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Margaret Nash Update

By M Davies   /     Aug 15, 2018  /     Community Service, Hobby-ish, NEPA  /     0 Comment

Well its been settled, we (meaning Luzerne County) did not receive the nomination for Margaret Nash’s state historical marker in favor of Ham Fisher. Ham was the creator of the Joe Palooka comic strip of yesteryear. Do I think this is fair? No.

Here’s why…

Joe Palooka already has a marker. In theory, so does Margaret. Yet the reason I was given was…

“She is already recognized on a local monument.” Her story is not unique? Excuse me? Joe Palooka already has a marker as well and he received a state nod. This seems a little unfair if you ask me. The “If we did this for one person, we have to do this for everyone” seems a bit juvenile especially when you are talking about war heroes vs. comic book strips. Maybe it’s just me.

So where do we go from here? Good question. I mailed my my 53ish page nomination document to Sue Henry in hope of getting some local backing for the next go round (noms are due by December 1st). I also changed parties to back her and for other reasons. Let’s get this party started because I’m a known troublemaker.

More to come on this as I figure out ideas to make this happen. This next submission will bit a beefier if I can help it at all.

Thanks to all who messaged me for looking for more information. I’ll be in touch with more information shortly.

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Fill the Phil

By M Davies   /     Aug 05, 2018  /     Bucket List, Events, Misc/Crap, NEPA, Pittsburgh  /     0 Comment

Did you ever know that the movie “Groundhog Day” was written by someone who worked at the phone company?

Now you do.

In America people are vaguely aware of a holiday called “Groundhog Day”, and that somewhere there is a large rodent whose emergence from his burrow tells spectators whether or not spring is going to come early. But because of a writing job I had done years before for a Pennsylvania phone company I was one of the few people outside of that state who knew that the groundhog festival took place in a small town called Punxsutawney.

I enjoy some good Pennsylvania lore from time to time. Since I too had worked and written some things for a Pennsylvania phone company myself, this seemed like the perfect road trip to take. This is the story of my journey to Punxsutawney to meet the infamous weather predicting rodent named Phil.

I set my alarm for for 3am on 2/2/18. It snowed over night so there was a fresh coating that melted and then refroze. The roads were an ice skating rink. It took an hour to get to the Punxsutawney Walmart (where everyone was parking to get the bus). Thank god for my car’s GPS who helped navigate me to LITERALLY the middle of nowhere in Jefferson county. I’ll never complain about Sweet Valley again.

I had to get a ticket to the “Knob Bus.” to be taken up to Gobbler’s Knob. I am giggling like a school girl over the use of the word “knob.

Off topic, but there must be something about the name Phil. Phil Kessel is my favorite Pens team hockey player. We go together like hotdogs and prognostication. #FillThePhil #PhilTheThrill

Anyway, one of the quotes from the movie is “I’m not going back to Pittsburgh.” Its what Phil said in the movie “Groundhog Day” as a blizzard rolled across Punxsutawney. I found myself saying the same thing to myself after the main event was over because I had a Leadership Wilkes-Barre party to attend. The movie has many parallels to my life including how the producer used to work at the telephone company. He wrote Phil as a weather anchor (something I always wanted to do) in a blizzard which is some of my favorite types of weather. I like being snowed in.

Here’s a Snapchat round up of the event:

Phil Connors: You want a prediction about the weather? You’re asking the wrong Phil. I’m going to give you a prediction about this winter? It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be dark and it’s going to last you for the rest of your lives!

It was FREEZING that day, I had on 5 layers of clothes and a blanket and still froze my ass off. It was like visiting Sunday night football in November, but a hundred thousand times worse because I had to pee. The buses were over crowded and so I sought a ride back to the Walmart with a police officer to visit the porcelain throne. All in all it was a good experience and it was on my bucket list, so I can’t complain, but I still do. Would I go back? Maybe….if its warmer.

Back to the movie, 2/3 comes about a year too late for Bill Murray’s patience as well as my own. I am not sure how long this everyday of loathing my life because of my ex will take place. It still feels weird saying that, btw. It still doesn’t feel real. Pinch me, Phil!

Also, I have watched the movie a million times and have never picked up on the fact that Phil actually becomes the groundhog. How did I miss something so obvious? He has to get in Rita’s good graces to get to stop reliving the same day. The only way he can do that is to do his job well and be kind to others. It’s a lot like the lore of the princess kissing a frog.

In other words see below:

Something is different after Phil lived a perfect day. I’m still waiting for my perfect day. It’s getting closer, but we’re not quite there yet. Without further ado, I’ll link the rest of my photos from the day.

