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Charity Blitz

By M Davies   /     Nov 10, 2010  /     Community Service  /     Comments Off on Charity Blitz

The next two weeks in charitable giving:

Friday 11/12/10 – Volunteering time with co-workers to help stock up the Back Mountain Food Pantry

Saturday 11/20/10 – Volunteering time to march with co-workers at the Wilkes-Barre Santa Clause Parade

Tuesday 11/23/10 – Volunteering time w/ a local radio station to help prepare Thanksgiving Dinner at a local soup kitchen


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By M Davies   /     Nov 07, 2010  /     The WTF File  /     3 Comments

So I was just checking my traffic stats, and I was linked from a web design company stating that they designed this website. FALSE!  They did not.  I designed the front page and installed WordPress all by myself.  The only thing I cannot claim responsibility for is the installed WP theme.  I love it, but I'm not sure who designed it.  It was not me.  I can't believe how low some "developers" will stoop to stir up some business.  

Btw, here is the offending URL:

And they spelled my last name wrong to top it off.  Double FAIL!

**11/10/11 UPDATE:  The link was taken down. 

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Day 2 :: Something you love about yourself

By M Davies   /     Nov 07, 2010  /     30 days of truth  /     0 Comment

It amazes me that after all of these years, I still manage to watch "Dog the Bounty Hunter" when I can't sleep.  I mean its probably one of the most redneck-ish/weird shows on TV, but I can't take my eyes off of it.  Maybe someday if I ever get to travel to Hawaii, I'll try to find the office and knock on the door for an autograph or something.  Anyway…

It's finally time to post the next truth, hence the above title of this post.

Stephanie was right.  This post is going to be hard.  It is far more easy to be overly critical about yourself and talk about what you dislike about yourself than what you love…like….tollerate….whatever.

I guess if I had to pick one thing that I really do love about myself it would have to be my ability to pick up stuff quickly.  In the span of 3 years, I went from my job at "Big Red Telephone Company" (which I formerly referred to as "The Company"), to an Internet E-Commerce Company, to an online vacuum cleaner sales company, to a major food company.  I've had to learn and forget so much terminology and methods very quickly. 

Ok, so who wants to know the difference between an ISDN BRI and PRI?  What?  You say you want to do a CSV upload to your Yahoo Store?  Why yes, I do know the difference between a Dyson DC 24 ball and a DC 25 ball…do you?  By the way…that's just a small sampling of the useless knowledge floating around in my brain.  Let's face it, if you don't work at a phone company, you don't give a damn about how many timeslots are in a DS1.

I seem to have found a good home where I finally landed (the major food company), but everyday has been an uphill battle.  I basically need to have my brain deprogrammed of telco terminology and reprogrammed with supply chain terminology.  It is not easy.  Since I've been awake, I started to go over my review for last year and think about what I'll be writing for this year's review.  I am amazed with how much I've picked up in a year.  I am a totally different person with the knowledge I've learned.  The problem is I feel like I'm only 1/10th of the way there.  I have been taking courses and trainings as they come up to try to grow my knowledge, but I need to learn more…and faster.  Maybe I'm just impatient.  See previous hate post about that.

Every few years, the technology side of me wants to escape and beat up the analysis side of me.  I wish I could find a happy marriage with both personalities of my career path. I started to work toward an associates degree at LCCC in Computer Information Systems.  I think having that under my belt will help me no matter where I go.  Unfortunately, I don't think that the computer nerd in me will never die,  Beyond that, when I do finish that degree, I need to start looking toward a BS or BA degree in something.  That will be the challenge.  I really want to take meteorology which is totally unrelated to everything mentioned above, but its been my dream since I've been a little girl.  There is also the telecommunications factor.  I could go that route.  Or, I could go for Supply Chain related stuffs.  I guess I should make a decision.  I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. 

I kind of got off on a tangent there.  Sorry.

