has nothing more than a window and panelling.




There are 3ish bathrooms inside the house.  One on each level.  I had to laugh at the upstairs bathroom though.  I specifically remember the purple sink and toilet from my childhood.  Good lord, it looks like they haven’t been updated since then (if not longer).  I don’t understand the appeal of bathroom fixtures that are any other color than white.  It’s just bizarre.  As I said before, the 80s must have been a confusing time for interior decorating.


DSCF3008 DSCF3009


Remember what I said about the mirrors?  We’ve now headed down to the front room of the current-day basement.  There’s a mirror on the back wall and a mirror on the ceiling.  And, before you start filling your head with perverted thoughts, this is the spot where the pool table was.  There was a kick-ass chandelier hanging where the normal light fixture is now, but my parents took that with them to the new house.  There’s also mirrors along the staircase downstairs.  Mirrors obviously don’t photograph real well, so I’ll spare you.  For anyone who has ever wondered why it pains me to look at myself in a mirror can now know the true horror of walking around a house where you constantly are in a mirror somewhere.  Sometimes I don’t want to look at myself, thankyouverymuch.  Especially after I’ve just woken up.  No one needs to see that.


DSCF3014 me


And now we’re back upstairs in the dine-in kitchen.  I remember that my parents installed the chair rail right around the time we sold the house, but I have no recollection of this wallpaper (which is hideous).  I also have no recollection of the panelling that was there before that (bottom photo).  Panelling irks me in ways that cannot be described with words.  The only solution is to grab a sledge and take it out stud by stud to put it out of its misery.


That’s the end of the tour.  The house was rather small, as most city houses are.  The house met our needs for a specific period in time and then we outgrew it.  From my understanding by reading the info sheet, the same person that purchased the house from my parents still owns it to this day.  I am not sure of the reason for the sale.


It was a fun trip down memory lane and I’d have to say if you ever have the opportunity to see the house that you grew up in (assuming it isn’t the one you live in now) go and do it!  You never know what kind of memories it will trigger.  You may not be able to go home, but you can certainly remember it fondly.  Here are a few last minute photos that didn’t fit anywhere else…


Thanks for the memories 979 South Main!


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Northern Wind

By M Davies   /     Jan 25, 2015  /     Blogging, Misc/Crap  /     6 Comments

I’ve been falling behind on reading some of my favorite blogs lately.  I try to binge read when I can, but it can get overwhelming.  As of this morning, I was mostly caught up on all of my favorites (most of which can be found in my sidebar), but I was saving one for last.  The one I’m specifically referring to is PostSecret.  For those of you that don’t know, Frank Warren, the site’s founder, has been blogging photos of secrets on postcards all written in anonymity since 2005.  I’ve been a fan and loyal reader since the beginning.  It really is a brilliant, beautiful, moving and intriguing blog (along with a million other adjectives).  Some Sunday mornings, I laugh. On other Sunday mornings, I cry. But mostly, I’m thankful that people are brave enough to share their secret with the world.  Don’t take my word for it – go and check it out for yourself if you haven’t already.  I own 3 of the 6 books that Frank has published.  Someday, I will get my hands on the others.  I hope to go to one of his live events one of these years as time allows.


With planning NEPA BlogCon, attending MN BlogCon, the PTO Vice Presidency, work and the holidays… I haven’t had much “me” time.  I’m slowly, but surely getting caught up on my email, cleaning and whatever else I’ve allowed to fall to the wayside (*ahem* blog reading).  According to my Digg Reader, I haven’t read any of the Postsecret posts since late September.  Whoosh.  I was excited and overwhelmed to “Digg” in.  It was an emotional roller coaster to say the least and I loved every second of it.


