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By M Davies   /     Aug 16, 2012  /     Events, NEPA, TV Rants  /  

Today marks the opening of the Wyoming Valley Newsroom for WNEP in the Bicentennial Building in downtown Wilkes-Barre.  Here’s a picture of it right after we announced that we were moving in:



I didn’t think to take a picture of the outside when I was downtown, but picture this office now with signage on the top on both sides, and the small window above the door houses a TV that shows what is currently airing on WNEP.  There are speakers mounted outside so that you can also hear the TV.



On Tuesday, I went immediately to the new newsroom to let a bunch of electricians in to run the cables for the audio and TV to work that is pointed outside.  This is what the inside looked like then, it was kind of in a state of disarray with tools, ladders and cables everywhere.  You can also see the sign guy working in the background.  The area that he’s in will be used for the “studio” section of the bureau.  Live shots will be done from that area.  Don’t worry, there was major cleaning that occurred yesterday afternoon to make the space presentable for our Grand Opening.



It’s kind of cool to know I had a small part in getting it setup – I hooked up and tested computers, desktop TVs and a printer/fax machine.



Oh!  I almost forgot!  When I was down there, my NEPA BlogCon squirrely girly Darling Stewie stopped by for a visit.  She brought me some nifty stickers!  We also had some other visitors that stopped by.  I must say that everyone that stopped by was enthusiastic about us moving downtown.  They wanted to know when we were opening officially, who would be working in the space, and I even had a college student stop in and ask about internships.  There was also a delivery person looking to drop off flowers for someone in the Matt Cartwright campaign.  Apparently, the Matt Cartwright campaign used to occupy the office space before we did.  I had to send the guy away not knowing where the Cartwright campaign moved to.  I’m sure Gort probably knows.  I wish he left the flowers…they were very pretty!


For the record:  Jim Murdoch, Bob Reynolds and Lara Greenberg will be stationed here, along with some photogs and the webmaster.


(Click above image for full sized pop-out)


Then one of the workers from Circles on the Square stopped by.  She was asking the same questions as everyone else was, but for a much different reason.  You see, Circles is kind of eccentric.  Everyday, they create a menu of specials, but the specials are named after current events.  Check out the menu above to see what they came up with for today (all WNEP themed)!  If you are in the neighborhood today, be sure to explore Circles vast menu.  I recommend the #54 Martha’s Perky Turkey.  However, Jackie’s “Whats the Meal!” does sound pretty yummy.  Lots of good stuff here, folks!



In the meantime, tune into WNEP at noon, there should be a live broadcast from the new bureau and lots of other fun surprises.

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