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Has Facebook hijacked your email?

By M Davies   /     Jul 21, 2012  /     Technology Hates Me  /     0 Comment

At the end of June, Facebook users started to notice that their email addresses on their profile had changed from whatever their default was to their Facebook username @facebook.com and there was much complaining.  Boo!  Of course, the Mark Zuckerberg conspiracy theorists already were drawing conclusions such as “Facebook is going to start forcing you into using their email address.” and the like.  You can read the full Mashable article about it here.


After further investigation, Facebook stated that the email address issue was caused by a bug in it’s mobile applications.  When contacts were synced from the application to your phone, something triggered the primary email address in your profile to change to the @facebook.com address.  The glitch supposedly has been corrected.


You may want to double check your profile page on Twitter to be sure you have the correct email address.  You can do this very easily.  First login to Facebook as you would normally.


Then click onto the link for your profile page.



Look for the “About” link under your profile picture, click on it.



Next, scroll down to the “Contact Info” section and take note of the email addresses listed…



If they are correct you don’t need to change anything.  If they are not correct or a @facebook.com email address is showing, click on the edit button to change it.



After clicking edit, you can add or remove emails from your list (using the links at the bottom), or choose to show or hide them on your timeline with the circle drop down box on the right hand side.  If you only want certain groups of people in your friends list to see your emails, you can use the drop down box with the heads to pick who can see it.


See!  Easy peasey!  I just wish Facebook would work on improving their mobile app so things like this don’t happen in the future.

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