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Migraines, Deviated Septums and Lack of Sleep…Oh my!

By M Davies   /     Apr 03, 2015  /     30 Day @Neilbytes Blogging Challenge, Medical Issues  /     1 Comment

I’ve been under the care of the neurologist since last September for my recurring migraines.  I’m actually experiencing one right now…joy!  It feels like it could be sinus related, but it also could be the fact that I’ve been up since 1:30am and I’m too tired to think.  I let the prescribed medicine figure it out for me so I don’t have to.  I’m on a pina colada of medication which I take at the onset of the headache.  Somedays, when I get one, I get these weird eye flash things that render me blind.  My only option when this happens is to close my eyes and wait until it passes.  What does it look like?  Well, like this…





Flashy flashy flashy flashy.  According to Wikipedia, this phenomenon is called  “scintillating scotoma”.  Usually, when I see one of these bad boys pop into my field of vision, I know that a migraine is imminent.  There’s nothing I can do but try to head it off with a pass with the medication.  Although there’s nothing I can take that will stop the eye flashes specifically.  It is possible to get the migraines without the flashes.  There’s no rhyme or reason as to why the flashes appear sometimes and other times do not.  Luckily, my current migraine had no eye flash associated with it.  Just pain.


In doing all of the tests required by my doctors, I found out that I have a deviated septum which may or may not be causing me to snore like a water buffalo and wake myself up throughout the night.  The snoring may also be coming from sleep apnea.  There’s only one way to know for sure…a sleep study…which is what I’ll be doing on Monday.  During.  The.  Day.  It was the quickest appointment they could get me in for and to assist with the day sleeping, they are drugging me up with 2 Ambien.  Swell.  I’ve never been for one of these type of tests before, but I’m told it’s harmless, its just very difficult to sleep with the amount of machines and wires they hook up to you.  (And during the day)


The deviated septum and/or sleep apnea is affecting the quality of my sleep.  The lack of quality sleep is causing the migraines.  Everything is supposedly related.


I’m not sure what the next steps will be after the tests, but from a few friends I learned that getting a CPAP may be an option.  What’s a CPAP?  An ugly ass mask that forces your airways open so you don’t snore and wake up throughout the night.  It’s not sexy.


Would you want to sleep next to this?




It’s enough to frighten small children away.


We’ll see what happens, but for now, I’m going to lay down in a dark room with my Amerge and Naproxen Sodium.  Weeeee.

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I passed (out)

By M Davies   /     Oct 03, 2012  /     Medical Issues  /     1 Comment

I got back not too long ago from my testing at the Geisinger Heart Hospital.  Gesinger’s tag line is “Redefining Boundaries”.  They certainly redefined the boundary between consciousness and unconsciousness for me, so I guess this means that the test and tagline are both a huge raging success.  If you want to call it that.


This test was easily one of the worst experiences of my life and I’ve had some pretty bad ones.


The test started out ok, after all of the devices were connected.  I was hooked up to a pulse ox monitor, a blood pressure cuff, an IV, and an EKG machine.  The IV and the blood pressure cuff were on the same arm.  Every time the blood pressure cuff went off it would squeeze the IV which would make me want to crawl out of my skin.  I hate needles and I hate IVs, the thought of one being put in my arm and then squeezed to death made me want to vomit alone test notwithstanding.  Next, I was raised from a vertical laying down position to a 70 degree angle.  I thought to myself, “This is it?  I can do this. No problem.”  And there wasn’t a problem except for my stomach growling.  They made me fast 4 hours prior to the start of the test so I was hungry and thirsty.  Then about 15 minutes in.  That’s when all hell broke loose.  I started feeling like death.