One of the postcards really spoke to me.  I clipped the part that I loved most to share with you (below):


“Northern Wind”

Northern Wind




I can relate to this postcard in so many ways so I was curious to find the author of the “poem”.  To Google, Batman!  It turns out it was actually a song that the anonymous author quoted.  The song is by the singer “City and Colour“.  I immediately opened my Spotify and listened to the song and fell head over heels in love with it.  It’s been saved to my playlist.  Music is probably my only salvation on my long-ass commute back and forth to work daily, so I’m always looking for new stuff to listen to.


I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I’ve been listening to a bunch of hipster snotty indie rock lately and I feel weird about that.  I pretty much love all music (save for Cawk/Jawk Rawk), but this wasn’t necessarily a genre I’ve explored before.  I’ve Shazamed quite a bit of indie stuff lately and I solely blame Sirius XM for this.  Sirius exposes me to stuff I wouldn’t hear normally on Top 40 terrestrial radio.  Here’s my list of recently Shazamed stuff that I’ve fallen in love with and am listening to.  Feel free to suggest more to me!  Caring is sharing.


Song Name – Artist

1.  Electric Feel – MGMT

2. It is What it Is – Blood Orange

3.  Hummer – Foals

4.  Come A Little Closer – Cage The Elephant

5.  Trojans – Atlas Genius

6.  At The Show – Marco Benevento

7.  Dangerous – Big Data feat. Joywave

8.  Geronimo – Sheppard

9.  Trying to be Cool – Phoenix

10.  Habits – Tove Lo (probably more pop, but I can relate to the lyrics)


Shazam and Spotify are excellent ways of discovering new music and I highly recommend them.  Getting an honorable mention: Pandora and Slacker Radio.  The free listening limits of these music streaming services kind of drive me batshit as I always hit my limit before the end of the month.  As a result of my music addicition, I finally broke down and bought a full membership to Spotify.  It is worth it’s weight in gold because I can stream it from anywhere with an internet connection….tablets, laptops, phones, my car, my TV, etc…..


And as for PostSecret, I highly recommend that too.  Not only is it an amazing blog, but as I found out this morning, also a great source for finding new music!  You can send your own secrets by using the address below:





Enjoy enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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This week in ancient history, a pictorial

By M Davies   /     Mar 14, 2013  /     Misc/Crap, TV Rants  /     1 Comment

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday.  It seems every year in recent memory, I’ve been taken away from home on the day or the week of his birthday.  I had to work on his birthday this year, so I wasn’t home, but at least I was in the same zipcode.  As you’ll see below, I’ve been far and wide on this week in recent history.


First, I have to start with the obligatory look back at the blizzard of 1993 which happened 20 years ago.  Damn, I feel old.  I was in sixth grade at the time and my brother was in Kindergarten.  I vaguely remember a conversation with my teacher at the time.  It went something like this…


Mr. Chig:  Michelle, can you close these blinds for the windows?

Me:  Ok, no problem but, why?

Mr. Chig:  If they are open, the attention is focused on what’s going on outside and not on me.

Me:  Do you think we are going to get out school early?

Mr. Chig:  I’d say there’s a good chance.


We did get out early that day.  In my adolescent mind, the blizzard was already paying off!  When my brother and I got home, we watched the news (on WYOU *ahem*) and learned about how bad our backs would be aching after shoveling.  The outlook wasn’t good.  Especially since my Dad had pneumonia at the time.  My Dad was/is a heavy smoker, and got really sick and was not able to do anything strenuous.  That left my Mom, my brother, and I to do all of shoveling in the sub-zero temperatures.  Let’s just say , it wasn’t one of the more favorite times in my life.  I managed to dig up these pictures:



(My Mom’s Dodge Dynasty and my Dad’s Dodge Ram buried in the snow)


(Russell in the snow pile, my mom digging behind him)


