The trouble with neighbors (redux)

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The trouble with neighbors (redux)

By M Davies   /     Oct 26, 2012  /     I hate my neighbors  /  

I’m sure for my usual readers, this won’t be a shock, but my some of neighbors have been annoying me fierce lately.  What will be a shock is that it’s not the usual suspects, Drunken Redneck Volleyball.  This post has been floating around in my head for a few days, but it came to a head when the neighbor did something that pissed me off to the highest level of pissosity.




Became This:



We have a big field adjacent to our house.  We do not own the property, it belongs to the guy who owns the trailer park across the street.  There are 2 acres of land in this field, it borders our house and the neighbor behind us.  The whole thing was plowed and mowed down out of the blue on Wednesday, for seemingly no reason whatsoever.  The field has been a thorn in my side for a while because it becomes overgrown with ragweed and drives all of our allergies berzerk around August each year.  Also, it becomes a yard waste dumping ground for every person that lives on our road.  I don’t mind that so much, it just looks ugly.  Sometimes, trash ends up in the field as well.  That does annoy me to death.  I’ve made it a yearly habit to remove all of the trash in the spring otherwise it looks like we live next to a trash heap.


I guess he’s entitled to mow down the field…it’s his land.  But why now?  Wouldn’t common courtesy be to come over and let us know he’s doing it?  All of the sudden it sounded like a huge tank was driving through our yard, and we look outside to find half of the field gone.  I wish he would have attempted to do this sometime in the summer, you know…when the ragweed was growing.  Now it will be another year before the field grows back, and suddenly I have a direct unwanted view into the trailer park.



Speaking of the trailer park, I blogged about a car accident that happened on Mooretown Road.  It happened right in front of the trailer park, and a tree had to be cut down.  Now the area has become one of those makeshift memorials for the victim, because he passed away.  It was a tragic situation.  However, the memorial looks trashy and they spray painted on the road.  I’m all for memorials, but I think defacing roads, barriers, and whatever else by spray painting for the purpose of remembering someone looks juvenile.


As I mentioned above, the trailer behind the memorial, had the tree cut down directly in front of it because it was mangled by the car wreck.  Now I can see that trailer every time I go to the bus stop or drive up and down the road or get my mail.  Let me say this:  These people are always, always, ALWAYS on their porch.  And they just stare at you.  It’s beyond creepy.  I feel like I’m living in a real life Deliverance.  It could be 2am, when I’m leaving for work, and I guarantee one of them is sitting there waiting to stare me down.


The neighbors that live across the street from us and behind us never cut their grass.  To be fair, the neighbor on the other side of the street is moving, but you still do have to maintain the property.  The neighbor behind us has a broken tractor.  I’ve seen more snakes this year at my house than I have ever seen in my entire lifetime.  Yuck!


The neighbor next to us (with the horses) are usually decent, but we had a situation a few weeks ago where the dog had diarrhead all over the floor one morning.  He was put outside until the mess could be cleaned up.  We did put his water dish out there as well.  For whatever reason, the neighbor I guess decided that we didn’t give him enough water or something, and brought a bowl of water over as if to hint that we were treating our animal cruelly.  No.  We weren’t.  He had water.  He was outside until his bowel situation was under control and brought back inside.   My dog mainly stays in the house, only goes outside to do his business and comes back in.  If he’s outside for an extended time, it’s due to an extreme circumstance.  I don’t walk over and randomly provide water to their horses because I trust that they are in good health.  Mind your own business, please.  Thank you.


Which brings me to the odd smell in the air….when I arrived home last Wednesday, there was a stench in the air that I could only describe as someone burning about 100 different Mia Bella candles all of different scents.  It was horrible.  I walked inside and told Rich about it, and he walked outside and smelled it as well.  It smelled “chemically”.  We’ve noticed some unusual activity down the road lately, and are wondering if there is a meth lab.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Some of the neighbors further down the road are shady.  Again:  Deliverance.


So there’s that.


Still in all, living out here beats living in the city any day of the week.  I guess we will just have to pony up and buy some trees and border the edge of our property.

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