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Hi! My name is Michelle and I'm the sassy author of this blog. I also am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, contributor at NEPA Blogs, 1/3 of NEPA BlogCon and work behind-the-scenes in local TV.

Free Film Was Brittle

By M Davies   /     Jul 30, 2018  /     Mommyhood, Pittsburgh, TV Rants  /     0 Comment

This story is a bit emotional as I write it out. The details are going to be left off my blog for the most part because I am aware now that both of my children read my blog.

I worked for WQED for 9 months. I gave up my life and job to work for the television station to which Fred Rogers had his start…because I believed so strongly in his mission to help children. Much like Miss Judy for WNEP. WQED and KDKA are connected to the same union (IATSE local 820) to which I am a member. I gave up an opportunity to work for CBS and WPXI to come home to Northeast PA for my children. Now that I’m being blocked from seeing my children, having access to my clothing, and my blocked from my house in general, I AM A BIT UPSET.

I mic’d Mister McFeeley and met Joanne Rogers (his wife). She’s lovely, however, I won’t be if I’m not allowed to get my clothes and mail before I start my new job. I won’t drop the mic. I am placing it down politely. I don’t do that to good equipment.

Let’s explore the garden of my mind…..

Mister Rogers has been playing on my mind a lot lately. I went to see the documentary at the Pittsburgh Mills mall and both laughed and cried. Mister Rogers was a true American Hero and not all heroes wear capes.

PBS was under the threat of losing its funding through the CPB under the Nixon administration. Fred went to Capital Hill to testify in front of John Pastore who wanted to cut funding in favor of the military funding. Thanks to Fred’s testimony, funding was restored to 20 million afterwards. Again, not all heroes wear capes.

Did you know that Fred often portrayed himself as Daniel Striped Tiger and Lady Elaine was based on Fred’s sister? I’m going to guess no.

Fred was a man of the cloth. He was not gay despite rumors otherwise. He was happily married to his wife Joanne for many years. He was accepting of other’s lifestyles though he didn’t necessarily believe in it himself. Officer Clemons was a gay black choir singer that Rogers met at a church. Later on, Fred had to remove Clemons from the show as sponsors were threatening to cut funding. 5/9/69 was the episode where Officer Clemons and Fred dipped into the wading pool together.

Fred “religiously” swam laps every morning. His weight was always 143 pounds. This was a symbolic number. Here’s why:

(Apologies for the incorrect oriented jpg, my WordPress installation has decided to be wonky today and image uploads are not working)


Mister Rogers used to do “theme” weeks in the 1980s. He covered superheroes, death and divorce. Ironically, I just recently purchased the book about divorce.


Fred learned that a lot of kids were unknowingly trying to commit suicide by “flying” off their decks, porches or windows pretending to be superheroes. Mister Rogers spoke to the children that explained superheroes are not real, the real heroes are first responders.

Some of my personal favorite episodes featured the Flying Zoocheni Brothers – 3 of which I had the privilege of working with at QED. I can’t imagine some of the outtakes that exist in archives, but the band of misfits whom I love. The Zoochenis also play a big part of WQED’s fundraising. Chris Cook collects recipes from viewers and then creates a cookbook. The funding collected from the cookbooks goes toward the public television initiative.

Mister Rogers treated every child as if they were special. In this day and age most parents assume millenials are entitled or have an entitlist personality. Its not true. Special does not equal entitlement. Special people do not do anything sensational for people to love them. Special people can abound and share love in many different ways. Fred Rogers’ mother made him every cardigan he wore on the show. That’s one way of showing love, I suppose. Additionally, people accused Mister Rogers of being gay, and a perv, and a sniper in Vietnam. None of this is true. Don’t believe everything that you read! Snopes is your friend. If you don’t like it or believe what you are reading there’s one solution.




Or turn it on and be greeted to the most lovely kindness imaginable.

