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An Elected Official….wait what?

By M Davies   /     Aug 03, 2018  /     Community Service, NEPA, Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

Back in May, my friend Joe and his wife Katrina asked if I would volunteer some time at the Jackson Township polling place on May Primary day. It is a paid spot and I needed the cash at the time. It was interesting to see the voting process from the other side of the table (behind the scenes). While I can’t reveal too many secrets, I can assure that our polling location did everything by the books. In August, I am to take an official poll book/machine training class. The letter I received tells me I’m an official Luzerne County Official.

Can you believe it? That and 50 cents will by uy a snack sized bag of Middlewarth at your local Pigeon Plateau (Turkey Hill). My official title is “Election Inspector.” I’m not sure if its primary or majority yet. I’ll find out more information when I go to the class. I have to double check that I can still hold that office from another counting because soon I’ll be moving to Lyco county. If all goes well, I’ll be changing counties on 8/20/18.

It’s very easy to volunteer for election polling if you are interested. Just check with the staff on the next election day in November! It’s easy work and you’re paid upwards of 100 dollars for your time.


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