Day 3 :: Something you have to forgive yourself for

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Day 3 :: Something you have to forgive yourself for

By M Davies   /     Oct 04, 2011  /     30 days of truth  /  

I stopped doing my 30 days of truth long ago when I came across day 3.  I know what I wanted to write, but it required more thought.  If you want to read what I have to forgive myself for, then you need to read my previous post.  I have it password protected because it is a very personal matter for me.  If you would like to read the entry in its entirety, please email me at and I will provide the password. 

Maybe I'll pick up where I left off with the 30 days of truth….maybe not.  I haven't decided yet.  There are somethings that I would like to keep private, maybe in those cases I will lock the entry.

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