To close this blog post up, I’ll just leave one last quote from Groundhog day:

Phil Connors: Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.
Exactly…….live like you mean it!
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By M Davies   /     Aug 04, 2018  /     30 days of truth, Into the Void, NEPA, Pittsburgh  /     4 Comments

“I’m not quitting, but I’m trying to start,” was what I said to the cashier when I bought my first ever pack of cigarettes from the Pump and Pantry in Sweet Valley. It was at that point, at 37 years old, that I was carded for cigarettes. Although I was about 25 when I was carded for a lottery ticket…I guess things could be worse.

“How old do I look to you people?” This isn’t a question people normally ask other people, and because of the implication, you either look too old or not enough. No one ever guesses correctly, at least for me anyway. And of course, the guilt and embarrassment that goes along with guessing incorrectly…you either look like an elderly person or a child.

Like I said earlier, I am 37 and I still get carded from anything from lottery tickets to booze. I’m not sure if I should be offended or flattered. Maybe both? I guess everything happens for a reason and say a little prayer for me.

As previously mentioned, I’m going through a very messy divorce right now and smoking is one of the dirtiest of habits that I picked up due to it. I’m mostly weaned off of the cigarettes now, but I take a drag once in a while if the gravity of the situation becomes too much. I am not addicted to them, I can start and stop as I please.

After 3 surgeries and 2 involuntary hospitalizations, I realized that life is too short for leading a boring life. Does this mean I’m going to try things and fail? Yes, but none of them will be illegal substances. Everything I am taking is hospital prescribed. Everyone CAN PIPE THE FUCK DOWN who doesn’t believe me.

Take it from the source:

That being said, here are my bucket list items that I want to accomplish (most of which are in PA):

  • Skydiving (Tunkhannock)
  • Gravity Hill (Bedford Cty)
  • Grafiti Road (Centralia)
  • Concrete City (Nanticoke)
  • Marie Antionette Overlook (near Towanda)
  • Polar Bear Challenge (anywhere)
  • Wellsboro Diner
  • Unicorn Hair
  • Redrose Diner (if its open again)
  • Gettysburgh
  • Love Statue (in Philthy)
  • Office Mural (Scranton)
  • Kitchen Creek – I lived 5 seconds away from Ricketts for 10 years, never once went!
  • Erie and “Northeast” PA
  • Kennywood
  • Pens Game
  • Dutch Wonderland
  • South Street in Philly
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • The Pagoda in Reading
  • Nicolson Bridge
  • Mattress Factory
  • The Priory
  • Vegas Shotgun wedding while dressed up as a furry.

This is just a beginning, but as you can see I’m pretty nerdy for not expanding on my list. I’m a Pennsylvania girl through and through. I’ve been to other states, but I still like mine most of all.

Anyway, have a happy weekend. Stay off the cancer sticks. I know I will.

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An Elected Official….wait what?

By M Davies   /     Aug 03, 2018  /     Community Service, NEPA, Uncategorized  /     0 Comment

Back in May, my friend Joe and his wife Katrina asked if I would volunteer some time at the Jackson Township polling place on May Primary day. It is a paid spot and I needed the cash at the time. It was interesting to see the voting process from the other side of the table (behind the scenes). While I can’t reveal too many secrets, I can assure that our polling location did everything by the books. In August, I am to take an official poll book/machine training class. The letter I received tells me I’m an official Luzerne County Official.

Can you believe it? That and 50 cents will by uy a snack sized bag of Middlewarth at your local Pigeon Plateau (Turkey Hill). My official title is “Election Inspector.” I’m not sure if its primary or majority yet. I’ll find out more information when I go to the class. I have to double check that I can still hold that office from another counting because soon I’ll be moving to Lyco county. If all goes well, I’ll be changing counties on 8/20/18.

It’s very easy to volunteer for election polling if you are interested. Just check with the staff on the next election day in November! It’s easy work and you’re paid upwards of 100 dollars for your time.


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Owen, Prince Wednesday

By M Davies   /     Aug 02, 2018  /     30 days of truth, Medical Issues, Mommyhood, The WTF File  /     0 Comment

Yesterday was my son’s 12th birthday. I get confused sometimes about his age because if you’re a frequent blog reader, you’d know my kids are 20 months (TO THE DAY) apart. This the part of the year when Gabby and Owen are only one year apart in theory. The reason I wanted to talk about Owen today was because he almost didn’t exist.

That’s right folks, when my lovely ex-husband (damn it feels good to say that) and I discussed my pregnancy his first suggestion was the “A” word. I am pro-choice through and through and would never consider the “A” word as an option. I/him made the baby together, its an “us,” and there’s no way in hell I was letting any piece of me die inside of me. I guess you could consider me selfish.

With all of the other financial issues his birth would complicate, I stuck by my baby boy. I followed the doctors and nurses orders to a T. I was there for every appointment up until and including the 2006 Ivan flood scare.