Another major accomplishment for me this year was that I got my MS Office 2007 Specialist Master certification.  I had to take 5 seperate Microsoft exams to achieve this level.  I still have another upcoming exam for MS Access in December.  I love that I was able to put aside my hate for Microsoft and be the bigger person to take these exams.  The bigger person?  Haha, I crack myself up.  Who knows, maybe someday I'll trade my iPhone of a Microsoft phone, my iPod for a Zune and my Macbook for an HP w/ Windows 7.  I'll replace my framed picture of Jobs with Gates.  And if you believe that one, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you….CHEAP.

I really think its key to become a lifelong learner.  The second you stop expanding your knowledge on any topic is the second you become expendable.  Today's job market is so competitive that you will be left in the dust if you think you can get by on the bare minimum of job training or a HS diploma alone.  My only regret is that I wish I started doing some of this stuff YEARS ago.  Maybe I'd have more of a leg up on everyone else, but who can predict the future?!  I thought I'd always be at Big Red, and that obviously didn't work out.

I love that. 

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I’m kind of all over the board right now

By M Davies   /     Nov 06, 2010  /     Misc/Crap, Mommyhood  /     0 Comment

This week has been a little crazy, so I really haven't had a chance to post any more of the truths.  I promise that tomorrow, time permitting, I'll post the next one. 

Right now my life is very departmentalized.  I have a "bucket" for everything.  There is little time for me to do much else outside of my normal priorities.  First, there is work, but before I get into that, you need to understand that I live at least 30-45 minutes away from my job, each way.  Round trip we are talking an hour or two of commuting each day w/ the road construction, buses and other assorted assholes on the road.  After thinking about the commute and factoring that in to my "getting ready" time in the morning, you must also think about my children.  I have to get 3 people ready in the morning.  Not 1….3.  Myself, Gabby and Owen.  It usually plays out as such:

4:45am EST – Me wake up

5-5:30ish am EST – Me shower, and get dressed, start to put make-up on

6:00am EST – Me poke and prod Gabby until she wakes up, get her in the shower.

6-6:15am EST – Gabby showers; while I make her lunch and get her clothes ready, check her bookbag, prepare snack and whatever other misc stuff has to be done (possibly load the dishwasher, let the dog out or take out the trash)

6:15-6:30am EST – Gabby gets out of the shower, gets dressed, whines about something and then watches cartoons.

6:45am EST – I'm usually doing Gabby's hair and then yelling at her to get her socks and shoes on.  Btw, for the record, I have to repeat myself about 3-4 times everytime I tell her something in the morning.  My hair is still wet at this point, so I throw it into a quick pony tail or something to head to the bus stop.

7-7:10am EST – Owen usually wakes about this time.  I start getting my coat on, loading the car/warming it up, getting Gabby's coat on, making sure Owen is situated

7:10-7:20am EST – Me sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus, and then her finally getting on it.

7:25am EST – Me heading back to the house.  I usually brush my teeth, do my hair first….then start to get Owen ready.

7:45-8am EST – Get Owen dressed, hair brushed, coat, shoes, socks on, and leave the house.

8:15am EST – Arrive at Owen's daycare and drop him off.

8:45-9am EST – Arrive at work.

So if anyone wants to give me "beef" about getting to work later, now you can understand why.  I have little-to no help in the morning.  If I do, its a RARE occasion.  

By the time I arrive home at anywhere between 5:30-6pm (after picking up Owen from daycare, of course) I am completely EXHAUSTED.  Most nights, I end up crashing out soon after dinner which some nights isn't eaten until 8pm, because god forbid anyone starts a meal before I walk in the door.

There is also Gabrielle's homework to account for.  Each Monday she receives three items that are due to be turned in for Friday.  Most weeks I go over the homework with her on Monday night to get it out of the way, this week was an exception because she came home extremely tired from school and fell asleep at 6pm Monday night.  Don't forget, we were all over the creation for Halloween weekend, and we were all still very tired from that.  She was probably coming down from her Halloween candy sugar rush.

