This week I got screwed (literally)

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This week I got screwed (literally)

By M Davies   /     Oct 21, 2011  /     Annoyances, The WTF File  /  


Get your mind out of the gutter perverts, I am talking about my tire (as well as the other 8 million other issues that cropped up throughout my life this week, more on THAT later).  They say bad things come in threes.  I am not really sure who "they" are, but "they" should have their mouths duct taped shut and stop saying things to jinx me. 

Monday, I felt well rested enough to actually accomplish some errands and chores that needed to be done before I left for work at 2pm.  I had won a contest on local radio station 98.5 KRZ, so I decided that I would head there to pick up my prize stopping off at CVS in Dallas to pick up a few things that I needed.  When I got into my car, I noticed that my low tire pressure light was on.  It was on for a time last month, but I filled up my tires with air shortly afterward and the light went off and I assumed that the problem was solved.  It is no secret that I'm going to need tires before the winter sets in.  My tread is pretty worn and I have had the same tires since I purchased the car last year.  Whatever.  I figured I just needed to put more air back into the tires again.  So I decided that after stopping at CVS, I'd head to Sheetz because it is free to fill up your tires there.  I filled up two of the tires on the driver's side, but there was a line forming behind me as I was fumbling around with the air gun and re-screwing the caps on the tires.  As an aside, let me say this…I have no idea what number I'm supposed to fill them to.  I guessed 37.  Sound reasoning, right?  So anyway, back to the story…once the tires filled to 37 the pump shut off and I decided to wait, rather than try to do a K turn to do the other 2 tires.  I'm a haphazard parker and K turner, so I didn't want to further embarrass myself by doing this in front of an audience of people waiting to use the air pump.  It takes a little bit for the tire pressure sensor to go off even if you have picked the correct tires to fill up with air.  I drove to Pittston and hoped that it would shut off.  Yeahhhhhhh….it didn't.  On my way back from picking up my prize, I stopped again at Sheetz and filled up the air on the passenger side tires.  The tire pressure sensor eventually turned off.  SUCCESS!  (Or so I thought…) 

On my way home from work on Monday night, the tire pressure light came back on.  I put the situation behind me as I had other issues to deal with and went to bed shortly afterwards.  Tuesday morning, I took the kids to the bus stop, and something felt "off" with my car.  I was running late, so I didn't really have time to check and see what was going on.  Once I got to the bus stop and made sure the kids had all of their "stuff" (bookbags, snacks, lunches, etc), I got out of my car to see what the deal was.  The problem felt like it was on the front passenger's side.  Sure enough.  My fucking tire.  Was fucking flat.  I had class on Tuesday morning, and I was exhausted from the previous night.  I seriously considered skipping class that day to catch up on sleep, but that was all put on a back burner after seeing the flat.  I obviously couldn't go to school for a totally different reason.  CAR ISSUES.  I guess that I could have taken the hubs jeep, but that would have restricted him from going to get my tire fixed as I slept of my irratiblity with the situation.  My husband called around and ended up jacking the Versa in the driveway and pulling off the tire.  He found a place in Dallas that could patch the tire.  After he took off the tire he noticed THE SCREW which was jammed into the tread.  Anyway, all's well that ends well.  The tire was successfully patched and I was able to go to work that afternoon.

Also on Monday night, I got home at 11:30pm and there was still company at my house.  My brother-in-law's vehicle was in the driveway, so immediately knew something strange was up.  He helps my husband fix stuff around the house…A LOT.  You could say that he was given all of the "handy man" genes in the family.  There's two separate issues going on in this photo. 

1.  The dryer's vent was not connected all of the way which we weren't aware of because it goes into the wall (with the horrible flower pattern).  This must have been occurring for quite some time because when we removed the wall panel there was dryer lint all over EVERYTHING including ceiling tiles.  This situation has been since solved with duct tape to keep the vent pipe secure. 

