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Where the F I Was

By M Davies   /     May 07, 2012  /     Misc/Crap, TV Rants  /     0 Comment

I’m summoning my inner Nikki Minaj for this evening’s blog post title.

I’ve been avoiding my blog like the plague for the last few weeks because I was beyond pissed off at it.  It seems that every time that I start to write a post, Firefox decides that it wants to freeze up and then WordPress conspires along with it to not save my blog posts before it crashes thereby losing whatever I worked on (sometimes for multiple hours).  I haven’t figured out why Firefox is being such drama queen, but I have figured out what’s wrong with WordPress.  A few years ago, I was having trouble with the backend of WordPress.  In the “Edit Post” section, the tool bar at the top that would allow me to create links, bold, italicize, etc disappeared.  I searched all over the Internet and in the forums to find a solution to the problem, but had no luck.  I decided to do some further investigation on my own and found a plugin that replaces the WordPress toolbar with a proprietary third-party toolbar.  Welp.  For whatever reason, the toolbar was causing the autosave function to stop working.  I have a feeling it was not compatible with whatever the most recent version of WordPress was that I updated to.  This problem only popped up within the last few months.  I took a chance like Columbus and disabled the plugin and luckily my WordPress toolbar is back.  I also hacked at the WordPress PHP and set the autosave to happen every 30 seconds.  I will never lose another post again, even if Firefox has another one of its temper tantrums.

No.  I don’t like Chrome.  No.  I don’t like Safari.  I have my reasons.  I like Firefox best on Mac.  Shut up, leave me alone.

It’s been a wild four weeks.  Let me just tell you.  On my last post, I was under a lot of stress and deadlines.  Some of that has since faded, but not much.  I will still feel better once this semester is over and I have my final grades.  As much as I hate doing recap posts….here’s what’s been going on…..

I was on ComputerWise on 4/11 to talk about Pinterest.  Below is a screen cap from the show.  I was going to rip the show off of the DVR, but it was removed before I could.  They will probably repeat it again over the summer.

On 4/16 Owen had an ENT appointment to which I found out that he would need to go for surgery.  The doctor took a few hearing tests, and his right ear appeared to have the tube in from 2 years ago. Tubes are only supposed to be in the ear drum at max for 2 years.  The tube in the left ear had already fallen out, the right tube was hanging by a thread.  The doctor did not feel comfortable that Owen would hold still to remove the tube in the office, so we scheduled the surgery.  The surgery was on 4/19 and everything went fine.  Owen’s ear drums are completely healed and we do not need to replace the tubes, thank god.

In between all of that mess, the 4square meetup day was on 4/16 and I got to see Red Green at the Kirby Center on 4/17 with my crazy brother, who started a blog recently.

I went to the spring edition of the NWS Skywarn Training on 4/23 at Wilkes University.  In the same week, I also participated in Community Reading Day, NEPA Blogcon Meet and Greet and was in the “Women in Technology” panel during TECHbash at LCCC.

I still have been regularly attending my Tuesday night COBOL (or as I like to call it COB-Hell) class and my Thursday night Networking & Communications class.

Busy, busy, busy.

I was supposed to be taking over the on-air Blog of the Week segment Tuesdays on WBRE’s PA Live on 4/10 in place of Harold who now has a full time job with my employer former employer Travelocity.  I had worked out a deal with my manager at the time that would allow me to come in early enough on Tuesdays so that I could leave early and head down to WBRE.  That was all well and good until I received another job offer.  The job offer was for WNEP.  I’m sure you can understand why this arrangement wouldn’t have been a good idea to move forward with.  There was a lot of back and forth and I wasn’t really sure what was happening with the WNEP job.  I know that my references were being checked, so I figured that was a good sign for my career, but not for the PA Live segment.  I was communicating with Harold the whole time to let him know what was going on and we immediately started our contingency planning.  We asked Gort if he would want to take over the weekly segment, but he was unable to due to his work schedule.  With all 3 of us unable to commit to doing the weekly segment we were out of ideas and it looked like the segment was going to end.  Then along came Shannon Nelson from A Girls Gotta Spa! who graciously agreed to step in and take over the weekly segments, taping each one in advance.  That solved that problem.

I didn’t get the WNEP job offer until 4/5, which was supposed to be the day I was to be going for a root canal.  I rescheduled the root canal for another day and went to WNEP instead, BEST DECISION EVAR.  I was officially offered the job in person — which was a first for me.  Most of my job offers have come over the phone or in writing.  I was a nervous wreck!  My first day of work was 4/23.  This will be my 3rd week at WNEP, and so far everything is going well.  I’m still a nervous wreck, but I’m sure that will pass.  One thing I can tell you though, not a single person has told me that I don’t know how to use a stapler, no doctors have screamed at me on a telephone, and I haven’t been asked for a report needed for a presentation yesterday.  I don’t like job hopping, but when you are not happy somewhere, you are not happy.  I read about the WNEP job online and even though at the time I was only at Travelocity for a few weeks, I just could not pass up the opportunity to apply.

I am hoping to get back to regular blog posts again shortly.  I just have to get through this week of classes and I’m home free.

(At least for 3 weeks, anyway.  Then the summer semester starts.)

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