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A poorly executed good idea

By M Davies   /     Jul 16, 2008  /     Annoyances, BUGS  /     0 Comment

I feel like I should be on Project Runway with a title like that.  The judges are always saying that to the designers.

Lake Township’s refuse service sucks.  Well actually its non-existant, and that’s the problem.  They have no garbage service or pick up recycling service.  The garbage is:  find your own provider.  Recycling:  BYOC (bring your own cans to the municipal building)  In Hanover Township, we paid a yearly fee (200 bucks) and they pick up your trash every week, and recycling every other week. 

I can’t get a solid answer as to when the Lake Township recycling collection is held.  I thought someone said it was on the first Sunday of the month, but I can’t remember for sure and I don’t have a website or any information to confirm that against.  I emailed the Lake Township commisioners with no response back.  However, since we just had a party on 4th of July the cans and bottles, they are piling up. We have 2 full 32 gallon cans. 

Since I paid for the whole year of Hanover Township garbage, I figured that maybe I can bring the recycling down to the old house.  I am working in the vacinity of it and it wouldn’t be too much trouble to take it over on my way in.  Well last night I dug out my Hanover Township garbage schedule and found out that recycling is tomorrow.  I put down an old blanket in the back of my jeep and loaded the two cans in this morning and hoped for the best. 

Decent idea right?  Wrong…read below.

I take a winding back road from Dallas to Plymouth every morning.  Part of it has really bad pot holes.  Everytime I’d go over one I’d hear "CLANG CLANG".  Or going around a corner "CLANG".  All in all I made it to the old house in one piece with the recycling cans.  Nothing spilled and nothing was broken.  However, when I opened the rear door to unload the cans from the back I noticed something…something moving.  ANTS.  Everywhere.  Ants ants ants.  Crawling on the door, the window, the floor, the cans, the blanket.  EWWWWW, they must have taken up residence in the cans.  I carefully unloaded the cans in front of the house and tried to shake off the blanket and get rid of the ants.  They must have suction cups for feet because they weren’t coming off.  Then I started blowing.  I blew 3 or 4 ants off the rear door.  This was all in a span of about 5 minutes at around 8am.  My old neighbors probably thought I was on speed or something this morning.  Nope, I didn’t even have a coffee until about an hour ago. 

So I drove to work and am hoping the ants don’t take over my car while I work.  If an ant crawls on me while I’m driving I will seriously freak the fuck out.  I know its just an ant, but I hate the sensation of bugs crawling on your skin.  Like just seeing those ants in my trunk made me want to itch all over and take a shower.  Ick.

What is it with the bugs lately?  Like they are attracted to me and my family and follow us everywhere we go.

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By M Davies   /     Jul 11, 2008  /     BUGS  /     1 Comment

In my list of top ten things I fear the most, Bees is numero uno.  With the extreme fear I have you’d probably think I was stung numerous times.  Not so.  I was only stung twice. 

The first time was when I was on a picnic with my grandparent’s.  It was called the "Sunday School Picnic" and it was sort of a religious outing.  Not for me though, I couldn’t care less about the religious overtones.  It was more of a family reunion at an awesome park somewhere near Berwick I think.  There were tons of swings and sliding boards, basketball hoops, tennis courts, etc.  I was walking back from the monkey bars and lost my footing in a hole.  Sure enough the next thing I knew I felt extreme pain radiating from my ankle.  I didn’t know what to do so I just stopped dead in my tracks and screamed at the top of my lungs.  At that point my family came running over to see what was going on.  Once it was determined I was stung (people were trying to ask me questions but I was crying and screaming hysterically)  Everyone started applying first aide all at once.  "No you have to get the stinger out first", "No you have to do this first", blah blah blah.  Finally they got it all fixed up, but it still hurt badly.  Maybe I didn’t hurt and I was just making a big deal of it.  It just seemed like a very traumatic incident for me.  Maybe I was an 11 year old drama queen.

The next time I was stung was only a few years ago actually.  In the summer of 2005, Gabby was only a youngin then and Owen was a twinkle in my eye.  Somehow a wasp got into my VW Beetle.  Now mind you, I was in a rush because I was running late for work in the AM.   I just put Gabby’s carrier in the car and walked around to my side of the car and sat, getting ready to put the key in.  The next thing I know, there’s an extreme pain radiating from just under my right butt cheek (not to be gross or anything).  I didn’t look at the seat before I sat down and apparently I sat right on top of this wasp.  Luckily I was wearing long pants which prevented the stinger from going in.  I thought I had "shooed" it out of my car, but then I noticed it again later in the day when I went out to my car for lunch.  After work that night, Rich went out and found it and killed it.  You know that myth you hear about bees dying after losing their stinger.  Not for wasps.  They are bastards.  