2.  The washer has been having issues for some time as well.  The problem with this situation is that the washer needs to drain up hill.  Basically the pipe goes up and over a wall and then outside.  The previous owners had the washer rigged to drain behind the shed into a big culvert.  The problem with this is, if it rains a lot (like in September), the culvert area gets to be a pond and there is no where for the water to go, so it backs up and then makes whatever is in the washer smell horrible.  I can't even describe the smell, its somewhere along the lines of mildew, dirty skunk water.  We fixed the washer to drain elsewhere (there was another pipe which drains closer to the house), but now the washer still has a "funk" smell in it.  We've already ran a bleach wash cycle through.  Then Rich read online that using vinegar in a cycle clears it out.  WRONG.  DON'T DO THIS.  It makes it smell EVEN WORSE.  Then all of the sudden the drain pipe started leaking.  So the guys (Rich, Adopted FIL and BIL) had the washer draining into a bucket which was working.  Then they hooked it back up to the regular pipe and ran a cycle through again.  The draining was working, but now the washer was completely full of suds (as you can kind of notice from the picture above).  I don't know what the end resolution was, but everything is back to normal now.  Except my basement.  There is laundry, pieces of wall, tools and other various shit all over it.  I don't have the time or energy to think about that right now.  Why my husband decided to take on a "fix-it" project of this size DURING A WEEKDAY is beyond my comprehension level at this point in time.

So let's see…what other FUN THINGS can we PILE ON?

You've probably seen the picture I previously posted about my Adopted FIL being on my roof.  (If not, scroll below)  While he was up there, he found out that the tree that fell near my daughter's bedroom during Hurricane Irene's winds did actually clip the house.  We have a few cracked shingles that will need to be replaced/repaired.  There's also a part of the ceiling that is leaking right above the mud room area between the bathroom and the kitchen.  I'm assuming that the shingles in this area of the house also will need to be replaced.

Oh, and the bulb in our projector died.

Here's my pedicured toes and Tom Clark on my 90 inch projector screen.  Size does matter ladies.   

We decided to do a home theater setup in our basement, and to get the most bang for our buck, an HD projector and screen would be the most cost effective solution.  I've loved every minute of my life since that decision, except for 2 weeks ago when the bulb in the project died.  These bulbs are costly.  It can cost upwards of 200 dollars to get the bulb and the cartridge unit in which it is housed in.  To our credit, we've had this setup in the basement since 2009.  The bulb did last 2 years.  It just sucks how everything decides it wants to break at once. 

Speaking of that.  I believe that the TV upstairs has been conversing with the dishwasher and stove.  I overheard a conversation and from what I gather they are feeling left out of the attention the rest of the issues around the house are getting.  They made a pact and one of them is going to die, but they want it to be a surprise.  Rock, paper, scissors may have been involved in their decision making process.  The bastards.

Can I please catch a break already?  Everything stop breaking.  Please?  Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Andy Palumbo would not approve of this post's baudy language.

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  1. Jimbo Says: October 21, 2011 7:40 am

    Your language is fine. There is no language strong enough when cars and appliances betray and/or attack their owners.
    There is also a strong correlation between unanticipated cash inflows (the accounting term for "freaking money falling from the sky") and appliance suicide. It happens whenever a sum greater than $250 unexpectedly lands in our laps. The amount of repair/replacement always equals or exceeds what the fates have given us. I suppose it is to balance the karma books, but that doesn't ring true.
    Why can't the Universe let a regular schmuck (or shmuckess) enjoy a windfall and then murder Bill Gate's fridge to even things out? The cosmic books still balance. Net karma is zero.
    But no… we get a chunk of moolah, a laptop dies, and Uncle Bill makes a few bucks on the Windows license. 99% of us get windfalls and 1% actually benefit from it.
    Karma my a**.
    I've had it. I'm occupying an appliance store in protest. I'll be at Sears, nestled between the washers and dryers. Drop me off some wings…

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