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Blah blah blah STRESS blah blah blah

By M Davies   /     Apr 09, 2012  /     Annoyances, Misc/Crap  /  

I have once again over-allocated myself to the umpteenth degree.  This really shouldn't come as a shock to anyone.  It's a sickness.

A look at the week ahead:


An 8:30am root canal to which I'll being to work immediately after it is completed.

Once I arrive at work, I have a 2pm, 3pm and 4pm meeting.  The 3pm meeting is a training for Excel Vlookups, to which I'm not finished preparing the training materials.  I think it's informal, but I'd feel better prepared with having some reference guides/training aides to present to the peeps I'm training.

I need to write-up 2 BOTW posts for NEPA Blogs.  There's a whole story behind that, which I will tell at another time.



My COBOL homework and test is due, and I have class from 6-8pm.

I need to complete my research and write-up something for ComputerWise about Pinterest.



Computerwise at 7pm in Lehighton.

Networking homework chapter 9 (which was due like 2 weeks ago) and chapter 10 need to be completed and submitted.


Work.  Meeting at 10:30am (which I will be the subject of this week, no doubt).

Networking class 6-8:45.  More homework and another test will be assigned.


The 13th…

I'm supposed to have a dentist appointment for a cleaning on this day.  Yeah, that's funny right?  I'll probably have to reschedule that.  I don't need people probing around in my mouth after I've been through a root canal on Monday. Plus, I really can't miss any more time at work.  I'm falling behind on shit.



Next week isn't looking much better. 



Is this semester over yet?  I want my life back.

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