That all being said, take a look at this beauty:

This is new.  At our 4th of July party my brother had noticed it and pointed it out to us.  The bees must have JUST built it.  Sick sick sick.  We watched it awhile and it was indeed live.  There were hornets flying in and out of it.  Well to be honest, we didn’t know what kind of bees they were at first, but after watching them for a while, you could see a distinctive "white tail" (or thorax if you want to be all scientific about it)

I’ve done some research and figured they’d have the name like "White Tail Hornet" or something.  Nope, actually these little bastards are called "Bald Faced Hornets" and they are MEAN.  Here’s the wikipedia article about them (btw, if you do click here check out the pics of the nests, sorta similar looking to above)  Rich walked over with a full can of hornet/wasp killer that shoots 25 or so feet and sprayed it.  3 of them immediately came out and chased him down the yard.  They are highly, HIGHLY, HIGHLY aggressive.  Here’s another article about them, this one was more informative.

We had a bee guy out this morning, it cost 200 dollars.  Every nest is gone.  There was this one on side of the house, and three or so in the shed.  Also, there were wood boaring bees in the eaves and overhangs of the deck.  They are all gone.  He additionally sprayed for spiders, ants and earwigs!  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DIE bugs.  DIE!  I wish I was around this morning to witness the bug genocide.  I was kind of interested in the procedure for taking the nests out.  Not that I’d try to do it myself or anything, but I was thinking he’d have to wear at least 5 layers of protective clothing.  Like maybe a nuclear space suit or something. 

No more bees.  Now I can do my happy dance. 

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Um, *ow*

By M Davies   /     Jun 13, 2008  /     BUGS  /     0 Comment

Well something bit me on my right foot in a few different spots.  I’m so itchy right now and the toe next to my pinky toe is swollen roughly up to the size of a carrot.  And it huuuuuuuurts to walk on.  I would take some benedryl or something but I have to go out and I don’t want to fall asleep behind the wheel, so I guess I’ll just suffer for now. 

I used the Bug Stick on the area and I just about went through the roof because of the ammonia in it.  It still itches, damnit. 

And no, I’m not taking a picture of it.  Not because I don’t want to gross you out, but because I’m embarrassed of my ugly feet.

Update:  The exterminator has been called and now we are waiting for a callback to setup an appointment.  This is outta control.

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The week recap

By M Davies   /     Jun 13, 2008  /     BUGS, Mommyhood, Uncategorized  /     2 Comments

Body fluids I’ve cleaned up this week:

  • Gabby puke:  2 times
  • Cat puke:  3 times
  • Owen pee:  1 time (he took off his diaper and peed clear across the room this morning)

Bugs I’ve seen:

  • Bees (Paper Wasps, Wasps, Honey, Hornets, Wood Bees)
  • Spiders (Big, Small, Medium)
  • Earwigs, EWWWWW!  (Apparently they like humidity and were hanging out in a basket of the kids clothes I just washed and folded….needless to say I’m rewashing EVERYTHING IN HOT WATER)
  • Ants,  Big BIG Ants
  • Japanese Beetles, they sound like helicopters when they fly.
  • EDITED TO ADD:  Crickets.  There is now an infestation of crickets coming through the bilco doors in the basement.  You should HEAR how loud it is down there at night.  There are like 3 of them down there right now.

Things to do:

  • Buy Rich a Father’s Day present
  • Call exterminator
  • Clean up more cat puke
  • Send more resumes out
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By M Davies   /     Apr 18, 2008  /     Annoyances, BUGS, Mommyhood  /     5 Comments

Our new house has a ladybug infestation of sorts.  They are EVERYWHERE.  They climb up the walls, divebomb lights, hang out in the window sills, etc.  Ladybugs are fairly harmless and are said to be good luck to have in your house so I don’t mind it too much. 

This is not the case for Gabrielle.

SHE HATES, HATES, HATES ladybugs.  Did I mention the hating part.  Yeah, she hates them.

Anytime she sees one she comes running out a room yelling "WADYBUG!  WADYBUG!  WADYBUG!"  Rich then responds by going into whatever room the "wadybug" happens to be in and picking it up and putting it outside.  This happens about 10 times a night. 

It. is. starting. to. grate. on. my. nerves.

Especially since last Friday, when it was raining, I showed Gabby the worms that ventured out onto the driveway.  She was absolutely fascinated by the worms.  She bent down closer to the ground to get a good close-up look at the worms and nearly picked one up.  WTF?  How are ladybugs more scary/yucky than a worm?  I don’t get it.

Then this morning on WVIA they were showing an advertisement for Reptiland with snakes, alligators, salimanders, etc…and Gabby says "I LOVE SNAKES, SSSSS!"  She likes snakes, but hates lady bugs.  Huh?  I can’t figure this kid out.

I’ve done some ladybug research on my own and found out that they prefer houses with lightly colored siding and that have southwestern sun exposure.  Both of which we have.  I have read on other websites that ladybugs hate the smell of garlic.  I guess we will have to start making more italian food to get these guys out of our house.  By the way, I am a self proclaimed lady bug expert now, so go ahead, ask away.  These aren’t the normal "red" lady bugs either…they are the orange "Asian" lady bugs.  I didn’t realize there was a difference until I started searching on google for "ladybug infestation". 

I was going to get some pictures of these critters, but I can’t find the charge cable for the digital camera.  Its either still plugged in at my old house or in a box.  I wish I had some psychic capabilities so I could find it.  Moving rocks!  And by rocks, I mean it sucks.  I have no idea where anything is right now.

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