After Owen was born and taken home, I learned that my MIL (“the General” or so she thinks) was upset that I didn’t immediately allow her to hold him the hospital. What people don’t understand is how sick I was after the birth. I had to have 3 blood transfusions. The room was spinning and I felt like ralphing my guts up. Every time a new visitor stopped by, they automatically picked up the baby without asking. I don’t understand why his mother thinks she needed an invite, pick up the kid, FFS. What are we, 5 years old playing “Mother May I?” She further got pissed that we didn’t automatically invite her over to gush over Owen. Um hi, my insides were just ripped open two days ago? Remember? Since we lived in a split level home, bathroom trips were either upstairs or downstairs (pick your poison) both equally painful to climb. And then you have this bitch who wants to come over for show and tell when we still have a messy house, Gabby the precarious toddler, and a lawn that needs cut.

Ummmm no.

I call the shots from now on, Grandma.

We setup a date and time when she and everyone else from Rich’s family could visit which would be least invasive.

Here’s what he looked like as a gummy fish swimming in my womb.

Here’s what he looks like today.

Every time I look at this face, I am reminded of what might have been if I had listened to my dumbass ex-husband’s words of encouragement.

“Get an abortion”

I’d be sitting here an empty shell of a human. Although, I feel like it anyway because I missed his awards ceremony as well as his birthday due to King Dickhead.

I chose life and will continue to do so every time.

Thank heaven for little boys.

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The Curmudgeon of Andy’s Road

By M Davies   /     Aug 01, 2018  /     Hobby-ish, NEPA  /     0 Comment

I don’t really live where I say I live (duh consider that the understatement of the year). My road actually has 2 names – It was renamed at some point due to 911 naming purposes. Some GPSs pick it up as one name and others pick it up as another. I think this is mainly due to some of my neighbors still using the old name vs. the new one. I don’t know if this can be attributed to lunacy or standoffishness (did I just invent a new word?). Nonetheless, I like it and consider it a mystery to solve. Thanks to a former neighbor I was able to solve a bunch of mysteries surrounding the history of where I live.

First I should point out that the name of my road for 911 purposes is Linden Lane. There are no Linden trees (best I can tell) on my road so the name doesn’t fit. The *real* name of my road is “Andy’s Road.” That’s how it comes up on all GPS’s and mapping software. Andy’s Road used to be called “Fire Road” because it was used to separate farms from when the farmers used to burn their fields for fertilization. Also, it was used as a demarc (telco term) for forest fires.

So now we get down to the nitty gritty, the dirty dozen. QUEMERO NUMERO UNO (HQ reference)


By process of elimination it isn’t any of the following:

Will the real Andy please stand up? Haha – he can’t…

According to Sean Jones, my former neighbor…

You said “I found Andy’s grave in Noxen. I wanted to blog about him someday, but I don’t know how to do it without sounding totally morbid.” It doesn’t have to sound morbid. His daughter – Rebecca Smith (she went by Reba) passed on about fourteen or sixteen years ago. There are a few remaining relatives in the area (that I am acquainted with): The oldest (her son) is named Daniel Smith (he goes by Danny) – Danny’s wife’s name is Cathy, if I remember correctly. They have two sons (Rodney and Todd Smith) There is another son of Reba’s named Randy Smith. I believe they all live in Noxen. I do not talk with any of them. They all could be scattered by now. The reason I brought up Reba’s name : As you would drive to your house, after turning left on Mooretown Rd, the first road on the right is called Sunny Acres Rd. The house on the right used to be a small dance hall. It was later turned into a small “old folks” home. There were three elderly ladies that lived there, along with Reba, her husband Nolan (he went by Nolie), Danny, Cathy, Rodney and Todd. Randy lived on the other side of the road, directly across from the white house. The white house is (I believe) Andy’s original residence. There is a rich history of that area that is long forgotten. Many of the people who were “in the know” have passed on. I am glad I paid attention to things as much as I did when I grew up there. Danny Smith would know more than I do. Hope this gives you some inspiration to dig deeper. (if you feel inclined to do so) lol


Andy Mihalishin owned the plot of land between Andy’s owned the plot of land between “Andy’s/Fire/Linden” and out towards 29/Sunny Acres Road. Before he passed, he subdivided his farm into 1ish acre plots of land. Hence the name.

Unfortunately this information wasn’t included in the Curmudgeon of Sweet Valley’s research, but I’d like to add it on as an addendum. Unfortunately, since HE passed on, the page was deleted, luckily I was able to find a copy of it on the Wayback Machine here. Since the curmudgeon passed away I now consider myself the new Curmudgeon of Sweet Valley and Andy’s Road. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still Nescopeck Pasian, but I’m also very much anal retentive about my Sweet Valley constituents.

That’s right.

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