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The Adopted FIL

By M Davies   /     Oct 12, 2011  /     Family  /     0 Comment

Did you ever have that one person…possibly a relative even….that shows up at your house at the absolute worst time?  Usually without calling or giving you prior notice that they are stopping by?  Let me see a show of hands….

*Raising Hand*

Me too! 

My brother-in-law's father-in-law is who I'm referring to specifically.  I've since nicknamed him "Adopted FIL".  Don't get me wrong, I love the guy to death, but A LITTLE ADVANCED NOTICE PRIOR TO SHOWING UP WOULD BE NICE.  Especially since we have 2 younger children.

Most times that he shows up, its usually during dinner.  I'm not sure if this is planned or not, but it makes you obligated to offer food to him.  Which encourages his behavior.  I don't like to consider myself an enabler.  He's also shown up while the hubs is working during the day (…he works from home…) 

Yesterday…this happened:

(Adopted FIL on my roof talking on his cell phone)

Its great that he helped clean our gutters.  I really do appreciate it.  Once again, he gave no advance warning prior to showing up and you know…hitching up the ladder and climbing on top of our roof.  Rich happened to walk outside and there he was…on top of the roof.  How freaking weird!  I know if I was the one to have walked outside and seen a man on our roof I would have probably started screaming and having a panic attack (of course then realizing afterward its only Adopted FIL)

My point of this post is two three things: 

  1. No one would have ever believed me if there wasn't photographic evidence.
  2. There's seriously never a dull moment in my life.
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