10/28/11’s Friday Five

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10/28/11’s Friday Five

By M Davies   /     Oct 28, 2011  /     Friday Five  /  

Friday 5 for October 28: Repellent

    1.  What’s something you enjoy eating that many others would be grossed-out by?

I have an absurd obsession with peperonici that started when I was pregnant with Owen.  I will eat them on sandwiches or straight out of the jar. 

    2.  Which of your personal traits is most likely to make others want to avoid you?

Probably my tendency to be a smart ass and my cynicism.  Some people tell me that it cracks them up, but I think it can be down right off putting at times.  Oh well, I'm not changing.  Learn to love me or hate me.  The choice is yours.

    3.  If you could wear a bracelet that had the power to keep certain kinds of people away from you, what kind of people would you repel?

Morons, Idiots and the Computer Illiterate.

    4.  We are all capable of overcoming our biases, of course, but what’s a physical trait (in others) that pretty much turns you off?

I don't think that these are physical traits, but I'm going to mention it anyway…. Anal retentiveness to the umpteenth degree.  There's someone that I work with right now that makes my life a living hell because of their OCD tendencies.  I was once told I didn't know how to use a stapler because of the way I stapled papers together.  I also don't appreciate controlling types.  I do my thing, you are entitled to do yours. Don't force  your ideals on me or tell me the way that you think that I should live my life.

    5.  When you feel a case of the blues coming on, what do you do to fend off the bad feelings?

I usually try to think of a time in my life that I had things worse off than in the current situation.  Sometimes that isn't always easy to do if things are pretty bad, but it helps to put things back into perspective.

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