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PennDot? More like PennDon’t.

By M Davies   /     Oct 27, 2011  /     NEPA  /  

Here's something that shouldn't shock anyone in this area….Pennsylvania has Worst Bridges in the Country (courtesy of WBRE).  I found a similar article over at the Pocono Record here.  One of the commenters on the Pocono Record article posted a link to a website called "Transportation For America".  I followed the link and there is a Google Map searchable by zip code that shows all of the structurally deficient bridges within a ten mile radius.  Of course, I then plugged in my zip code to see what was unsafe near my 'hood.  Here are my findings:

By my count, there are 10 structurally deficient bridges in a 10 mile radius of my house.  However, I don't think this list had been updated in a while.  Some of the bridges have already collapsed in and around the Noxen area from Hurricane Irene/Lee's flooding. 

What  alarmed me the most about the deficient bridges was there was one that I travel over several times per week:

I knew the bridge was not in the best shape, but damn…it was built in 1932?  Don't you think it's time for an upgrade, PennDot?  Did anyone evaluate the amount of traffic flowing over it daily?  There have been major revolutions in the automotive industry since 1932.  Like for example, we don't drive horse drawn carriages any more.  This bridge was not built to handle the amount of traffic currently going over it.  Yikes.  With my luck, it will cave in the second my car drives over it.

Then there's this:

Not a bridge, granted…but a big fucking crater left behind on RTE 29 North from the Hurricane Lee Flooding.  This is in the vicinity of the Ceasetown Water Treatment plant (after Moon Lake Park).  Don't kid yourself.  It may not look too impressive in this photo, but that crater goes down a good five feet.  I'm 5'4", 5'6" in heels, and if I stood at the bottom of this thing, not only would I ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes, but the hole would be taller than me.  I am really worried that someone not familiar with the area will not realize its there late one night as the area is not well lit.  There are signs, cones, saw horses and etc setup, but I feel like there should be another pile of dirt/rocks on the other side of the hole.  Just in case. 

It may just be my imagination or lack of sleep, but I could swear the crater gets bigger every time I drive by it. 

It's supposed to snow tonight and possibly again on Saturday.  There is enough room for a plow to get through the area, but what happens if it is icy and you lose control of your car?  Can't there be a temporary safer fix be put into place….at least until a permanent fix can be done.  Why not fill it with boulders and sand or something…ANYTHING to make the area more safe.  I realize that a lot of roads in various areas were affected by the flooding, but this is a major artery between West Nanticoke, Hunlock Creek and Sweet Valley.  Can we please fix it?  Or at least bump it on the list by two or three.  I'll take anything at this point.

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