Imagine being strapped to a table and feeling like you are going to die.  You are sweaty, your hearing gets very faint.  You feel like you are outside of your body.  Your vision gets all sparkly, you want to lay down and close your eyes and hope for death.  You beg the nurses to let you lay down and start freaking out because you are sure death is near, but the nurses refuse because that is what the test is all about.  So yeah, I was freaking out.  I had a panic attack and shortly thereafter I passed out.  I do not recall passing out.  The nurses said I was out for a few seconds.  They took their readings and allowed the IV to do its magic and returned the table to the laying/vertical position.  It was horrifying.  I was shaking and crying after I woke up.


They somehow determined that the fainting was vasovagal syncope.  I don’t want to sound mean or rude because the nurses and doctors involved were absolutely great, but… I already knew this.  This is not news.  A few years ago, I was having Owen tested for allergies in the other hospital’s lab.  I was helping the lab techs hold Owen down and I must have locked my legs into a position that stopped blood flow.  I went down like a ton of bricks.  He survived the bloodwork fine, me on the other hand, I was being wheeled to the ER before I even knew what the hell happened.  Dr. Litchtman (the one from the commercials) diagnosed me with vasovagal syncope and send me on my way after she did all of the tests. My whole thing with why I went for this test was….why do I feel like I’m going to faint ALL of the time any more.  Once in a while I can handle, but all of the time is not good.  Ugh.  I don’t know.  I guess they are going to read my tests and get back to me.  In the meantime, I have a fun little holter monitor that I’m wearing for the next 24 hours.


This holter monitor thing is a pain in the keyster. It’s constantly hooked to me and I can’t shower with it on.  I have this little thing that has to hook to my belt or stay in my pocket that saves all of the readings.  It’s cumbersome and annoying.  Now I know how it must feel to have one of those IFB things that all of the reporters use.  I also have a journal to record times and descriptions if anything weird happens.  I also have to write down if I’ve had anything caffeinated to drink.


I think I’m going to try to get some rest, I’m feeling pretty wiped after this whole ordeal today.

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Test Day

By M Davies   /     Oct 03, 2012  /     Medical Issues, Misc/Crap  /     3 Comments

I’m about to leave to go for my Tilt Table Test.  I get fitted with a Holter Monitor later this afternoon.  I’ve had to fast for 4 hours.  I’m nervous, tired, hungry and most importantly, not pleasant to be around at this point.  Sorry world.  I’ll post an update as soon as I have more information.


I’m also planning some BlogCon posts, its just I haven’t been home much since … well…. I actually can’t remember…maybe last week some time?  I’m looking forward to having time off this week, you have no idea.  I have to collect my thoughts about the event and post them.  I’m getting there.  Bare with me peoples.


Wish me luck, or whatever.

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Something is technically wrong

By M Davies   /     Sep 18, 2012  /     Medical Issues  /     0 Comment

I’ve been having these dizzy spells lately and I don’t know why.  I am sure if “dizzy spells” is even the right way to describe it.  Sometimes the room spins, sometimes it doesn’t.  Most of the time I get a head rush and feel like I’m going to pass out.  I wouldn’t even care so much about being dizzy or practically wanting to faint, except now it happens when I drive.  I’ve had 3 separate lightheaded/on the verge of fainting spells while driving.  Two at night and one during the day.


I’ve had several episodes of vasovagal syncope throughout my life and I know what the signs are.  Lightheadedness, feeling warm, feeling disconnected from surroundings, etc.  This is what it feel like.  Like I’m going to die.  In most of the episodes I have experienced with fainting in the past, it usually happens due to getting blood drawn or my body overheating.  I am not doing any of those things when these symptoms come over me.  I’m doing normal things, like driving, standing up and walking and then sitting back down again.


I’ve been to the doctor three times since this has started.  I have a Geisinger doctor who really seems to be a sadist.  The first time I went with the complaint of dizzyness he told me to wait a month and if it was still happening, come back and maybe he’ll do something.  A month?  Are you kidding me?  After having another dizzy spell last Saturday morning combined with the two spells when I was driving in the last week, I called the telenurse who told me not to go to the ER (I was seriously considering going there) and to call my doctor and try to make a Saturday appointment.  I did, and got an appointment for 11:15.  In the event that I needed blood work, I stopped for Breakfast at McD’s.  I’m not a breakfast person, but I do love the breakfast burritos.  I also got a large orange juice.  In my past experiences, If I drink a large sugary drink such as OJ or Gatorade, I do better with blood work.