3 years ago – in 2010, I was working for Kraft Foods.  I can’t really give the details of the project due to confidentiality agreements, but I was on a team of individuals for support of a project that involved cell phone technology.  There was going to be a big training session in Green Bay, Wisconsin that I was asked to attend….a train the trainer type of scenario.  I always liked the Green Bay Packers so I was excited to go for that fact alone (forget that we were going to GREEN BAY in the DEAD WINTER).  We arrived in Green Bay on the Sunday of Rich’s birthday week and were to depart on Friday.  Welp.  Green Bay was having an unusually warm winter, which was causing thick fog to form.  Our flight was cancelled out of Green Bay and after much shuffling, we managed to get a flight out of Milwaukee on Saturday (Rich’s birthday) in the evening.  This required a 2 hour drive south and another overnight stay.  I think the flight went from Milwaukee to Chicago and from Chicago back to AVP.  The flight from Chicago to AVP was very choppy.  I thought for sure we were going to die. I’ve never seen a flight I’ve been on rock back and forth so much.  I think I got home after midnight that night and had to be in the Wilkes-Barre St. Patrick’s Day parade the next day.  How I managed to function after all of that, I’ll never know.  Here are some pictures from the trip:



(Me at Lambeau Field Gates)


(This was further back into the stadium at the gates – terrible hair, but the fog was causing 100% humidity, so whatevs)


(Brett Favre’s Steakhouse – we ate here one night….I had my first oyster.  It had bacon and cheese, so I’m not sure it counts)


(The coolest jeep known to man)


(There were a bunch of these statues all over the city – of famous players)


(Click to expand image…Where’s Waldo?  Somewhere between Green Bay and Milwaukee Wisconsin!)


(2 days later, at the W-Barre St. Patrick’s parade – this time for Leadership Wilkes-Barre)


(Here’s an extended group photo – only 2 project groups participated, the BILAA Little League Rehab project and Helping Paws)


(With Tux and my BILAA Group members)


That brings us to 2011.  Another year, another parade.  On Rich’s birthday….AGAIN.  This time I was in the Wilkes-Barre St. Patrick’s Day for Kraft Foods.  We managed to score several “big” vehicles for the parade…including the Weenie Mobile.  There was always a bunch of character costumes we had.  Stuff I’ve never even heard of.  A Polly-O parrot?  A cheesy dinosaur?  I don’t remember any of these characters.  And of course everyone knows the Kool-Aid man.  It was my idea to have the Kool-Aid man jump out of a sheet of paper and yell “OH YEAH!” right in front of the WYLN camera.  It worked out well.  Gabby and I were on a float that was tagging behind all of the characters.  We were throwing Kraft snack packs into the crowd.  Behind us were the Weenie Mobile and a mac truck.  Here’s a picture:


(Gabby and I and a weenie mobile makes three)


2012 rolls around and I have another job in another industry at another company.  Travelocity, to be exact.  The week of Rich’s birthday last year, I was to be in training in Texas at the Sabre Headquarters.  Sabre is the holding company of Travelocity.  The trip was a hot mess from the moment it was planned until the time we landed back on the ground in Avoca.  I’ve been in Texas before.  Navigating the roads around DFW is not a treat.  I’ve driven in a few different states, and Texas by far is the most confusing.  I had a GPS with me and it could not keep up with all of the on and off ramps to the freeways.  I traveled with a co-worker that I barely knew on the flight down and back.  When we arrived to the airport, we were to rent a vehicle to pick up 2 other co-workers at the airport.  We talked through email, but I had no idea what these people looked like.  Imagine how fun it is to pick up someone up at an airport that you are not familiar with and have never met!  GOOD TIMES.  (Can you detect the sarcasm here?)


