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I hate bugs.

By M Davies   /     Aug 16, 2006  /     BUGS, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

I was walking Gabby upstairs to go for a nap, and what do I see but a HUGE WASP (and I do mean huge, like an inch long) on the window at the top of the steps.  I nearly lost it.  I got Gabby into her crib and closed her door.  I know that the bug needed to be killed, but there was NO WAY I was going anywhere near it.  Recently Adina bought me one of those electric shock bug zappers (http://www.electricflyswatter.net/), but there was no way I was going to go near that bee.  It was as big as a small bird.  I didn't even think about closing all of the doors upstairs so it wouldn't go into any of the rooms.  Big mistake!  When I went to wake up Gabby from her nap, the bee was gone.  I have no clue as to where it went, but now I'm freaking the hell out because I'm afraid I'll step on it or something.  Omg, I hate bees so much I want to cry.  I hate them I hate them I hate them.  Please god let the damn thing get stuck in an area that it will die a slow and painful death.  Ewwww, ick, blahhhhhhhh.

In other news, congrats to the new addition to the epix baby farm – Baby Shaver (whose name has changed 3 times already).  Click here for pics.

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And the infestation continues…

By M Davies   /     Jul 05, 2005  /     BUGS, Mommyhood, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

Today as I was getting in my car and getting situated to go to work I felt this enormous shooting pain in my left leg. I started screaming because it hurt so bad (Gabby in the back seat, mind you). I got out of the seat to see a fucking bee crawling down the other side of the seat. I must have sat right on him and didn't realize it. If you know me at all, you will know that I am terrified of bees and have been ever since I was very little. I started screaming when I seen it and jumped onto the passenger side of the car. I'm kind of glad that no one was around this morning when I left (all of the neighbors went to work) so I didn't make too big of an ass out of myself. I drove to Daycare and dropped off Gabby then got to work. Before I even looked at my sting I ran over to the drugstore and got the Bug Stick. When I came back to put it on it was so swollen and red. Ewwwwwwwww. I frigging hate insects so much. I am considering getting my whole car fumigated. I can't take anymore of these creatures living in my car. You know that a story like this could only happen to me. I am a walking disaster waiting to happen. I won't even mention the amount of times I have been to the doctor/emergency room this year. It is embarrassing.

My site won an award. Check out my sweet little medal thing I put on the right.

Beside all that, I did the walk on Monday. I didn't win anything because I was so late getting there. I came in like 80th place out of 92 walkers, LOL. Oh well. Been there done that and got the shirt. Hopefully next year I'll arrive on time. My legs are very sore from it. I am way out of shape. I need to start getting more exercise. Another prime example of this is when I get winded walking up 1 flight of stairs. At any rate the walk was fun. The whole weekend was fun for that matter.

Check out this quote from the bottom of my Greymatter publishing screen: "You must have chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star." — Friedrich Nietzsche I like it.

Time to go pick up Gabtastic at Daycare and pray neither of us get stung or bitten by any of the creatures that may be living in my car. Wish me luck.

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July 3rd

By M Davies   /     Jul 03, 2005  /     Annoyances, BUGS, I hate my neighbors, The Pre-Dooce File  /     0 Comment

I am becoming more and more annoyed at the sound of m80s, bottle rockets and quarter sticks being lit every hour on the hour. I understand that its the 4th of July tomorrow and fireworks are common place, but these people started the last week of June "celebrating" by lighting these off at all hours of the day and night. Having explosive devices, fire and beer all at the same time is not likely to turn out a story with a happy ending. That having been said, I know that it is illegal to buy any type of firework that is shot into the air in Pennsylvania (you don't see that stopping anyone in this neighborhood from doing so though). My question is why??? If a bunch of less than intelligent people want to go light off fireworks and blow their arm off in the process, so be it. It would be like not wearing helmets on motorcycles. Population Control. If you are stupid enough to light off fireworks drunk, (or ride a motorcycle w/out a helmet for that matter) w/ no training and an education that doesn't surpass the 8th grade….you deserve to have a limb blown off.

I ceased to mention that I have a small teradactyl (sp?) type bug living in my car. Around Wednesday when it was 90+ degrees, I walked out to my car in the parking garage. Having a VW, you get the neat feature of putting your key in and then turning it to the left to put the windows all the way down before you get in (or right to put them back up). I did this, so I didn't pass out from heat exhaustion upon entering my car. In flies this huge fucking beast of a bug. I have no idea what it was because I have never seen a bug that big or noisy ever in my entire life. The only thing that could describe it is….it looks like a female mosquito but much much bigger and it made noise when it flew. Like a propeller on an airplane. It was LOUD! I was freaking out. I tried shoeing it out of the car, but instead of it flying out the window, it landed in a defroster vent toward the hood of my car. I figured it would be a goner with the heat that we had this past week. WRONG! I was coming home from a wake I went to and all of the sudden I heard that propeller noise again. I was so fucking scared of that bug. If I would have seen it I think I would have probably jumped out of my car while it was still moving. Fast forward to Friday…..I'm looking around my car and there is a tiny little bug flying around. It flew out the window and I thought nothing of it. Then yesterday I seen one that looked exactly like the one I seen on Friday. I bet you that beastly demon bug laid offspring in my car. I'm going to have a whole family of bugs flying around my car. Purchasing a can of Raid may be in my future (or so my psychic friends tell me).

Yesterday we went to Jesse & Missi's wedding. I'm so happy for the 2 of them. I have pictures which I'll be putting up soon, so be sure to keep checking out the gallery to see them. After we got back today I went to my Aunt's house for a cookout. We didn't stay too long, as the bugs were horrendus and Gabby was getting tired. Tomorrow is my walk for the YMCA/Steps Wilkes-Barre. I think it's called "Bernie's Memorial Walk". Don't ask me who Bernie is or why I'm walking for him, because I have no clue. The rules for the walk are pretty strict though — no strollers, no pets, no headphones, no fun. Ok, so I made up the no fun part, but you get the idea. We are going somewhere to see fireworks with Gabby tomorrow night, I'm not sure where yet though. I can't wait to see what her reaction is — my guess … she won't even notice.

If I don't write again before tomorrow, have a safe and happy 4th. Be sure to steer clear of m80s, motorcycles and huge bugs.

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