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Saturday Morning Mishmosh

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This post will contain a bunch of random topics, for which do not have enough content to have their own individual blog post.

The Biggest Pothole Known to Man (update)

I think that maybe someone at PENNDOT has been reading my blog.  I'm fine with this, because if you check out the photo below, they've finally filled in the crater on RTE 29 that I discussed here.  The road is still down to one lane (as you can see by the cones), but I think all that's left is fixing the shoulder of road and re-painting the lines on the roads.  Yay!  I'm very happy about this.

(Click on little photo above for bigger version)

That Noise in My Car (update)

Because I'm a sadist, I scheduled both Parent-Teacher Conferences yesterday as well as an appointment to get my car's loud noise diagnosed.  I'm sure you remember the loud noise impersonation that I did in this blog post.  It turns out, that I needed a new muffler.  I'm not really sure why or what was wrong with it, but I told the guys at Nissan to go ahead with the replacement.  Apparently this was a crime against humanity in my husband's eyes because car repairs cost three times as much at the dealership vs. at a local Joe Schmoe car repair place.  Woops.  I did pay a lot for this muffler….guess I should have went to Meineke.  All I know is that, the rattling is gone, from my car and my brain.  Now the only loud noise you should hear coming from my vehicle is when I blare my stereo and when I swear at people that don't know how to drive on the Cross Valley. 

Lack of Friday Five

Yesterday's Friday Five was uber-lame.  I decided not to participate because it would have been a waste of a blog post.  Here were the questions:

  1. What do you usually take to the beach?
  2. What do you find essential for a trip to the mall?
  3. What’s something you take to the ballgame?
  4. What do you take to the movies?
  5. This one may not have broad enough a relevance, but what do you take when you go to the symphony?

The answer is….I haven't been to the beach, ballgame, movies or symphony in a long ass time.  I go to the mall every once in a while, but it's not that difficult.  I take my car, myself and my purse and maybe a kid or two.  That would probably be the same answer for every question, so why bother.  I'll wait and hope that next week's question aren't as stupid.

Election Day

I was voter #26 in Lake Township, which surprised me, considering I got to the Municipal Building at 7:30am – a mere 30 minutes after the polls opened.  I'd say that's a pretty good turn out for that time in the morning in the sticks.  7:30am proved to be a good time to show up, because not only was I in and out of the place within a few minutes, but there were no barrage of candidate supporters handing out flyers and harassing me for my vote.  They must have still all been in bed.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of choices for Luzerne County Council.  I voted for who I thought would be the best Councilperson, and not for who "I knew" or who's names I recognized.  I met several candidates running for council and judge in the most recent Blogger get-togethers.  I did vote for some of the people whom I met that seemed to have a solid head atop their shoulders.  Unfortunately, some of those did not win a seat.  I'm not going to go into who I voted for, but I hope that those that were elected serve our county well.  Sidenote:  I'll be taking mental notes and voting your ass out in 2 years otherwise.

For Sale….FOR SALE!

I'm selling my old Macbook on Craigslist if anyone is interested.  The reason for the sale is that I've finally upgraded to a Macbook Pro 17" model.  I've had the previous Macbook for 4 years, and based on my needs….I needed something bigger and faster.  I need to emulate Windows for my VB.Net course at the college, and doing that on my old Macbook was killing the processor….of course, I had Tweetdeck, Firefox, iChat and iTunes open all when I was attempting this.  I just needed a faster processor.  Here's my new baby:  http://store.apple.com/us/product/FC725LL/A

The only difference is that I have a 500 GB hard drive…not the 750. 

I am selling this to recoup some of the fundage that was spent on "the new baby".  Anyway….if you are looking for a cheapy way to get your feet wet with owning a Mac, here's the link to the advertisement on Craigslist (serious inquiries only):  http://scranton.craigslist.org/sys/2693170248.html

If you buy this from me, I'll be sure to include an autograph for you 😀


Ideas that I'm toying with

I have some ideas for the new year over at NEPA Blogs.  One of which is starting an Events Calendar which all of the bloggers can add their own events to, or some how submit them to be displayed on our page.  Just in the last 24 hours, I've learned about an event NEPA Mom is trying to promote, Dale Wilsey Jr. has something interesting going on in a few weeks and Lucia Peregrim has a benefit with her Sounds for Scoliois charity (details about these events can be found on the @NEPABlogs Twitter account).  I think that an event calendar can help organize these events and bring more awareness to what's going on in the Blogging community.  The other idea, I've discussed in detail with Karla Porter.  It would be a "Blogger Conference".  There would be speakers about how to setup SEO, use social media to your advantage, monetize your blog, etc etc etc.  It would take a while to plan all of this, set a date, secure a venue and get the word out.  Probably 6 months to a year I'm thinking but I wonder if the interest would be there.  Hmmmmm.  Ideas, Ideas….  Don't mind me, I'm just thinking out loud.

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day was on Friday, 11/11/11 this year.  I participated in the Wilkes-Barre/Kingston Veteran's Day parade with LCCC's Phi Theta Kappa Society last Sunday.  I was amazed to see all of the various levels of the armed forces that participate, as it was the first Veteran's Day parade that I've participated in.  It was a picture perfect day for it.  Both of my Grandfather's are Vets.  My Grandfather Hryvnak served in WW II, but was honorably discharged due to being deaf (fully? partially?) in one ear.  My Grandfather Miskewicz served in the Korean war.  I remember him showing me his uniform, dog tags and medals, but I can't remember where exactly he served.  I thought it was a special area, but I can't remember for sure.  Anyway, here are their pictures. 

(Pop Hryvnak, Aunt Julie – his sister, his dog)

(Pop Miskewicz)

Have you thanked a Veteran today?






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