The Great Book Reorganization Project of 2011

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The Great Book Reorganization Project of 2011

By M Davies   /     Oct 08, 2011  /     Uncategorized  /  

Conclusion:  I have too many books.  I started out with a small half bookshelf full of them, but that number has since quadrupled in recent years.  I'm running out of room!! 

Here's the first bookshelf…completely filled up.  Funny items of note:  "Winblows 98 Software" on the top shelf, Packer Cheese Head hat (w/ a WNEP hat sitting on top of it) on top of the shelf and a "Welcome sign" which used to be outside of my house in Lee Park.  There's also a spelling trophy w/ photos on the top shelf.

The half shelf is up against the wall in this photo…the tall black shelf toward the front will be replacing it.  The box in the foreground contains music CDs.  I never unpacked these from the move from Lee Park to Sweet Valley.

Yay…more organized.  Items of note:  Leadership Wilkes-Barre grad certificate on top of shelf, Pocono Mtn & MCAVTS diplomas on second shelf, Academic Honor placards on the second and third shelves, Epix Internet Services group Halloween picture on the fourth shelf, too many job documentation bibles on the fifth shelf.

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