Mister Rogers had a fish tank with real fish in it that he fed on every episode. Once a young viewer wrote a letter that he was afraid the fish would die because he never mentioned them. This was before the advent of closed captioning and SAP. The young boy was hearing impaired. THIS IS WHY I GET SO ANAL RETENTIVE ABOUT CLOSED CAPTIONING. Period. Eventually one of the fish did die. Mister Rogers coordinated with cellist Yo Yo Ma to create a special song for the fish dying. This comes into play later when Mister Rogers was himself dying of cancer — Yo Yo Ma played the dying fish song he had previously written over the phone. He peacefully died with his hopes intact after 9/11 took such a toll on his mental health.

Speaking of 9/11, Fred made some promos for the station on 10/23/01. He talked about the repairs of creation, finding joy and light and of course, being a good neighbor.

Fred was picked on a lot as a child. He was called “Fat Freddy.” Accept and expect mistakes. They happen as long as you learn from them. Think of them in the way curious Daniel Tiger would.

Mister Rogers often invited guests on the show to demonstrate he was “with” the times. He invited children to show him what rap was and how to moonwalk. He wanted to grow alongside his audience. Eddie Murphy was a comedian who notoriously spoofed Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on SNL. It didn’t bother Fred. The two met and shook hands. Fred would only get upset was if “spoofs” were exploiting children for personal gain.

Mister Rogers went into repeats on 2/20/1976 in favor of an adult talkshow “Old Friends, New Friends”. The concept bombed.

Everyone longs to be loved and that that he or she be capable of loving. We all could do a little better to interact in the nature of Mister Rogers. When you face a challenge or adversity ask yourself “What would Fred Rogers do?”


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Four Years of PTO Mama Drama

By M Davies   /     Jul 27, 2018  /     Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

I have never ever thought I’d be on a school board, let alone have children. I was nominated in 2014 to serve as PTO Vice President and was acting Webmistress since 2012. My time serving in these positions has given me a plethora of experience in managing projects and people. This is also a huge accomplishment for me because I’m a shitty person in general and hate everyone’s kids, but my own. Even then, it’s walking a thin line on the days that they get under my skin (read: Christmas and summer vacation). Usually when you put me in any place with 30 screaming brats (take Chuck E Cheese for example) I’m ready to run screaming in the opposite direction and shaking in the fetal position.

This was a different experience in that I didn’t directly interface with the kids. I did get to directly see the fruits of my labor. They played, laughed and learned with the assemblies that I planned. And as a PS – these are really good children, I just clam up and hate loud social situations.

Here’s a list of what we got to see and do.

  • 11/13/2014 – WBS Penguins
  • 09/14/2015 – “Up Up and Away” Hot Air Balloon Assembly
  • 11/18/2015 – Laser Light Assembly
  • 05/16/2016 – The NED Show
  • 09/09/2016 – Three Screens Assembly
  • 11/17/2016 – Laughing At My Nightmare Assembly
  • 01/09/2017 – Harlem Wizards Assembly
  • 02/24/2017 – Franklin Institute Assembly
  • 01/09/2017 – Stefano (from WBRE) @ School Assembly
  • 05/11/2017 — Sky Dome Planetarium Assembly
  • 09/11/2017, 09/12/2017, 09/14/2017 — Binghamton Zoomobile Assembly
  • 10/30/2017 — Fabulous Chinese Acrobats Assembly
  • 12/14/2017 — Harlem Wizards Assembly
  • 02/14/2018 — Ben Franklin Assembly
  • 03/23/2018 — Jeff Boyer’s Bubble Trouble Assembly
  • 05/04/2018 — Carnegie Mellon Science Show – Grand Slam Science Assembly


Of course with all the positive vibes and upbeat anti-bullying themes, we got some amazing press for our events:

