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The Curmudgeon of Andy’s Road

By M Davies   /     Aug 01, 2018  /     Hobby-ish, NEPA  /     0 Comment

I don’t really live where I say I live (duh consider that the understatement of the year). My road actually has 2 names – It was renamed at some point due to 911 naming purposes. Some GPSs pick it up as one name and others pick it up as another. I think this is mainly due to some of my neighbors still using the old name vs. the new one. I don’t know if this can be attributed to lunacy or standoffishness (did I just invent a new word?). Nonetheless, I like it and consider it a mystery to solve. Thanks to a former neighbor I was able to solve a bunch of mysteries surrounding the history of where I live.

First I should point out that the name of my road for 911 purposes is Linden Lane. There are no Linden trees (best I can tell) on my road so the name doesn’t fit. The *real* name of my road is “Andy’s Road.” That’s how it comes up on all GPS’s and mapping software. Andy’s Road used to be called “Fire Road” because it was used to separate farms from when the farmers used to burn their fields for fertilization. Also, it was used as a demarc (telco term) for forest fires.

So now we get down to the nitty gritty, the dirty dozen. QUEMERO NUMERO UNO (HQ reference)


By process of elimination it isn’t any of the following:

Will the real Andy please stand up? Haha – he can’t…

According to Sean Jones, my former neighbor…

You said “I found Andy’s grave in Noxen. I wanted to blog about him someday, but I don’t know how to do it without sounding totally morbid.” It doesn’t have to sound morbid. His daughter – Rebecca Smith (she went by Reba) passed on about fourteen or sixteen years ago. There are a few remaining relatives in the area (that I am acquainted with): The oldest (her son) is named Daniel Smith (he goes by Danny) – Danny’s wife’s name is Cathy, if I remember correctly. They have two sons (Rodney and Todd Smith) There is another son of Reba’s named Randy Smith. I believe they all live in Noxen. I do not talk with any of them. They all could be scattered by now. The reason I brought up Reba’s name : As you would drive to your house, after turning left on Mooretown Rd, the first road on the right is called Sunny Acres Rd. The house on the right used to be a small dance hall. It was later turned into a small “old folks” home. There were three elderly ladies that lived there, along with Reba, her husband Nolan (he went by Nolie), Danny, Cathy, Rodney and Todd. Randy lived on the other side of the road, directly across from the white house. The white house is (I believe) Andy’s original residence. There is a rich history of that area that is long forgotten. Many of the people who were “in the know” have passed on. I am glad I paid attention to things as much as I did when I grew up there. Danny Smith would know more than I do. Hope this gives you some inspiration to dig deeper. (if you feel inclined to do so) lol


Andy Mihalishin owned the plot of land between Andy’s owned the plot of land between “Andy’s/Fire/Linden” and out towards 29/Sunny Acres Road. Before he passed, he subdivided his farm into 1ish acre plots of land. Hence the name.

Unfortunately this information wasn’t included in the Curmudgeon of Sweet Valley’s research, but I’d like to add it on as an addendum. Unfortunately, since HE passed on, the page was deleted, luckily I was able to find a copy of it on the Wayback Machine here. Since the curmudgeon passed away I now consider myself the new Curmudgeon of Sweet Valley and Andy’s Road. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still Nescopeck Pasian, but I’m also very much anal retentive about my Sweet Valley constituents.

That’s right.

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