I ended up getting an order for blood work, but not for that day.  I had to make an appointment the following week.  I did get an EKG from the doctor on duty.  It came back abnormal and was sent to a cardiologist for review.  Props to the weekend doctor on duty for actually giving a damn about my condition.


I called and made an appointment for Monday morning for the blood work and to follow up with my normal doctor.  The blood work (4 different tests) all came back with normal results.  I repeated the EKG, again, the results came back abnormal again.  I also had very low blood pressure – 94 over whatever.  The doctor then requested I go for a bunch of follow up tests including a tilt table test and getting fitted with a holter heart monitor.  However, the doctor told me “do not drive until this gets resolved”.  I’m not really sure what that means.  2 weeks ago, he told me to wait and see for a month.  Now he doesn’t want me driving for another month until the tests are performed which is October 3rd, btw.  This is not possible.  I have school, events to plan, kids to get on the bus, work to commute to and I live in the sticks.  It’s not like I can just hitch a bus or a cab to where I need to go.


I don’t know what is wrong with me, but something isn’t quite right.  I think my body is broken.


Anyway, I’d appreciate some good karma thrown my way if you have any you can share.

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Why god? Why?

By M Davies   /     Apr 02, 2012  /     Medical Issues, The WTF File  /     0 Comment

Remember my dental fiasco over the summer?  Welp.  If you don't, head on over and read the post and I'll wait here until you come back.


Glad to see you're back.  Yeah, that tooth is infected….AGAIN.  Driving home after the Scranton Story Slam on Saturday night, I noticed that the left side of my mouth was extremely sore.  The pain reminded me of having a clenched jaw or grinding your teeth.  I didn't think it was a cavity or anything like that.  I immediately started to wonder if I should have Doc Hollywood paged to see if I could get some pain medications.  Something did not feel right.  I decided to take some Advil when I got home (it was 11:00ish when I got back to Sweet Valley) and hoped that it would clear up overnight. 

The Advil did absolutely nothing for the pain and it was more intense the next morning.  I decided that I better not fuck around with it, and had the dentist paged.  He prescribed me Tylenol 3 (with codeine) and Amoxicillin.  I am allergic to sulfa drugs (Bactrim) so I can't have any of the stronger antibiotics or I can get really sick.  Rich went and picked up the medications for me at CVS after they were called in… and I took them, but I was still feeling pretty sore.  Chewing was a problem, so the only thing I ate yesterday was soup. 

The dentist's office called me this morning and asked if I could come in for 2:30.  I checked with my boss who was ok with it, so I planned to leave around noonish.  A few minutes later, the dentist told me that something earlier opened up and they wanted to know if I could leave right then.  I checked with my boss again and he said no problem.  I left and took everything with me…I wasn't sure if I'd be back or not.  In the car, I raced up the Larksville Mountain and headed over to Trucksville.  The dentist took me back right away and started to do some X-Rays.  I gagged like 3 times because that's what I do and then I nearly barfed.

Of the 3 X-Rays he was able to take, nothing appeared out of the ordinary.  I tried to show him where the pain was coming from.  It is along the bottom left gum in the vicinity of where my root canal happened over the summer.  It wasn't necessarily the tooth itself, but the gum.  He sanded down my tooth thinking that my bite was off.  The adjustment did feel slightly better, but there was still pain.  And then that was it.  He lifted me back up from the chair and told me I needed to go to a specialist.  He referred me to (what I'm guessing) one of his other buddy dentists in Forty Fort.  I was referred for 2:30pm and they were nice enough to make a cleaning appointment for Friday the 13th.  LUCKY ME.