05.09.18 Science hits a grand slam at Ross Elementary School Source: Dallas Post
04.02.18 Students Get Another Snow Day on What Was Meant to be Makeup Day Source: WNEP-TV
03.28.18 Ross Elementary School hosts bubble expert Jeff Boyer Source: Dallas Post
03.24.18 Bubbles fly at school show Source: Citizens’ Voice
02.14.18 Ross Elementary students have an electrifying presentation with Benjamin Franklin Source: Dallas Post
01.06.18 Harlem Wizards return to Lake-Lehman High School Jan. 13 Source: Dallas Post
11.01.17 Ross Elementary School hosts The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats Source: Dallas Post
10.31.17 Acrobats entertain students with thrilling athletic routines Source: Citizens’ Voice
10.18.17 Girl Scouts collect suitcases for foster kids Source: Eyewitness News (WBRE/WYOU)
10.17.17 Students jam to tunes at Ross Elementary School’s Race for Education Source: Dallas Post
10.15.17 Students ‘Race for Education’ Source: Fox 56 News
10.09.17 Ross Elementary School welcomed Binghamton Zoomobile,
Plans Annual Race for Education in October
Source: Back Mountain Community News
10.06.17 Teachers Train in Active-Shooter Scenarios Source: WNEP-TV
09.13.17 Zoo animals visit students at Ross Elementary School Source: Dallas Post
09.13.17 Students get an up-close look at zoo animals Source: Citizens’ Voice
05.23.17 Students Bring History to Life Source: Eyewitness News (WBRE/WYOU)
05.15.17 Ross Elementary students visit the solar system through inflatable Sky Dome Source: Dallas Post
03.09.17 Stefano at School: March 9, 2017- Ross Elementary Source: Eyewitness News (WBRE/WYOU)
02.24.17 Franklin Institute brings science fun to Lake-Noxen, Ross elementary schools Source: The Times Leader
02.01.17 Lake-Lehman takes a giant leap forward into the digital age Source: The Citizens’ Voice
01.16.17 Harlem Wizards to play at Lake-Lehman High School Source: The Citizens’ Voice
01.10.17 ‘Swoop’ from Harlem Wizards visits Lake-Noxen Elementary School Source: Dallas Post
01.03.17 Harlem Wizards will return to Lake-Lehman High School Jan. 21 Source: Dallas Post
11.22.16 Young man with muscular dystrophy brings message of positivity to Ross Elementary Source: Dallas Post
10.18.16 Ross Elementary students Race for Education in Sweet Valley to fund field trips, assemblies and more Source: Dallas Post
10.04.16 Canvas and Cookies event at Ross Elementary School in Sweet Valley gives students an artistic night out Source: Dallas Post
08.16.16 Lake-Lehman board looks to sell old concession trailer Source: The Citizens’ Voice
07.21.16 Lake-Lehman performs acts of kindness Source: The Citizens’ Voice
07.19.16 Lake-Lehman school board OKs borrowing Source: The Citizens’ Voice
06.21.16 Lake-Lehman School Board OKs 3 percent tax increase Source: The Citizens’ Voice
05.25.16 Lake-Noxen, Ross elementary schools get a taste of adult life at Junior Achievement’s BizTown in Pittston Twp. Source: Dallas Post
05.12.16 History comes alive at Ross Elementary School Source: Times Leader
10.16.15 Ross Elementary School students take part in Race for Education fundraiser Source: Times Leader
09.16.15 Up, up and away with science at Ross Elementary School Source: Dallas Post
09.14.15 Students Learn About Hot Air Balloons Source: WNEP-TV
11.13.14 Tux teaches kindness Source: Dallas Post
05.15.13 Ross Elementary students break record Source: Citizens’ Voice
05.01.13 Sweet Valley Students Break World Record Source: WNEP-TV


Thank you to our media friends for all of the hard work you’ve done for us!


With Owen finally moving on to 7th grade, my PTO years are over. Its sad, but I’ve made some amazing friends. I have paved the way for the new 2018-2019 school year to thrive with an entire new generation of assemblies!


Thank you to the Ross parents and teachers and Lake-Lehman’s administration. We couldn’t have done all of this without your help! We reached our final GOAL!


