Birds are Ugly

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Birds are Ugly

By M Davies   /     Nov 02, 2011  /     Mommyhood, Quotes  /  

I received the following message today from Gabby's bus driver:

"Had to tell you about this…was too funny!  So, we turn by Cook's to go to the school….a bird flies up from the road in front of me….Gabby yells in the most dramatic voice….OMG!  YOU JUST RUNNED OVER THAT BUTTERFLY!  I said, no Gabby, it was a bird and it flew away before I could hit it.  She was like, oh….ok….well if it was a bird, you could have hit it, they aren't as pretty as butterflies are."

Good lord.  Gabrielle = Michelle v2.0.  This is totally something that I would say.


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