I was able to find Donna somewhat easily (I only had to circle the airport 25 times to find the right gate).  She was from Long Island and had a thick New York accent.  She was very blunt with the way she said things.  I liked that about her.  Kelly was traveling from Nashville and had a southern drawl.  Her flight got delayed and spent all of Monday morning stranded in the Houston airport.  We couldn’t get a hold of her and didn’t know this until circling the airport about 80 times and making numerous calls and texts to her.  We were running late and hadn’t eaten, so we quickly stopped to get a bite on the way to the office.  We arrived 5 minutes late tops.  Our trainer was pissed.  As a matter of fact, she was pissed every time we were more than 1 second late for anything – even coming back from lunch in a building we’ve never been in before.  It was very irritating.  One morning I got unintentionally lost….I think we arrived 10-15 minutes late and the woman looked like she was going to rip out my throat and tap dance on it.  Yeah hi, I don’t live here.  I’m not familiar with roads, jackass.


I quickly realized that the training wasn’t geared toward my job function.  It was geared toward the sales managers – I was an analyst.  I spent most of the day on Social Media when the trainer wasn’t looking.  I don’t understand why I needed to stay for the full 5 days, when really maybe 1.5 days only pertained to me.  It boggles the mind.  After Kelly, Donna, Chris and I got better acquainted (days 2-5) we kind of stuck together like glue and went out each night or stayed at the hotel and drank for the rest of the trip.  It was the only way to get through the mind numbing training and maze of roads that I always got lost on.


(This was from our karaoke night)


(This is Kelly posing near the wall of Popes at a family style restaurant we went to one night.  She was going through a messy divorce at the time and this trip was a breath of fresh air for her)


(Here’s a group shot before we headed for our last day of training…we were relieved it was over)


(This was the first and probably the last time I will drive a Volvo and/or anything with Texas plates)



Going on at the same time last year — The H&B Expo


I was trolling Ryan Leckey’s Twitter feed while in training and seen this picture.  It made me realize where I needed to be.  And it wasn’t counting how many bundled or unbundled hotel packages were sold in Orlando the previous week.


The truth is, I was keeping a big secret from everyone.  Shortly after I started at Travelocity, I applied for another job.  Few people knew about it – the important ones.  I had an interview for a job at WNEP right before I headed to Texas.  I didn’t know where it was going to go or even if I was in the running or not.  I had nothing to lose by applying and interviewing, so I just went for it.  After visiting WNEP on 2 other occasions and meeting various department heads, I was hired to be the IT engineer there.  For once in my life, everything seemed to fall into place.  For the two years prior to that, I’ve been throwing jobs at the wall to see if they would stick like spaghetti, and so far this one has.  I’ll be at the station for an entire year on April 23rd this year.  I haven’t spent a full year at a job since I left Kraft in 2011.  Can you believe it?  Be still my wild heart or whatever.


This year for Rich’s birthday, I was home….I made dinner and had a birthday cake with the kids.  On Friday there will be party for the family.


And I am finally in the right place.

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Test Day

By M Davies   /     Oct 03, 2012  /     Medical Issues, Misc/Crap  /     3 Comments

I’m about to leave to go for my Tilt Table Test.  I get fitted with a Holter Monitor later this afternoon.  I’ve had to fast for 4 hours.  I’m nervous, tired, hungry and most importantly, not pleasant to be around at this point.  Sorry world.  I’ll post an update as soon as I have more information.


I’m also planning some BlogCon posts, its just I haven’t been home much since … well…. I actually can’t remember…maybe last week some time?  I’m looking forward to having time off this week, you have no idea.  I have to collect my thoughts about the event and post them.  I’m getting there.  Bare with me peoples.


Wish me luck, or whatever.

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Thoughts on gun control

By M Davies   /     Aug 17, 2012  /     Misc/Crap  /     0 Comment

I recently had to write a statement of position paper for Political Science 101.  I decided to write about gun control laws due to the recent shooting incidents and partly because I couldn’t think of anything else good to take a position on.  Below is the text of what I wrote.  I realize this is a touchy issue for some people, so I tried to keep it as PC as possible.  I got an 80%.  Meh.