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Pennsylvania City/Town Names That Sound Like Other Pennsylvania City/Town Names

By M Davies   /     Jul 04, 2018  /     Misc/Crap, NEPA, Pittsburgh, The WTF File, TV Rants, Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

I started thinking about this about a year and a half ago after I seriously contemplated relocating to Pittsburgh for better opportunities. This is what working in TV news for 5 years does to your mind – IT FUCKS WITH YOUR BRAIN CELLS (those that are left over from the lack of sleep and/or alcoholism switched up with a caffeine addiction). I started writing out this list from what was on the top of my head, and here’s what I came up with:

  • Wallenpaupack and Wapwallopen
  • Pittsburgh, Pittston, Pottstown, Pottsville
  • Catawissa and Catasaqua
  • Lewisberry and Lewisburg
  • Hughesville and Hughestown
  • Shamokin and Shamokin Dam
  • New Philadelphia and Philadelphia
  • Newtown and West Newton
  • Lansford and Lansdale
  • Blakeslee and Blakely
  • Tamaqua and Mocanaqua

I posted this half crocked thought to Facebook one evening and much to my surprise, people started contributing their own suggestions. Needless to say, I ended up with quite the list. Some of these may be repeats too…I’m way too lazy to edit them out at this point because this was a pain in the ass to copy and paste in from Facebook. Here’s the other contributions and conversation that transpired on my wall (names not withheld):

