Top 5 Christmas Commercials of Yesteryear

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Top 5 Christmas Commercials of Yesteryear

By M Davies   /     Nov 16, 2012  /     TV Rants  /  

It’s 4am and I can’t sleep.  I’ve actually been awake since 2am, but now since Office Space is over I have nothing to occupy my thoughts.  So here I am.


I have been noticing year after year, the same commercials being recycled during Christmas.  I’m not sure what the thought process is behind this for merchants/product manufacturers.  Tradition?  Laziness?  Cheapness?  Maybe a combination of all three.  Here are some of the ones we have become accustomed to seeing throughout the holiday season.


Cheerios – Grandma Commercial

This was played the other day on WNEP – I remarked to my manager that this kid must be 20 by now.  I’m not that far off base – this commercial was created in 1990.  The actress in the commercial is Peggy Miley and the baby was 9 months old in the commercial.  This would make the baby 22 years of age today.  Can you believe it?


Campbell’s Soup – Let it Snow Commercial

Now granted, I haven’t seen this commercial on the air yet…but it is still early in the holiday season.  I do remember seeing it in frequent rotation last year.  I wonder how old the kid was at the time it was shot.  Maybe 7 or 8?  I learned through another blog that this commercial first played in 1995.  This would put the kid actor in his mid to late twenties.


Hershey Kiss – Bell Commercial

I did see this commercial air again this year.  According to a Google Search, the first time this commercial aired was in 1989.  In 1989 John Dunn was Brands manager for Kisses.  A new marketing campaign for Kisses was being developed, sometimes referred to as the Kisses “whimsy” campaign.   Working with Ogilvy Mather, a series of animated Kisses commercials were planned utilizing the tabletop stop-motion animation and CG product photography.  Source.


Ch-ch-chia! Commercial

You can count on the Chia Commercial to be back in some form this year.  For some reason the makers of Chia (who coincidentally are also the creators of the Ove Glove, Garden Claw, CSL, and the Clapper), Joseph Enterprises, only seem to ramp up their advertising campaign during the holiday season and during Judge Judy.  I guess that’s when they anticipate people to make the most awful present purchasing decisions.  One month out of the year must account for their entire revenue stream, so they don’t see the need to advertise for the other 11?  I’m just guessing.


And last but not least ….


Pennsylvania Lottery – Twelve Games of Christmas Carol Spoof Commercial

This commercial first started airing in 1992.  Rita has probably long retired and handed over the reign of her food truck to her children.  I would guess Joe is probably dead by now, but yet the commercial continued to play on.  I always had a problem with giving someone a lottery ticket as a gift for the holidays, unless they specifically asked for one.  Here’s my thought process:  If you give a ticket to someone and it doesn’t win them anything, you look like a cheapskate crappy gift giver.  If you give a ticket to someone and it wins something big, then you are kicking yourself because you just were holding a winning boatload of cash ticket in your hand and gave it away.  Giving is always better than receiving, don’t get me wrong…but when it comes to 100,000 dollars, can you honestly tell me that you wouldn’t be upset?  Please.  I digress.


I don’t know if you know this, but the Pennsylvania Lottery actually updated this commercial this year.  There are all new actors.  A new Joe, a new Rita…a new FIVE CASH FIVES soloist.  It’s….odd….see for yourself:


I don’t know how I feel about this new commercial.  Maybe it’s time to bring back Gus and Gabby.

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  1. Cheri sundra Says: November 16, 2012 2:36 pm

    I didn’t realize that the “grandma” commercial was that old! Great post!

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