I headed back home to kill some time in the interim, and headed back out.  I was honestly scared shitless at this point.  The root canal experience was HELL, and that was with a bunch of gas and Novocaine, and I still felt every thing that was going on.  The new dentist, who specializes in only root canals, was extremely nice and caring.  He wanted to know who did my root canal – was it Dr. Asshole or "Jamie".  Jamie?  I didn't feel right calling my dentist by a pet name.  I shook my head and he said "Jamie?".  And feeling backed into a corner about the name, I finally said "Yes, Jaime."  He took 3 more X-Rays (my head is going to glow in the dark tonight!) which were as equally gag-inducing as the last set that were taken at Jamie's office.  The new specialist has an advanced X-Ray machine apparently, and he was able to tell right away that something was not right….and with the root canal tooth like I had thought.

It turns out, there is an abscess beginning to form directly under where the last root canal was.  It's becoming infected.  He tested this by pressing and wiggling my tooth and gums back and forth.  I nearly went through the ceiling.  YEAH OW.  YOU FOUND IT, NOW CUT IT OUT.

After spending nearly 600 dollars on my last root canal, I decided that when I got my new job I would opt for the secondary dental insurance as a back-up to my husband's existing policy.  His insurance kind of sucks and doesn't cover much apparently.  I flashed the two insurance cards like a champ and after their calculations this root canal should cost at most 50 dollars out of pocket.  WINNING.  However….he doesn't have gas in his office.  He numbs up the tooth and surrounding areas and that's it.  When he told me that, I was ready to cry right on the spot.  I barely made it through the last root canal, how am I going to make it through this one.  Can't they knock me out?  Hit me in the head with a rock?  A brick?  I'll even sign a waiver in my own blood that I won't sue.  Just please god, I do not want to be conscience for that again. 

At any rate, the root canal round #2 is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:30am.  Kill me now. 

In the meantime, the new specialist assigned me some super-duper hulk strength steroids.  I'm not really sure what the theory is behind this.  He says that it will help calm the tooth down so that it won't be uncomfortable to work on Wednesday.  I have been reading online about these little pills (six of which I have to take by the end of tonight).  Hooo boy.  I'm in for a fun week.  Side effects include:  Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue); bloody, black, or tarry stools; changes in body fat; changes in menstrual period; chest pain; fainting; fever, chills, or sore throat; increased hunger, thirst, or urination; mental or mood changes; muscle pain, weakness, or wasting; seizures; severe nausea or vomiting; slow wound healing; stomach pain; sudden, severe dizziness or headache; swelling of the feet or legs; tendon, bone, or joint pain; thinning of the skin; unusual bruising or bleeding; unusual skin sensation; unusual weight gain; vision changes or other eye problems; vomit that looks like coffee grounds.

I'm really excited about the coffee grounds vomit especially.  I guess it is to be expected when you are on a drug that has "meth" in the name.  Methylprednisolone to be exact.  Gesundheit!

I didn't sneeze.  Oh wait, it must be the mental or mood changes kicking in.  The voices in my head are carrying on a conversation.

I headed over to CVS after all of that to pick up my prescription and found out that my husband's health insurance policy was canceled.  What the .. … .. . ???  Apparently, someone at the company decided to conveniently "forget" to send in the check to Blue Cross.  This happened yesterday when he stopped by to pick up the prescriptions that Doc Hollywood a.k.a. "Jamie" called in.  The company assured us that it was taken care of.  Guess what?  It wasn't.  I had to pay double what I normally would for the scripts.  The HR person said that we are able to expense whatever expenses were not picked up by the insurance for the medications.  Gee ya think?  Needless to say I was not pleased, and still am not.  Good thing I wasn't in a major car accident or something and need to be admitted to the hospital. 

"SORRY, Mrs. Davies, I know you are dying, but your insurance card is coming up expired.  We're going to have to wheel you out into the street until this issue gets resolved with the insurance company."

"Over my dead body you will….oh wait…."