  • Steve Albert Methtown and Methville
  • Michelle Ann So in other words Plymouth and Plymouth Meeting?
  • Steve Albert Although based on what I’ve seen in the news, Shamokin has passed Plymitt as the place you’re most likely to get Contact Hepatitis.
  • Summer Beretsky Bukeavich Lewisburg and Lewistown, Mifflinburg and Mifflintown, Hanover and Hanover Twp
  • Alex Milanes Hazel twp Hazleton
  • Steve Albert There is a York and a York Springs
  • Roger DuPuis II Too many Paradise Townships
  • Michelle Ann Too many Tunkahnnock Townships.
  • Bob Meier Hokendauqua or Mocanaqua
  • Brian Ptashinski Tamaqua and Michelle Ann Catasaqua
  • Rachel Farrow Catasauqua, as someone who had the misfortune of renting a house there and enjoyed ordering delivery foo
  • Roger DuPuis II Hanover and Hanover Township
  • Bob Meier Huntington Mills or Huntington Twp
  • Bob Meier Blakley Blakslee
  • Pat Ward Wilkes-Barre-Wiles-Barre twp..A whole bunch of them..
  • Roger DuPuis II But there’s only one Intercourse, baby. *drops mic*
  • Summer Beretsky Bukeavich Aren’t all babies intercourse babies? 👶🏼
  • Michelle Ann Kingsley / Kingston
  • Paulie John Plymouth, Plymouth meeting , Plymouth township ,
  • Bruce Parry Stroudsburg and Strasburg
  • Paulie John Jackson twp a bunch of those as well
  • Paulie John West Pittston, pittston , pittston township
  • Colin Joyce Scranton and scotrun?
  • Michelle Ann My grandmother once called it Scrotum.
  • Bill Michlowski Every time I pass that exit on I-80, I see “Scrotum.” Every. Damn. Time.
  • Bob Meier Hughstown or Hughsville
  • Roger DuPuis II Pottstown and Pottsville
  • Harold Jenkins Nanticoke and Nanty Glo. I mean, seriously?
  • Steve Albert Wilkes-Barry, Wilkes-Bar
  • Michelle Ann #TeamBerry
  • Steve Albert I’ve been known to be snarky and refer to it as “Wilkes-Boro”
  • Michelle Ann Mountain Top and Mountainhome`
  • Bill Michlowski Mifflinville and Mifflinburg
  • Steve Albert Landisville and Landisburg (where I lived once)
  • Melissa Chrusch Benton and East Benton being no where near each other confuses me
  • Jennifer Sliwinski Just like tunkhannock & tunkhannock twp. Not near each other
  • Bill Michlowski Milford and New Milford
  • Melissa Chrusch I was about to say those. They drive me nuts I get confused which is which lol
  • Leo Russo Coaldale is just Carbondale dumbed down.
  • Steve Albert Shickshinny and Shitshinny  (sorry, I just made that one up)
  • Michelle Ann I always call it Hickshinny
  • Steve Albert I’d think of another Shamokin snarky comment, but I’m all out.
  • Michelle Ann Time to go meet your lawyer at the Dunkin.
  • Steve Albert What a town…you can get a coffee, donut, legal advice and crystal meth all at the same place #ShamokinStyle
  • Michelle Ann (Delaware) Water Gap and Wind Gap
  • Brian Ptashinski Slatedale and Slatington
  • Dale Wilsey Jr. Mechanicsburg Mechanicsville
  • Erich Granahan Mount Pocono, Pocono Summit, Pocono Pines
  • Erich Granahan I’ve been to Monroe County last two nights so that was easy lol
  • Thomas Hovey Mifflinville and Mifflintown
  • Michelle Ann Wyoming and Wyomissing.
  • Bill Michlowski And Wyalusing
  • John Longfield Blakely & Blakeslee
  • Bill Michlowski Forksville and Forkston
  • John Longfield Oakland & Oakland
  • John Longfield Susquehanna (Depot) & Susquehanna (Valley)
  • Thomas Hovey Landsdale and Landingville
  • Noreen Clark Mountain Top & Mount Top
  • Thomas Hovey Pleasant Mount and Pleasant Valley
  • Bill Michlowski
  • Bill Michlowski Wilburton Number One and Wilburton Number Two
  • Michelle Ann Paxonia and Paxtang
  • Bill Michlowski And Paxinos lol
  • Christopher J. Beers Shamokin and Sha MOKIN!
  • Brian Ptashinski Shanksville and Schnecksville
  • Michelle Ann Kunkle and Kunkletown
  • Brian Ptashinski Cresson and Cressona
  • Harold Jenkins Blue Bell and Blue Ball. (From Blue Ball it’s just a short ride to Intercourse.)
  • Harold Jenkins Dammit, I should have said “short drive.”
  • Michelle Ann You just had to slip in there.
  • Brian Ptashinski Believe it or not Glen Campbell (Indiana County)and Glen Hope(Clearfield County
  • Jennifer Sliwinski Glenn Lyon
  • Bill Michlowski Ashley and Ashland
  • Bill Michlowski Sugarloaf and Sugar Notch
  • Michelle Ann That’s a good one!
  • Michelle Ann Orangeville and Orwigsburg always messes with me.
  • Michelle Ann Millville and Mill Hall
  • Brian Ptashinski Wyoming and Wyomissing
  • Karen Kozacheck Nescopeck and Nesquehoning…Berwick and Berwyn
  • Stephen Lloyd Susquehanna County and Susquehanna University not near each other
  • Mike Frank Burnside Milford and New Milford PA
  • Sara Barthol Add Lansdowne with Lansdale… that shit gets f’d up even by train conductors down here.
  • Sara Barthol Oh and there’s Newtown Square
  • Lori Kerzmann-Motto yes, Newtown and Newtown Square! I got those mixed up all the time when I first moved down here, and they’re not even near each other!
  • Sara Barthol Me too. I think they’re further apart than Lansdowne and Lansdale!
  • Sara Barthol My favorite, since I live here is Springfield and Springfield. Both in the Philly region but one’s in Delaware County and the other is in Montgomery County.
  • Michelle Ann I’m so glad I am not the only one who gets confused by this nonsense!
  • Sara Barthol Anytime I participate in a “where’s everyone from” post… I always say “Springfield (DelCo)” and I’m pretty sure most people are like wtf is DelCo? And… amusingly enough, I found out that my brother and I both live in Delaware County… just two different states.
  • Jen Nicolosi I think Bethlehem and Bensalem can be confused too
  • Michelle Ann I think this is a new one! No one hasn’t mentioned it yet.
  • Lacey Tyre Timony People confuse Tamaqua with Towanda and Turkhannock also
  • Lacey Tyre Timony I confuse Orefield and Orwigsburg. Also Lewisburg and Lewistown
  • Thomas Hovey Plymouth and Plymouth Meeting
  • John Davies scrotum/scotrun
  • Sally Black There’s also the ever popular Sciota which all out of state people pronouce as Scrotum and then we have to remind them, no that’s outside of Blue Balls
  • Sally Black OH…and don’t get me started on Hop Bottom – who names a town Hop Bottom…there’s GOT to be a great story there
  • Michelle Ann I think we can all agree no one will ever confuse anything with Conshohocken, because at least half of the state can’t even pronounce it.
  • Jessy Schaffer Can’t ever confuse Jim Thorpe with anything. That is such a neat little town.
  • Bruce Abbott Scranton and Scotrun
  • Bruce Abbott Upper Askam and Lower Askam. Haha
  • Michelle Ann Askam? I hardly know him!
  • Bruce Abbott King of Prussia and…and…really, where the hell did they get that name?
  • Bob Meier Prussia was the German empire prior to the nazi takeover.  The southeast part of PA had a large influx of German immigrants from the 1700s to the mid 1800s. They named the town after King Fredrick of Prussia.
  • Bruce Abbott Funny that it stuck and didn’t become something else over the years.
  • Jennifer D. Wade Kingston and Kingston
  • Nicole Karr Berwick and Berwyn
  • Thomas Hovey Bryan Mawr and Mar Lin
  • Marisa Grier Stroudsburg and east Stroudsburg
  • Marisa Grier Catasaqua & Catawissa
  • Dan Turansky Tamaqua Towanda
  • Dan Turansky Slateford Staledale Slatington
  • Jennifer D. Wade Mocanaqua and Tamaqua
  • Jeffrey Johnson Mauch Chunk and Equinunk
  • Daniel Carey Nothin’ sounds like Wilkes-Barre. Or is it Wilkes-Bar, Wilkes-Barry, or Wilkes-Barra?
  • Michelle Ann I hate Wilkes-Bahr. That is like nails on a chahlk boahrd.
  • Bob Meier Not exactly the same, but some people would find it confusing that warrior run school district has nothing to do with and is no where near warrior run pa
  • Michelle Ann I was thinking about that earlier.
  • Brian Ptashinski Meshoppen and Conshohocken
  • Bob Meier Browntown (between Wysox & Wyalusing ) & Browntown ( the south end of the pittston bypass )


