12 Months in Pittsburgh

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12 Months in Pittsburgh

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I’ve spent the majority of the last 12 months of my life in Pittsburgh working for NEP Broadcasting and also WQED Multimedia (the Mister Rogers TV station). I have recently accepted a job with AccuWeather which is a meteorology company located in State College (home of the Nittany Lions). I guess you could say I know this state cover to cover from Pittsburgh to Philthadelphia like the back of me hand.

12 months in Pittsburgh was enlightening and fun. I learned a lot. I also learned to miss home. That being said, here are some of the WACKY ZANY adventures of the life of Michelle soon-to-be no longer Davies over the last twelve months (a photo blog). These are in no particular order, just how I remember them.

  1. I worked for NEP Group. In case you didn’t know, NEP Broadcasting was founded by Tom Shelburne in 1984 and was part of Scranton’s own television station WNEP-TV (which I used to work for). It was spun off after The New York Times Company bought the station in 1986 from Shelburne. The company took off after it acquired the failing New Kensington, Pennsylvania-based TCS after the companies jointly produced the 1987 Pan American Games in Indianapolis, Indiana.

  2. I worked for WQED Multimedia. I worked and met with the likes of Rick Sebak, Minette Seate, and Chris Fenimore. As a broadcast engineer, I maintained and assisted in repairing transmitters, satellite receivers, cameras, switchers, graphic systems, audio equipment, videotape systems, routers, intercoms, monitors and other transmission, distribution and production equipment associated with a broadcast television and radio station. WQED is the home of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Michael Keaton, aka “Batman” worked behind the scenes on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. I worked with 3 of the Flying Zookeni Brothers. I got to mic up David Newell aka “Mr. McFeeley” in a recent pledge break. I set the audio for the Mister Rogers’ Stamp unveiling in tandem with the USPS folks. Additionally, I was inducted as a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 820. I served as an audio sound mixer / engineer on the following productions: WQED Cooks, THINK!, iQsmartparent, “Hope After Heroin: The Epidemic in our Backyard,” and “Reflections on Vietnam,” as well as various live pledge breaks. I may even win an Emmy next go ’round.

  3. I had interviews at the following places (no photos for this post): NBC (as in the one located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza) twice, WPXI (the Pburgh NBC affiliate) twice, QVC (the home shopping network), AccuWeather, WROC (a deathstar CBS affiliate station in Rochester, NY), WOOD-TV (a deathstar NBC affiliate station in Grand Rapids, MI).
  4. I got to see my most favorite blog to read on Sundays LIVE. No, not Andy Palumbo….POSTSECRET. And I was FRONT ROW. It was such an amazingly positive experience, and I’d recommend highly that everyone and anyone go see the show if they are presented with the opportunity.

  5. I went to an honest to god Stillers game. I froze my goddamn ass off, but it was worth EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY CENT.

  6. I also went to a Pirates game. Far less impressive, but still a fun afternoon out. We went on Labor Day and witnessed Joe Maddon’s Cubbies get their ass handed to them. 0-12.

  7. Got to see Regina Spektor at the Palace Theater in Greensburg. Her voice is just as amazing and powerful in person as it is on any recording. Highly recommended concert if you can score tickets. She makes you feel feelings you didn’t even know you had.

  8. I saw the lovely view from the Dusquesne Incline.

  9. I got to see the Pittsburgh Dad in the flesh as he unveiled a short film. I hope it leads to bigger and better things for him.
  10. The Andrew Warhola museum. Need I say more?

    How true. #andywarhol #heart #art #andywarholmuseum #yinz #yinzers

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There are still several things I want to accomplish before I leave the burgh for my next adventure. I don’t want to call it a goodbye as much as a so long. I will always want to revisit this city. Here’s my Pittsburgh “to-do” bucket list:

I’m sure if I sit and think about it more, I can probably name about a million and a half other places, but this is a good start.

I’m really going to miss the city of bridges. <3

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