There are the voices again.

I guess I should probably lay down and get some rest.  Today sucked. 


I'll be posting my Blog Fest recap tomorrow hopefully.  As usual, I'm the last one.

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Black Friday 2011 Recap

By M Davies   /     Nov 29, 2011  /     Events, Family, Medical Issues  /     2 Comments

I know everyone hates me and will throw things at me for posting that I went Black Friday shopping this year, but oh well.  I've been going Black Friday shopping every year for as long as I can remember with my Grandmother, Aunt and Mother.  It's kind of a sick and twisted Thanksgiving family ritual.  We put the fun in dysfunctional.

This year, our Black Friday actually started on Thursday evening…at 7pm to be precise.  The players:  My Mom, My Aunt and me.

Stop 1:  Toys R Us in Wilkes-Barre

They opened at 9pm on Thursday evening.  We got there early and found parking without a problem.  We then stood in line for approximately 90 minutes.  Toys R Us would only let in so many people at once due to the fire code occupancy regulations.  We got into Toys R Us easily enough, it was getting out that was the problem.  They had the store blocked off with various shelves, so you could only go into certain sections if you wanted to checkout.  The checkout line wrapped around the store.  Thank god I didn't have to buy anything!  Here's a picture of the line wrapped behind Toys R Us:

Stop 2:  Wal-Mart in Wilkes-Barre Township

I specifically recall a TV commercial from Wal-Mart that said "Don't stand outside in line, come inside where it's warm."  Yeah, not so much.  By the time we got to Wal-Mart (around 10:00pm), every parking spot in the parking lot was taken and two lines formed outside at each of the entrances to the store.  My Mom dropped of my Aunt and I to get in line while she tried to find a parking spot.  And, when I said every parking spot was taken…I literally mean, every parking spot was taken.  People even resorted to parking in nearby restaurants, hotels and quadruple parking (forget double parking)!  My Mom eventually found a spot, where no one else parked….BECAUSE A GLASS BOTTLE WAS SMASHED ALL OVER THE PARKING SPACE.  So what does she do?  Pulls in, and parks it.  I'm like "Well, at least we are at Wal-Mart if we need to buy a can of fix-a-flat."  I received a text message from a friend that told me that Wal-Mart was "at capacity" and the police made them lock the doors because of fire code regulations.  There was security standing at the door letting in people only as others were exiting the store.  After waiting around for about 20-25 minutes, we all finally got in the door.  The Wal-Mart commercial was chalk full of lies.  Here's a picture taken from the line at Wally World:

Wal-Mart has THE WORST setup for Black Friday that I've ever seen.  They have doorbusters, some started at 10pm, some started at 11pm and some started at midnight.  However, all of the electronics were at midnight.  If you wanted any of the electronic items, you needed to get a ticket and stand in a line which is nice because it makes it fair for everyone.  I'll give them that.  But here's what I really want to know:  How do they expect people to leave the building to make room for the others coming in if all of the specials start in 2 hours.  You have to stand in line for 2 hours to get something…therefore no one is leaving the store.  If no one leaves the store, no one else can get in.  I guess I'm the only person that is missing the logic in this setup.  Why not start the deals ALL AT THE SAME TIME?  Does an hour really make that big of a difference between the specials?

My aunt wanted a 13" TV that cost 98 dollars.  Both her and I got a ticket and stood in the line.  We had the third ticket issued for this item.  Once we got to the area of the store where the line was, we decided to sit on the floor and wait for midnight.  OH MY GOD.  You'd think we had just committed a mortal sin.  The Wal-Mart lady who was assigned to watch our line yelled at us and told us we were not permitted to sit on the floor because we could be trampled.  I looked around at the other people in line with us.  Two old ladies were in line with us.  Yeah, I'm sure Grandma will take us out with her Hoverround if we're not careful.  Are ya kidding me?  Meanwhile, we watched people walk past us with printers, computers, DVD players, freezers, and other "big ticket items" in their carts, but yet we have to wait until midnight to get a fucking 99 dollar no-name brand TV.  Makes perfect sense to me! 

