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It’s Oh So Quiet

By M Davies   /     Jan 03, 2015  /     The WTF File  /     0 Comment

I’ve been on a vacation from work since 12/31 which continues until 1/6.  I didn’t get much time off over the last few months because I was rationing and was out of time.  It’s my own fault, and I fully take the blame.  Shit happens, and etc.


While I was mid-REM cycle on 1/1, social media bombarded me with questions about what caused the loud noise in the Wyoming Valley.  Huh?  What loud noise?  I was out cold.


Apparently, around 2pm EST on 1/1, there was some loud noise that rocked the Wyoming Valley.  Like I said, I wasn’t awake.  I didn’t hear it and did not see anything.  I was just thankful to have the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep.  My husband said he heard a loud bang and went outside to investigate.  The below is a contrail photographed from our backyard (which made it to the 4pm news on WNEP).  Whether or not the contrail is related to the noise remains to be proven.




I am by no means an expert.  My most logical guesses for the source of the boom would be:  gas company related, sonic-boom, fireworks, or mass hallucination.  Again, I’m thankful for being asleep for this.  Of course, the conspiracy theorists are already having their field days.  To each, his own.  See Harold’s post here for more details.


I will leave you with this article from The Sunday Independent.  I don’t remember what year that it appeared because like an idiot, I forgot to write down the dates when researching, but APPARENTLY, my Great-Grandfather and Great-Uncles witnessed a UFO from their porch many years ago as well as several others in the Wyoming Valley.  COINCIDENCE?  I THINK NOT.  #IWANTTOBELIEVE




Bless my relatives.  I love them, but they didn’t know any better back then.  There was no Google or Facebook conspiracy theorists.  And for that, I wish I could hug them from beyond the grave.  More than likely, it was probably a meteor shower or something of that nature.  Calm down everyone.  There’s a logical explanation for this “flying saucer” sighting and the big boom I’m sure.


PS – Did this post sound bitchy?  I honestly didn’t mean it to be.  I’m a sarcastic ass.  It’s my nature.  Sorry.  Here’s an awesome Bjork music video to help you through it.

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