Hurricane Irene – Post #2

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Hurricane Irene – Post #2

By M Davies   /     Sep 02, 2011  /     Annoyances, Events, NEPA, Wacky PA Weather  /  

Well, I'm back online….and it only took 5 days.  We lost power several times throughout the night Saturday into Sunday morning, each time the power would go off, it would come back on just as quickly which was a good thing.  Until about 9am Sunday morning when the lights started flickering.  Around 9:50am (right around the same time that Wilkes-Barre City was having people evacuate from around Solomon's Creek) we lost power.  It did not come right back on as it did during the night.  It was O-U-T, out.  My husband called his brother who lives about 3ish miles away from us up Rte 29 towards Harveys Lake and they were out of power since 3am Sunday morning. 

Fast forward to Sunday night…no power.

Fast forward to Monday….no power.

Fast forward to Tuesday…NO POWER.

Fast forward to Wednesday…NO POWER. 

Fast forward to Thursday morning…No POWER.

I left my house yesterday at around 11am after returning from school and there was no power as of then.  My husband then also left for work and attempted to get a shower elsewhere, and then went out for dinner as all of our food here has spoiled (save for what was in the deep freezer).  At some point yesterday, the power came back on.  It wasn't noticed at first because we were prompted to shut off the power at the breaker.  Several people in the Back Mountain Area (which includes Dallas, Dallas Twp, Kingston Twp maybe?, Lehman, Jackson, Ross and Lake Townships) were reporting that appliances were being fried with the currents running through the house after the power was turned back on in their areas. 

Rich had noticed that several of our neighbors had electricity, and we didn't hear the generators running anymore, so he took his chances and flipped the breaker, and sure enough everything came back on.  Yay!  I came home to a house full of running water and electricity and …. INTERNET.  None of which I have had for the past 5 DAYS. 

I'm still adjusting to things being back to normal….and still trying to collect my thoughts about what I want to say about this disaster, but from what I'm reading this morning, there are still some of my friends that have no power as of this morning.  God, I can only imagine what kind of hell that is right now.  I was ready to snap yesterday on day 5…I can't imagine going into day 6.  I really really really hope power returns to those folks soon.  Also, the TL has an article about Page Ave in Kingston still not having power yesterday.  I'm not sure if they were able to get it back soon, but I hope so.  Also, if you take a gander at the comments below the article, you can read everyone's sentiment.  Basically anyone who hasn't had power for 5 days should suck it up and not complain and be thankful we didn't live through Hurricane Katrina, because those people didn't have anything for months. 

Let me just cut you off right there, asshole arm chair quarterbacks without a clue.  Try to UNWILLINGLY (i.e. not going camping) live with electric for 1 day, let alone 5.  And here's a big fucking news flash for you too.  I don't live in the city.  So I do not have the following utilities:  City Sewer, City Water and Natural Gas or Propane.  I have Electric and Phone.  Those are my only 2 utilities.  I have an electric well pump, which means NO RUNNING WATER, NO SHOWERS, NO FLUSHING TOILETS, no drinking water, no ability to make ice, no way of washing dishes, etc.  Some of my neighbors who have propane were lucky enough to at least have the ability to maybe dry clothes or run their stove, but not I.  And do I need to remind you I have 2 young children as well? 

Anyway, before I get too fired up here, the bottom line is that I am happy that the power is back on and hope that it comes back on for the rest soon.  If there is anything I am able to help anyone locally within the area, let me and I will.  As that is the right thing to do with the hell we've all been through last week.

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