The mystery sunglasses

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The mystery sunglasses

By M Davies   /     Sep 16, 2012  /     The WTF File  /  

A few weeks ago, a pair of women’s sunglasses mysteriously appeared on my kitchen counter.  I didn’t know who they belonged to, so I figured I’d leave them there and maybe they’d disappear just as mysteriously.  They didn’t.


I inspected the sunglasses more closely and they were definitely not mine.  I know this because they are expensive.  They are Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses.  It’s not like I can’t afford expensive sunglasses, I probably could….I just have no luck with sunglasses.  I’m always losing or breaking them.  At first, I considered the possibility that they could be knock off glasses, but I googled the difference between knock off and non-knock off sunglasses.  These babies are legit.


I decided to ask my daughter about who the sunglasses belonged to.  She told me “Daddy said they were yours.”  I then said “No, they aren’t mine!”  And she said “But Daddy said they were yours.”  And then I said “Nope.  Still not mine.”  I’m not above fighting with a 7 year old at 6 in the morning, in case you were wondering.


In the following days I questioned Rich about the glasses.  The conversation went something like this:


Me:  “Who’s sunglasses are those?”

Him:  “Aren’t they yours?”

Me:  “No.”

Him:  “Oh.  Hmmmm.”

Me:  “Yeah.  Hmmmm indeed.”


He then asked a few friends and relatives if they were missing sunglasses.  Everyone said no.  We haven’t been able to determine who’s glasses these are to date.




Just kidding.  As long as she keeps leaving her expensive accessories and clothes behind in his car, I’m ok with it.  Just kidding again.  But seriously, I could use a new purse.  *hint hint*


Probably the most likely scenario is that they belonged to the previous owner of the jeep.  They probably had fallen under a seat, or between the cracks somewhere.  It’s just odd that it took this long to find them.


Needless to say, someone else’s loss is my fortune.  I cleaned up the glasses and am using them as a spare set.  FINDERS KEEPERS, LOSERS WEEPERS, MOFOS!  Mature?  You betcha.

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