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Hold Your Head Up

By M Davies   /     May 01, 2011  /     Annoyances, Events, Rejection, Youtube  /  

Today's blog post title comes from the song of the same name by "Argent".  Whenever I'm feeling down, I find this song on my iPod and sing along with it loudly (this usually happens in my car, which invokes curious stares from other drivers). 

Here's the Youtube Vid of it, in case you have never heard it before:

This song was playing on repeat in my car today.

So, why am I bringing any of this up?  That's a great question.  Allow me to explain . . .

As you know from my previous post, BlogFest 2011 / Spring Edition was Friday evening.  For the last week or two, I've been working in my spare time (which these days, I have a lot of) to bring more traffic to NEPA Blogs by the way of Twitter and adding new blogs to the Blog Roll on that site.  I've also been working the few contacts that I have in the local media to get coverage for the Blog Fest so that more people are interested in attending. Ever since participating in Leadership Wilkes-Barre last year, I have a strong desire to help plan events or make events "work".  It's in my blood.  Maybe I should change my career path and become an event planner or something to that extent.  I've thought about it on more than one occasion.  The problem is, when I plan an event, I need to have some control over it. I had little to no control over Blog Fest…which is completely fine, as it was not 100% my event.  I did, however, expect a nod for trying to gather people together.  I left feeling snubbed, which became more apparent the next day when my identity was mistaken for fellow NEPA Blogger Jennifer Wade who was not even in attendance that night.

In the past, these Blogger "get-togethers" were a great networking event.  I got the opportunity to meet people I would not normally socialize with or have contact with in day-to-day life.  This year had a different feel to it.  To be brutally honest, I felt like a complete outcast.  Don't get me wrong, I did have chats with several of the politicians and bloggers.  I chatted with Gort and his wife, Yonki, Joe Valenti, Harold (obviously), Vito DeLuca (running for judge), Wil Toole (running for County Council), David Baloga, Joyce Gebhart, etc etc etc – I'm sure there are some that I missed.  The air of a lot of the bloggers and politicians Friday night was one of "Oh, you aren't a political blogger.  Then I really don't need to talk to you."  Which, in my humble opinion, is the wrong message to send to potential future constituents.  Everyone that night should have been greeted as equals.  If you politicians think that only the political bloggers matter to get you elected then you have a VERY MYOPIC viewpoint. 

I hate to say this guys, but the reason that most non-political bloggers do not come to these "get-togethers" is because they are intimidated by the political nature of the event.  And here's an even bigger shock for you:  NOT ALL BLOGS ARE ABOUT POLITICS.  If we really want NEPA Blogs to be a fun and successful group to be a part of, why can't we have events that DO NOT INVOLVE POLITICS?  I feel that these events tend to alienate those of us who blog about other topics.  I've been invited to several of the NEPA Twitter meet-ups, but because of timing of the events and location, etc. I haven't been able to attend one.  From what I've heard with those events, is that people from all walks of life (young and old alike) get together to have a great time out and there is no discussion of politics.  Let's call BlogFest what it really was "Luzerne County Political Fest". 

I rarely try to discuss politics on this blog.  Opinions are like assholes and everyone's got one.  Discussing beliefs on politics tend to get heated and hateful.  But if you need to know, I am a Libertarian masquerading as a Democrat.  I had to change my party to vote in the last presidential election, but never bothered to change it back. 

At any rate, I'm pretty upset over this, and will probably not ever attend or plug another BlogFest going forward.  It's sad to say that last night I was actually considered deleting this blog and moving on, but then I thought to myself, why should I change when everyone else sucks.  I've had this domain name since 2001 and have been blogging since 2002ish.  If you don't like my blog, don't read it, but DON'T TREAT ME LIKE A PIECE OF SHIT BECAUSE I DON'T BLOG ABOUT POLITICS.

I'm stepping off of the soapbox now.

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