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By M Davies   /     Aug 24, 2012  /     NEPA, TV Rants  /  

I stopped down the Wyoming Valley Newsroom 3 additional times this week due to computer issues of the reporters and photogs stationed there, so I managed to snap a few more pics of the setup as an addendum to my last post. BTW, you can click any of these pictures below to pop-out a larger image.




Here’s the previous preview picture I posted above a picture I took on Sunday.  As you can see, there are two Newswatch 16 signs on the outside.  One facing the square and one facing those walking into the Bicentennial building.  I’m told they light up, but I haven’t really seen it happen.  There’s also a TV above the doors, although I’m not sure how well you can see it in the picture.  There are speakers mounted outside so that you can hear what’s on the TV mounted outside as previously mentioned.



When I tell people that I need to monitor what’s on WNEP & WNEP2 all day they tease me saying such things as “MUST BE NICE, YOU GET TO WATCH TV ALL DAY LONG”.  Um, no.  Actually we monitor what airs on TV to make sure none of the paid commercial sponsors that we have air in black.  If they do, we have to adjust their billing at the end of the month.  At the WVNR, there are 3 TVs on the wall in addition to desktop TVs for this purpose.  Also to catch any weird errors that may occur during news broadcasts.



The last time I was at the WVNR, the signage on the pole (toward the front) was incorrectly placed and was in the process of being removed.  Originally the sign company centered the letters on the pole and in actuality it needed to go only so many inches down from the top (a.k.a. uncentered).  They have been back to fix it and it looks really good.



One of the cool things about the WVNR, that hasn’t really received enough attention in my opinion, is the mural on one of the back walls.  The pictures on the mural are from all around the area.  Andy Palumbo tells me that a few of his photos are featured on the mural.  This picture does not do the mural justice though, you kind of have to see it in person.



Something odd…as I was helping the Wilkes-Barre crew with computer issues on Monday, we received a flower delivery.  The address was wrong on the flowers, so the first time the guy showed up we sent him away.  He came back a short time later and showed us the card and we accepted the delivery.  The card had the incorrect address, but was addressed to WNEP-TV.  It said “Welcome to the Neighborhood, From all your friends at Eyewitness News”.  Awkward.  We aren’t sure if this a real thing or someone playing a prank, but either way we all had a good chuckle about it.

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  1. Karla Porter Says: August 25, 2012 12:07 pm

    This is a really nice documentation of the beginnings of the WVNR Michelle. It’s really attractive, they did a great job with use of space. I think it’s cute how people just try to walk in like it’s a store! I guess that’s our typical friendly NEPA nature =)

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