 Tuesday evenings, I have a Supply Chain Management class directly after working my normal shift.  The class is supposed to be over at 8pm.  Most nights we do get out early, and once or twice I stayed later or got out right on time.  Again, 30-45 minute commute….IN THE DARK…and then usually stopping off for dinner somewhere, and then going home.  By the time I get home, settled, and then eat, its going for 10pm.

Oh by the way, that's not the only class that I'm taking.  I am also enrolled at LCCC (the local community college, for those of you who don't live around here) and take online courses there.  Lucky for me, both this class and the one above are winding down and will be completed by the first or second week of December, then I think I'll have about a 3 week break before everything starts back up again.  Next semester, I'll be taking a VB class with LCCC, and a transportation systems class with PSU.  

So.  To recap:  2 kids, 2 classes, Full Time job….. what else?

I have a house that needs cleaning, laundry that needs washing, a husband that needs attention, bills that need to be paid, etc, etc etc.

I am extremely busy.  I really could just barf thinking about it all.  The holidays are coming up soon, and I'm not sure how I'm going to handle all of that, plus what I am already doing.  A few weeks ago, I got a really bad head cold/sinus infection and that took a good 2 days off of my week.  Losing 2 days is HUGE.  I can't do that again anytime soon.

For Christmas this year, I would like a maid and a nanny.  You listening Santa?  

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30 days of truth

By M Davies   /     Nov 02, 2010  /     30 days of truth  /     1 Comment

I stole this idea from Stephanie, who stole it from someone, who stole it from someone else and so on….

Along the lines of this being National Novel Writing Month (NanoWrimo for short), it is a blog post every day for the entire month of November.  Each post will have a theme, or "a truth" about me.  I figured this may get me ramped up to start doing regular posts again, provided I can keep up with everything.  Right now my life is extremely busy and complicated and finding any time to myself is a challenge.

The title of today's truth is:  Day 1 ::   Something you hate about yourself

There are a lot of things I hate about myself, both physically and mentally. 

Physically:  I have ugly feet, my teeth are crooked, my hair is frizzy, I'm too fat, I have a double chin, my skin is unpredictible, I sweat too much, I'm self conscience about EVERYTHING.  And that's just the short list.  If I sat here and really thought about it, I could come up with a hundred word essay, double spaced and alphabetized.  They say true beauty is on the inside and physical features are temporary and looks can fade away, but let's face it folks, what woman is NOT worried about the way she looks.  Deep down every woman has at least one thing that makes them very paranoid about their physical features.  I hate the way that I obsess about these skin-deep things, when there are people out there that have much worse problems than me. 

Mentally:  I hate that I have expectations that no reasonable human could ever live up to.  I hate that I have extreme OCD tendencies.  I worry that everyone hates me and makes fun of me behind my back.  Was that really a compliment, or was it a back handed one?  I fear that I'm a terrible mother, and my kids will resent me when they are old.  I hate the way my brain works in this never ending cycle of depressing thoughts and that I can't ever trully be happy or at ease. 

I've been trying to do things that help me get my mind off of all of this crap over the past year.  I've donated a lot of time and resources to charities and I find that it relaxes me.  There are people out there that always have it worse than yourself, and seeing it first hand really puts a lot of things into perspective.  Gee, maybe what I stress out about isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things when say….you don't have a house to live in or food to eat.  The truth is that I was so narrow-sighted that I never really thought about much else other than myself and my problems until I entered into the Leadership Wilkes-Barre program at the end of 2009.  I graduated from this program in June of 2010 and now I feel totally re-energized to get back into the community that I live in and lend a helping hand where needed.  

Kind of unrelated but,  I really hate being labeled.  Yes.  It is true that my parents raised me and my brother, for the most part, in the Poconos.  Yes.  The Poconos.  Home of the champagne glass tower bathtubs.  It does NOT mean we were rich.  Most months my parents just barely scraped by.  I don't know why that bothers me so much, but it does.  It probably has something to do with my husband calling me a "Poconos Princess" during a fight once and I was ready to break out my right upper-cut.

For that, I must also mention that I hate my temper.  I think I inherrited that from my Dad.

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