Keep it weird AND confusing, Pennsylvania. That’ll confuse ’em!

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Seroquil Soliloquoy

By M Davies   /     Jul 03, 2018  /     Into the Void, Misc/Crap  /     3 Comments

10 days of being voluntarily committed, a polarizing blog post by Michelle Davies, written on 6/29/18.




After 10 days of nonstop advocating for myself as well as my life and affairs — I learned to start paying it forward.

I mean, I really always did that, but it was radiated and magnified because of my elevated mood. And before you start getting thoughts in your head – no drugs were involved. Just caffeine and cigarettes, which now seem to be my only 2 remaining vices. Also, a GNC woman’s multi-vitamin (if that counts).

Sometimes all it takes is a little love, some guts, dreaming and creativity to put the important things back into focus.

Here are my takeaways:

  • I’m happy for the first time in EVER and I’m actually learning to smile and joke and love myself again. I remember who I am, who I always was. I missed me.
  • I woke up with the sun.
  • I stayed up late (NOT IN THE SAME DAY, PIPE THE FUCK DOWN)
  • I didn’t ask for permission.
  • I was polite.
  • I had manners (albeit a filthy mouth and mind).
  • I realized I raised terrific, well-adjusted children to which I am proud of. Each in their own unique way.
  • I cleaned, cooked, bathed, watched tv, shopped and cared for 2 children and a needy cat alone.
  • I protected them and love them alone.
  • I learned (which I always knew) that it’s sometimes helpful to rely on the help of others.
  • Talk therapy does help, even if its with your best friend or your favorite notebook and writing utensil.

All any of these took was nearly dying to realize I was never really living. I’m only 37. This is time for a new beginning. I am no longer afraid. I found my joy.