Anyway, we people-watched for the next hour while waiting for the stupid TV.  Can I just ask….what the hell is wrong with people?  Do they not think about what they are wearing before leaving the house?  If your shirt doesn't cover your beer gut, don't wear it.  I think your jammies are adorable and all, but I don't think they are appropriate to wear in public.  Finally midnight arrived and we got the TV with no issues.  There was no trampling.  The line moved in an efficient and orderly manner.  By the way, I was up to Wal-Mart earlier today, and check this out: 

Look at how many fucking TVs are there now and at the same price!  Why does God mock me?  I'm debating on whether or not to sue Wal-Mart to get the 2 hours I wasted of my life in line back as well as other punitive damages.

Stop 3:  Target in Wilkes-Barre Township

All told, I'd say we got to Target around 1am.  Parking was no issue, because at that point they were already open for an hour.  Once again, here's another place that was easy to get into, but IMPOSSIBLE to get out of.  I forget who was going for what at this store, but I ended up walking out with a cheap DVD, a bottle of lemonade, earbuds and a tube of facial cleanser.  4 items, 30 dollars and 90 minutes of following the leader in the line maze that started way over in the frozen food section and we were finally on our way to our next destination.

Stop 4:  Kohl's in Wilkes-Barre Township

We got here about 3am.  We parked right up front and got right in.  There was hardly anyone shopping in the store…know why?  BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL STANDING IN LINE.  Don't get me wrong, every register had a person working at it, but it was the person at the beginning of the line directing people that was clueless.  They would make it so that only one person would go to one line at a time.  Wow.  Why not stack each line with 3 or 4 people to get things moving?  Why does it have to be so nitpicky?  I got all the way up to the check out and realized I didn't have my wallet.  Thus, my first panic attack of the evening began.  I figured I had left it at Target, or it was stolen or I dropped it somewhere.  Then I started thinking about all of the credit cards and ID that was in there and started hyperventilating.  My Mom tried to steer me in the direction of her car to check the back seat.  Yeahhhhh, it was back there.  Apparently, it fell out of my purse and I hadn't noticed.  Who can keep track of these complicated details when you've been up for close to 24 hours?  I took my wallet back inside and paid and left feeling like a big embarrassed dumbass.  Oh by the way, I seriously considered buying these shoes:

I get distracted by shiny things.

Stop 5:  The Mall / JC Penney's

At this point, I could not be more thrilled to see the sight of the Wyoming Valley Mall.  We rolled in here at 4:30, and my iPhone's battery was completely dead.  Twitter was keeping me entertained, so I had to figure out a way to charge the battery.  I took a walk down to FYE which did not have any iPhone battery chargers that would work for my purpose.  I needed an emergency charger.  The AT&T store did not open until 5am, so I had to kill some time.  I decided to walk around in Spencer's because I noticed that they had some funny hats.  I ended up buying one.

Also, did you know that they make Pacman Snuggies?  I had to take a picture to show to my friend Brian, because he'd never believe me.

Finally, the AT&T store opened and I was able to purchase the most awesome charging device known to man.  It's called the Mophie Juice Pack.  It's a charging phone cover.  Instead of charging your iPhone, you charge the cover essentially giving you double battery life.  You can check out more about it here if you are so inclined.

Stop 6:  Toys R Us in Wilkes-Barre

Yep.  At around 7:30am we went back to Toys R Us, because going once wasn't enough abuse.  This is the part where I began to get irritated with my Mom.  She wanted to buy Gabby and Owen something each for Christmas and Gabby's birthday.  Fine.  But, I don't know what to tell her to get because Gabby lost her wish lists.  She kept asking if she should get this, or get that.  I DON'T KNOW.  JUST PICK SOMETHING AND GET IT.  I was less than amused.  We were in Toys R Us for what seemed like an eternity.  I was seriously considering committing suicide with a nerf gun. 

