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“Writing for Him”

By M Davies   /     Dec 24, 2014  /     Into the Void  /     5 Comments

I’m just going to make this as vague as possible.  You should never.  Ever.  EVER.  Write for “him”.  You should always write for you.


I’ve tried to do that so many times, and have failed.  Miserably.  This him may or may not know who he is.  Or maybe there are more than one “him”.  Either way.  I tried.  And failed.


Another post coming soon….

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Will Ferrell

By M Davies   /     Dec 22, 2014  /     Mommyhood, TV Rants  /     11 Comments

In tonight’s awkward parenting moment, my son asked me if I ever met Will Ferrell at my current job.  I have to assume it’s because he and Gabby watched “Elf” for the first time over the weekend.  I caught bits and pieces of it in my various levels of lucidity with my early AM weekend work shift.  It is a cute movie, but for the most part, Will Ferrell’s humor is ehhhh at best for me.  There were some good moments and some awful moments I’ve seen out of him.  Personally, my favorite Will Ferrell moment was when he impersonated Harry Caray on SNL.


I had a friend going through a rough patch and was in rehab at the time these skits were on SNL.  It was one of the few things that kept him going and laughing.  To this day, we still joke about it.  “If you were a hot dog and starving…would you eat yourself?”  Hilarious.  I won’t name who it is, but if you are on my Facebook, I just posted one of these videos to the person’s wall.


But anyway.  No kid, I never met Will Ferrell at my job.  Sorry to disappoint.  This is Northeast Pennsylvania, not 30 rock.


The closest I’ve ever come to “meeting” Will Ferrell was when I was in the same room with him at the Ed Sullivan theater in NYC.  I was in the audience for a taping of “The Late Show with David Letterman”.  Twice.  Once was right after I graduated High School.  Once was right after I started @ epix Internet Services.  The only proof I have of this are some pics I took outside of the theater (no flash photography is allowed inside, probably some union rule) and a t-shirt that I bought at the CBS Store down the street.  The store which was located at the corner of Broadway (53rd) and 7th now appears to be closed.  Boooo, CBS.  🙁


The first time I went to Letterman, I went with “Frog” (aka Mike, aka my prom date).  We got our photo taken with Rupert G from the Hello Deli.  The guests on the show that “night” (the show is taped at approximately 4pm EST…ahhhh the magic of TV) included the Piedmont Bird Callers and June Carter Cash.  June sang “Ring of Fire” with an autoharp.  I am blessed to have seen that as she died a few years ago.  Also, after watching “Ring of Fire” and “Walk the Line” and learning the story behind how her and Johnny Cash’s lives together came to be is incredible and should be a model of what true love really means.  The show aired on June 30, 1999.  I graduated from High School on June 6, 1999.  Season 6 / Episode 181 / Episode 1246


Here are some of the pictures I took that day:


The second time I went to Letterman wasn’t until the next year.  I started @ epix Internet Services on 4/3/2000.  I was stuck at a desk taking calls when suddenly one came in that I not only wanted to take, but NEEDED to take.  It was from the Late Show staffers.  They had tickets and I wanted them.  I knew that Ben Folds Five would be playing on an upcoming show due to my awesome newsgroup (DATING MYSELF HERE)  I made sure to get the ticket reservation for that day.  Little did I know Will Ferrell would be there as well.  After the show had ended, me and my boyfriend at the time, Rich (now my husband), rushed outside to catch a glimpse of Ben before he got back on his tour bus.  Everyone else crowded around Will Ferrell to get his autograph, but I wanted to see Ben.  Going back in time, I still don’t think I would have changed anything knowing how successful Will has become.  The date was July 19th, 2000 which also is the date of my parents wedding anniversary.  Season 7 / Episode 179 / Show 1441


Here are the few photos and mementos I have from that day:


Yeah, I sent the photo into the Weekender.  That was before the Weekender went to a pile of shit.  Sorry, I’m not sorry Mom and Dad about saying that, but that’s a blog post for another time.


So back to the story….no kid.  No, I didn’t meet Will Ferrell at my job.  But I was in the same room with him.  Once.  I could have met him and got his autograph.  Once.  But I didn’t, and even if I could go back and change things, I still wouldn’t.


I just watched the end of the Craig Ferguson show.  I never really got into the show, but when I did catch it – it was gold.


On May 20, 2015, Letterman will sign off for the last time.  I’m fortunate for these memories that he’s blessed me with.  I’ve always been a fan of his awkward humor as is my Grandfather.  I always wanted to take him to see the show.  I will try once again for tickets and see if I can make this happen.  At this point, with the show being so close to ending, it’s probably going to be damn near impossible.  But all you can do is try.


I think the greater story here is that my son and his generation will never truly appreciate Letterman because they will be too busy watching “Step Brothers”, “Blades of Glory”, or even worse “Zoolander”.  With respect to Will Ferrell, of course, those movies just aren’t my cup of tea.  To be honest, I’m lucky if any movie is my cup of tea.  I have the attention span of a fly.


So like, how do I even start to tell an 8 year old THIS story?  Ugh.  Maybe I’ll just hand him my blog card when he turns 18.


For good measure, I would be remiss without including one of my favorite Ben Folds songs (a duet).  My kids LOVE this song, BTW.  Whenever it comes on in the car, they stop their bickering and sing along to it.  And I’m supposed to believe that cutting back on music programs in schools is a good idea?  Nah.  Try again.



