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99 Problems, A Solution Ain’t One

By M Davies   /     Feb 12, 2013  /     Annoyances  /     0 Comment

A wise VP that I used to work with at the Big Red telephone company had a motto: “There are no problems, only solutions.”  If you went to a meeting and brought up a problem, you were expected to think ahead to introduce some solutions to said problem.




I have 99 problems, and can’t think of one damned solution.  If my personal life was my career at Big Red, I would have been fired long ago.  Oh wait…


Anyway, I’ve been complainy and whiny lately and I think I know why.  Winter.  It’s crushing my soul this year.  It seems like every time that the snow from the previous storm finally melts, another batch is on its way right behind it.  It just snowed last Tuesday.  Then again on Friday.  Then it iced on Monday.  It’s supposed to snow on Wednesday night and possibly again this weekend.  The vicious cycle never ends.  It doesn’t help that the roads are not maintained well where I live either.  I haven’t driven my car to work in at least a week.  Maybe more.


Of course, that’s also because I was sick for a good 5 days.  I started feeling sick Saturday evening.  I felt it a little more on Sunday, and by Monday, I lost my voice and my throat was raw and on fire.  Tuesday, I had a fever of 104.5 and my body ached so badly that I felt like I was beaten with a tire iron.  I braved the nuisance snowfall mentioned above, and headed out to the after-hours clinic where I was diagnosed with the flu and potentially a UTI to boot.  Sorry, TMI.


I feel like I got the sickness from the previous Saturday’s mis-adventures.  A few weeks ago, I seen a commercial for a concert the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg was hosting — the Gin Blossoms.  I have always liked their music, but never enough to go out and buy CDs, posters t-shirts, or concert tickets.  In passing, I mentioned to my husband something like “I bet that would be a good concert to see.”  He took this as “I MUST BUY TICKETS TODAY.”  I wasn’t expecting this reaction, however, I was glad to finally be able to see a concert again.


The concert was 2 Saturdays ago.  I normally work early Saturday and Sunday mornings, so I had planned to work on Saturday morning, then go to home to take a nap.  After the nap, we’d drop off my kids at my mother-in-law’s house and head to Stroudsburg.  I took off on Sunday, so catching up on sleep wouldn’t be an issue if the concert let out late.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature (the evil bitch), had other plans in mind.  She decided to dump 1-3 inches of snow on NEPA.  The snow didn’t start until after we left Sweet Valley at 4-5pm.  Of course, by the time we got to the Turnpike the snow was coming down at a good clip and sticking to the roads.  By the time we got off of the Turnpike and got on I-80 East, there was at least an inch of slushy snow on the road and cars and tractor trailers alike were slowing down to a crawl.  We decided to get a hotel room in S-burg and stay the night since I had a vacation day the next morning at work.


The no-tell Motel – the Econo Lodge – was a dump heap.  It was run down, it looked like it hadn’t been renovated since the 1980s.  Of course, my husband never bothered to read the reviews.  He just looked for hotels that were close to the venue and picked one.  The concert and venue were nice and I had a good time, however toward the end of the evening I was getting cranky as I hadn’t slept since that morning at 2:30 – hey, I’d been up close to 24 hours.  I also didn’t have dinner.  We left the concert before the encore to find food.  There weren’t many options available at 11:30.  We decided to get hoagies and chips from the local Wawa and take them back to the hotel room to eat.  I scarfed my food down which was mediocre at best and started to drift off to sleep.  Rich soon fell asleep as well.  Around 2:30am (when I’d normally be getting up and ready for work) I thought I had heard a bag rustling.  I opened my eyes and looked around and didn’t see anything so I figured that I was just dreaming and drifted back off.


A few minutes later, I heard the sound of a bag rustling again.  I slowly sat up and bed and grabbed my phone.  I put on the flash light app on my phone and pointed it toward where I was hearing the noise.


And there it was.  A mouse.


Rich had a half eaten bag of chips and left it near the TV on the bureau and the mouse was trying to get in the bag.  I woke up Rich and before I knew we were on the road again back on I-80 driving back to Sweet Valley in the awful road conditions.  90 minutes later we were home.  I was not a happy camper.  You can read the full review of my experience here.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I picked up some kind of bug in that room from breathing in mouse fecal matter.


Between yesterday and today the following has happened:  My dog cut his claw on the door and bled all over the floor in the kitchen and living room (Read:  WHITE CARPETING), there was another 2 hour delay at school causing me to get to work late, some random guy tried to flag me down to help him with a flat tire on an icy road and I couldn’t stop, I nearly got in a head on collision because some asshole tried to pass another car on 118 in a no passing zone, I found out that my car potentially has some kind of tire issue, Leslie left NEPA BlogCon, the NEPA BlogCon site was hacked, I spent most of the day trying to screw with restoring the hack, and now there’s a pile of broken laptops sitting in my lap from work.


Uncle, already.


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