I thank my angels for watching over me: Christy Elston, George Gumpert, Jeff Lamana, Both of my Grandparents, My Aunt Sue, Frank Murgalis, Felicia Thomas, Jennifer Barzilowski and lastly, Justin Hossage.

I close this chapter on the last 14 years of my life, and look forward to the next 14 and beyond. It’s a great day to be ALIVE.

Also, this is NOT a suicide note, so just pipe the fuck down. I still carry George’s PV ID card around in my wallet as a constant reminder of what suicide does to families. Here’s the proof:


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Mr. Belvedere

By M Davies   /     Jul 02, 2018  /     Pittsburgh, TV Rants  /     0 Comment

One of my newest obsessions (or at least for now) is DVRing and watching Mr. Belvedere. I feel like I’m reliving a part of my childhood all over again. I remember watching it with my Mom way back when the show aired on ABC from 1985-1990. AntennaTV picked up the repeats with a programming change in 2015. Believe it or not, you can also view the show on Amazon Prime and find the full series on Youtube!

I never realized at the time at the age of 5 or 6, but the series supposedly took place in Pittsburgh! There are several references to Pennsylvania in the series and it cracks me up.


In episode six of season one, George and Marsha on a team banquet/business trip while Mr. Belvedere baby-sits the kids. The kids act like brats while George & Marsha have a crappy time on this trip. They were trapped in a hotel due to the fact a major hurricane is hitting Florida. That’s when it happens….George remembers a good time he had at a dumpy hotel in HARRISBURG. After rewatching this episode, I nearly did a spit take. For those of you who never watch the show, George (the Dad) was a sports reporter. He started out at a newspaper in Pittsburgh and then ended up at a TV station. Of course the paper and TV station mentioned on the show are fictional. In my mind, they are the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and KDKA, but I digress. Anyway, Marsha realizes the story he’s telling her (which included a woman) wasn’t about her. Aka, he was remembering it incorrectly and was with another woman. Marsha was none too pleased, but I was. Harrisburg IS dumpy. Or it was, at least was the last time I went there for work in 2011. The person who was my guide for the work trip treated me to lunch. She told me that she always carried cigarettes with her even though she never smoked. When I asked why, she told me it was because she gave them to the city’s homeless people…so they’d watch out for her…so she wouldn’t get robbed or shived.


Yikes. Again, I digress.


Meanwhile, back at the Owen’s ranch, Heather is trying to sneak out because it’s the only time Prince would be in Pittsburgh. Wesley called a “massage specialist” to help Mr. Belvedere’s stress headache and Kevin called all of the girls in his little (*ahem* BIG) black book and I need an advil to comprehend all of what just happened, but really, at any given day or time during the week, I swear this type of shit goes on in my own life. RAISING KIDS IS OVERWHELMING.


A few episodes later, in season 2, episode 3; Heather is pouting because she can’t go on a skiing trip to the Poconos.A few episodes after that she name drops Hershey Park. Then she sulked when she couldn’t go on a European trip when her father’s company was on strike (hence why I figured it was Post Gazette/KDKA (both union shops). I want to slap that rich bitch in the face and tell her that the Poconos are overrated and Hershey Park is overpriced. Go to Ricketts Glen hiking and Knoebels for amusement. You’ll have a better time, you little shit.


To be fair, Wesley isn’t much better. He’s essentially a six year old con-artist. He only gets away with his shit (save for Mr. Belvedere) because his parents are too busy ripping their hair out with Kevin “the player” and Heather “the rich bitch.” He can take advantage AND HE WILL. BECAUSE HE’S THE BABY AND CAN. Based on my evaluation, Kevin may be the only kid that has a chance at having a normal adulthood of the 3. While I know the actor who plays Mr. Belvedere has passed away, I’d love to see a reunion special. Maybe it ends up being that the kids are in an Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode for some next level twisted cross over shit.


I’m going to keep an eye and ear on upcoming episodes to see if there are any further references to Northeast PA (meaning Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area, NOT ERIE).


That awkward moment when you’ve written a 3 page essay on a cheesy 80’s sitcom. What is my life?


SIGH. I’ll try harder to let you down next time, folks.

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