Wow, this is the first time I’ve ever watched the video for this…HAHA.  Excellent.

Anyway, until next time…thems all I got.

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My Cup Runneth Over

By M Davies   /     Dec 03, 2014  /     Into the Void  /     2 Comments

It’s been a while.  I’d rather not give any excuses as to where I’ve been, but I’ll just say this….BUSY.  I’ve been extremely busy.  Ridiculously busy.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  My apologies for abandoning this blog for a year and then months at a time.  I’m trying to get better about it.


So…where to start with this story….It’s probably going to sound like a rant or a ramble and won’t make much sense to the outsiders of my life, but here we go.  Bare with me.


A few months ago, my husband and I got into a discussion about the previous owners of our current house, mainly because 3 of our neighbors are all moving away for different situations.  The person who lived across the street from us was the brother-in-law of the woman who lived in our house.  He has since moved and the house has been sold and is occupied now.  Before he left we met with him and we thanked each other for being neighbors and looking out for each other.  He seemed genuinely upset that his time in Sweet Valley was coming to a close, but he’s moving closer to his son and he was happy about that.  I can empathize as I’ve been through 4 major moves in my life, although only locally.  Anyway, there’s the back story.


R. had brought up in passing that the daughter of the people who lived in our house had died in a horrible crash on 29.  I know that sounds morbid, but it actually was a discussion about why or why not I should spend money to get snow tires.  A few days later, he sent me a link to the news story about the girl, here it is (Courtesy TL Archives).  I get terrified driving in the snow and the ice, not only am I a girl driver (insert women driving jokes here), but people around here are nuts.  They are either riding your tail or speeding or driving too slow during the conditions.  I don’t think anyone can be an expert on winter driving, but there are some things you can do to keep yourself safer, however that’s another blog post for another time.  Also:  I’m from the Poconos.  I’ve seen my Mother drive after blizzards, ice storms and light snow.  It’s terrifying regardless of what you drive, who you drive with, or what kind of gear your vehicle has (unless you have a tank).  Winter is a necessary evil around here, I just want to be as safe and smart about it as I can.  If that makes me a basket case, so be it, I guess.


What’s interesting about Christy (the girl in the news story) is that we almost have parallel lives.  We live in the same house. We have the same love of the media (although different forms of it).  We both have families that love us dearly.  Communities that respect us.  It just goes to show that a senseless accident can happen to anyone and take a life away in the blink of the eye.  I guess what I’m learning here, is that life is too short to be unhappy.  I am tired of being a complainy pants all of the time.  I’m trying to do things that make me happy, one of which will be writing more.  Starting now.  My friend and NEPA BlogCon cohort Karla has given me a gratitude journal.  I started to write in it, but had to put it down over the holiday as things became too busy.  I will pick it up again and finish it and perhaps even turn it into a Tumblr.  I haven’t decided what I’m doing yet.  I’ll get there eventually.


Speaking of Tumblr….


I have this little project called “Sweet Valley Sunrises“.  It seems that people actually find it on Google and view it often which is interesting to me.  It was kind of just a spinoff blog that I was playing around with.  I kind of suck at photography, and just wanted to document some of the amazing sunrises that I see out here.  Why sunrises?  Because I’m up (to quote the Beastie Boys) at the breaka breaka dawn with my job.  If you haven’t visited that blog lately, I encourage and invite you to do so!  If that seems too overwhelming, watch my stupid crappy video.  Yep, in addition to being a bad photographer, I’m also a bad editor.  I’m multi-talented with badness.  I think?


Good Morning Baby from Michelle Davies on Vimeo.


Cheryl Elston, the sister of Christy happened to find my blog.  She recognized the garage and the shed and the deck of her childhood home and while there were painful memories in her past, she was so happy to get to see her home again.  I sent her a message on Facebook and expressed my sympathy for the loss her family experienced.  No parent should ever have to go through the loss of a child.  It seems too heartbreaking to imagine.  I received the following Facebook message back yesterday from Cheryl, and now I’m feeling all the feels.


Hi Michelle!! Funny enough, about 3 months ago I was trying to connect with other bloggers in NEPA just to see how others do it and i came across the blog page and your Sweet Valley Sunrise page. I thought… how cool i can see sunrises from my hometown! When i started to scroll down… i thought… boy, that looks familiar…. kept scrolling and my jaw fell open as i was looking at our shed and the neighbors house! What an amazing blessing to be able to see sunrises from my old back porch. Thank you!!! I have been meaning to reach out to say thanks and let you know I found it. Thanks for the candle for Christy. She would like that. She was also a total goober… so have a few glasses of wine and a laugh too. I am so happy to know that another family is enjoying my childhood abode and there are kids climbing the poles in the basement. Well, maybe they get in trouble for that like we did. Thanks again for the sunrises! We should chat sometime about blogging. Much love and a happy holiday to all of you! Cheryl


Of course, I would be amiss if I didn’t give a plug to Cheryl’s blog.  Please visit my sister from another mister, but we shared the same house:


And now my entire crazy life has gone full circle weird.  Again.  You’d think I’d be used to this kind of thing by now.


Anyway, thanks for listening.  If you’d like to learn more about the unabridged history of Sweet Valley, please visit Ron Hontz’s website HERE.

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