Stop 7:  K-Mart

After the hell that was Toys R Us part deux, we made a pitstop at Dunkin Donuts to have a quick breakfast.  We couldn't go to the one near the mall because there was no where to park, so we stopped at the on on 309 by K-Mart (after the big cow).  The girl behind the counter screwed up my order three times over.  I mean really, how hard is it to get a sausage sandwich and a coffee wrong, but I digress.  According to my Foursquare, we got to K-Mart at 952:am.  K-Mart was pretty busy, but nothing like Wal-Mart or Toys R Us.  We had no trouble finding parking or getting checked out here.  I didn't buy anything, but my Mom did.  I forget what.  She was also picking up stuff for people she worked with so it may have been for one of them.  She's nuts.  I found these rejected gifts for your the special people on your Christmas list this year:

A Santa Thong, with free included Santa Sack.  I laughed so hard when I seen this (probably because I was punch-drunk due to lack of sleep).  How can you go wrong when you are getting Santa's sack free with this purchase?  You know what I say, if its free its for me!!!!  Anyone who's on my "naughty" list this year will be getting one of these.

Come on, is this for real?  It can't possibly be real.  A THREE WOLVES SHIRT IN MY LOCAL K-MART.  This is almost too much for my giddy geek heart to handle.  By the way, if you aren't getting the geek reference on this, then you need to check out this: – Read all of the comments, from top to bottom.  You will piss your pants with laughter.  I think I originally learned about this from Slashdot.

Stop 8:  Boscov's in Downtown Wilkes-Barre

You know, I love me some Boscov's.  If I ever met Al Boscov in person, I'd probably pinch his cheeks.  At around 11:15am we rolled into the parkade at Bosco's.  We headed for the curtain section first which is on the 4th floor.  I sat down on the floor, indian style and waited while my Aunt and Mother perused the selection.  I was just there last month, and didn't feel like looking through everything again.  Yeah, sitting in the curtain section.  I am a rebel. 

Something you should know about Wilkes-Barre Boscov's….in case you have never been there before, know that it is hotter than the surface of the sun inside of that building.  Do not bring a coat.  I don't care if it's 35 degrees below zero outside.  Do not bring in a coat, trust me.  You will melt.  On Black Friday, the temperature of Boscov's seemed ok.  However, I found out something new.  The lower the floor, the hotter the temperature.  It's like taking the escalator to hell if you go down to the basement.  We spent most of our time in the basement, because that's where all of the kitchen crap, toys and savings auditorium are located.  I just about damn near had a heat stroke.  I didn't bring my coat, but I was wearing a light sweater layered under a tank top.  MISTAKE.  I found a new toe ring!

My Mom was feeling ill after that, so this was our last stop, we drove back to my Grandmothers, and I drove home after that.  This was around noon.

The damage:  I figure I spent about 150 on stuff I probably didn't need.  I got a few Christmas gifts.  We shopped for close to 18 hours.  I was awake for roughly 32 hours. 

Also, I think that all of the walking and activity injured my foot.  I woke up writhing in pain and couldn't feel the toe and outer step of my left foot.  I thought for sure I was having a stroke or the diabetes grim reaper was coming to pay me a visit. 

Cue late night, Black Friday-related panic attack #2 (this happened on Sunday evening).  As soon as I was able to, I called the doctor in the morning.  After looking over my foot and poking and prodding around, he determined that I have pinched nerve somewhere in the left part of my left foot.  There apparently is no magic cure for this.  Basically, you just have to wait it out.  Let me just tell you….I'm not happy about this.  I'm ready to call for a second opinion.  Like, I know my pinky toe is physically there, but I can't feel it.  All I feel is numbness and tingling.  It's not a fun time.  At all.

Still in all, I look forward to the Black Friday adventures again next year. 

I must be crazy.  But between me and you, all of the good people are.

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