I would have to say that most Americans do not pay any attention to gun control laws until after some kind of major tragedy occurs.  I’ve grown up in an environment of NRA card carrying avid sportsmen and must admit that gun control laws cross my mind more frequently then most.  Recently in the news, two incidents of domestic terrorism have occurred drawing attention to the topic of the second amendment and the freedoms associated with it.  This blog post will explore my position and the reasons behind my stance on the subject.

On July 20, 2012 a shooting occurred at a movie theater in Colorado during the first screening of the new Batman film.  The gunman, later identified as James Holmes, opened fire shortly after midnight killing 12 people and injuring others.  A few weeks later, on August 5, 2012 another mass shooting took place at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.  Similar to the Colorado shooting, a single gunman opened fire killing 6 people and injuring several others.  The two crimes have a common thread:  both gunmen used semi-automatic guns.  Both men also suffered from mental health issues that clouded their judgment.

The second amendment dates back to 1689 when the right to have arms in English history was believed to have been regarded as a long-established natural right.  In modern times, the second amendment comes with limitations.  It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.  There have been laws created to place limitations on weapon ownership.  These laws include such issues as carrying concealed weapons, the need for background checks to own a weapon, and the location of where you could legally carry a weapon.  Based on the recent tragedies, it seems that weapons (specifically automatic and semi-automatic guns) still continue to get into the hands of irresponsible people.

Like any other system controlled by federal and state laws, there are loopholes that allow for abuse of “the system”.  James Holmes, the suspect in the Colorado movie theater shooting, started to build and create his arsenal of weapons using the Internet.  James had a clean record to the point when he had a mental break.  The Internet website where he bought these items from had no reason to believe that the weapons would be used for catastrophic purposes so they sold him the guns, protective gear and ammunition he needed to commit murder.  Personally, I would not like to see anyone completely lose or have their second amendment rights locked down.  I do firmly believe that a gun or any weapon should not be lawfully allowed to be sold over the Internet.  I believe that if you are to purchase a weapon that could potentially harm someone or something that it should be purchased in person.  It is true that weapon dealers are not psychiatrists, but you can usually a good sense of someone’s personality by spending a short time with them.

I lived in my father’s house for several years, and he hunted several different types of sport legally.  He had a gun permit, hunting license and all of the guns that he owned were properly registered.  The Internet did not exist when he was fully dedicated to sporting (he now has medical issues that prevent him from hunting as he once did).  In order to make a weapon transaction it had to be done face to face.  The NRA and the PA Game Commission always preached “safety, safety, safety” in every meeting and demonstration I have ever witnessed or attended.  My Dad made sure his guns were locked up and the ammunition was kept separately locked up, and that the triggers had locks.  If there was to be an “accident”, there actually would not be an “accident”.  If you were able to get through that level of security, it was not an accident.

As cliché as it sounds, I am a firm believer in the old adage “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  If guns get into the wrong hands, specifically those that are not mentally stable, that they could injure or kill someone.  If you are insane or upset enough and your mind is set on causing harm to someone, it will happen, whether you use a gun, knife, paperclip, or pen.  In my opinion, in addition to the background check that you need to go through to weapon, you should also have submit to a drug/alcohol test as well as a mental health test.  Some may argue that this violates privacy laws, but I think that it would weed out any potential mentally unstable people that may be trying to obtain a weapon for the wrong reasons.  If a psych evaluation was ordered for the Sikh Temple shooting or Colorado Movie Theater shooting suspects we may have been able to save a few lives.

In closing, I think that the current gun control laws need to be reformed, but not in such a way that cause anyone to lose their basic second amendment rights.  I feel that with a little tweaking of the current laws weapon ownership could be more secure for all parties involved.  If we do not allow for weapons sales over the internet, require drug/alcohol and psych evaluations that we can get a true insight into who is purchasing a gun and why.  These changes, in conjunction with existing laws (background checks, and etc) we could eliminate some of the more problematic people form owning a weapon.  I think that the proper security and gun education may go a long way in educating the general public about weaponry.

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