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Rigby on the Swarm

By M Davies   /     Jan 26, 2015  /     Family  /  

It’s been over a year since my dog Trumpy and the neighbor’s horse was put down and I’m still not right about it.  I’m not sure that losing a pet is something you ever completely get over.


I really don’t know how this conversation started, but my husband started looking into new pets over the late summer…mainly cats.  We talked about Bengal cats before in passing, mainly because my friend/pen pal Jacqui has two rescue Bengals.  I talked about the funny antics they get into and their intelligence level (a.k.a. basically Gabby in feline form).  I guess at some point, this sold my husband and he began researching them and looking into breeders.  Really, I’m not sure how this whole process got started.  I just know, one day we had no pets in the house (besides a guppy fish tank) and the next we had put down a payment at a breeder for a cat.


My daughter always wanted a cat.  I secretly always wanted a cat too, however, I am HIGHLY allergic to cats to the point that my throat closes when I’m around them.  For this reason, cats were never a pet I seriously considered.  I don’t want to die, thankyouverymuch.  I was also extremely worried about my son who has been plagued with breathing and skin issues since he was 6 months old.


Well first of all, and this is all based completely on my Internet research*, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat.  They all have saliva and they all have dander.  Dander and saliva are the two biggest things that humans can develop an allergy to.  And no, I’m not sitting here and spending 8 bazillionty hours researching why.  You have Google.  Use it.  I’m not a cat scientist or veterinarian.  At any rate, after spending several weeks with this cat, we haven’t had any MAJOR medical reactions to him.**


At his first vet appointment, the front office spelled our cat’s name as “Rugby”.  STOP THE PRESSES.  He’s a Davies!  The cat’s name is actually “Rigby” based on the Regular Show character, but based on the track record of misspellings with our names, this makes him fit right in.



(Rigby, Regular Show)


Many people spell my name with one L.  Wrong.  It’s always been two.  Many people call Gabrielle “GABRIEL” or “Gabriella”.  Also wrong.  All of us have been called “DAVIS” at one point or another.  Again.  Wrong.  It’s Davies.  There’s an E in there, please don’t ignore it.


Alright, I’ll shut up and show you the thing the Internet was truly invented for….CAT PICTURES.***





(Five seconds before I snapped this photo he was dive bombing my slipper)




(He’s on the hunt for my foot, however, I’m a terrible cat mom…I gave him a plastic bag to play with)




(The damn thing only likes sleeping on my desk)


You can find more obnoxious cat photos and videos on my Instagram, Youtube and Flickr.  See you there!  If you want to learn more about Bengal cats and their bratty behavior, check out Bengals Illustrated.



*Alert:  Take this with a grain of salt.

**I’ve broken out in hives and have swollen up after he’s scratched me.

***With apologies to Al Gore and Mike Burnside.



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  1. Stephen Albert Says: January 26, 2015 11:03 pm

    Nice posting Michelle!

    I loved your comments about allergic to cats, although I (obviously) don’t love how the allergy must make you feel.

    True story: In November of 2010 I was living on my own and going through a very difficult patch in my life, so my oldest daughter decided that it would help me greatly if I got a cat. Now I had grown up with cats (we had one as a kid that had the name “Fat Albert”…yes, technically his first name was “Fat”…but so I digress), and in fact I really like them (cats, that is). Recognizing the need for someone to come home to in my little hovel, a cat was acquired from a friend of my daugthers. Naming discussions were held, and in the end JeanLuc was picked for the plucky little guy, winning out over “Spock” (my daughter’s preference) and “Bill” (what I really wanted…get it, “Bill the Cat”?).

    Fast forward several months into 2011 and one morning I woke up with a bad cough and trouble breathing. It got kind of serious, so I called my future wife to take me to hospital. Many IVs and steroids later and it was determined that I had asthma (at age 47) and that was MASSIVELY allergic to cats. The amount of nasty cat allergy stuff in my bloodstream is something like a hundred times greater than it should be.

    I still have JeanLuc. And I am taking asthma medication. And I now have another cat. And at every check-up my doctor asks the same question: “Do you still have that cat?”, to which I answer “Absolutely! The cat stays!”.

    The moral of the story? For me, the allergy/asthma stuff is a pain, but it is wildly outweighed by the joy that JeanLuc brings to me. Having him back then helped me out tremendously, and I’ve learned a few tricks to keep the allergic reactions to a minimum, most especially by almost constantly washing my hands whenever I am around the cats.

    Wow…this was long…sorry about that. Anyway, enjoy Rigby, and I hope he brings as much joy to you as my little Spudster (aka JeanLuc) has brought to me.

    – Steve

  2. M Davies Says: January 26, 2015 11:24 pm

    Trumpy was a mean old man (with apologies to mean old men everywhere). He was up there in age by the time that Owen and Gabby got around to really wanting to play with him. At that point in his life, he didn’t want to be bothered and snapped at Owen. Owen has been deathly afraid of all types animals since then. Hell, Trumpy even snapped at me a few times. After bringing the cat home, Owen was terrified of him. As the weeks passed, he ended up warming up to him and seems to be over his fear. He’s like a big brother to Rigby now. I definitely think having the cat is a positive thing. I just wish I wasn’t having these allergic reactions. Living in a benedryl coma kind of sucks.

  3. SuheiryFeli Says: January 27, 2015 6:11 pm

    You are too funny! So how are you managing to keep the allergies away? I can’t even be in the same house as a cat. I once had a reaction so bad, I couldn’t see. My eyes were so swollen and my vision was blurry. It was actually kind of scary.

  4. M Davies Says: January 28, 2015 7:13 am

    A buttload of claritin and benedryl. The benedryl usually puts me in a coma though. I’m broken out right now on my neck because I played with him for five seconds and he climbed me like a tree.

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