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Friday Five returns to

By M Davies   /     Aug 28, 2009  /     Friday Five  /     0 Comment

For the first time in SEVERAL years (at least since the Diaryland days) I’m answering this week’s Friday Five!

  1. How’s your tolerance for alcohol?

Ok….as long as margaritas are NOT involved.

       2.  How’s your tolerance for noisy neighbors?

In Lee Park, I didn’t have any noisy neighbors so much as I had NOSEY neighbors.  Everytime I’d walk outside they were all up in my grill so-to-speak.  The "Dad" would sit on his front porch for HOURS at night and just stare.  At nothing in particular, but if I happened to walk outside he would stare at me.  It made me very uncomfortable.  In addition to the weirdness of him staring at me, his son "Brandon", would go out to his friends houses in the neighborhood to hang out/play/whatever.  Without fail, every single night, at 7PM the "Dad" would go out on to the back porch and do a wolf whistle and bellow out "BRANNNNNNDON!"  This would go on as long as it had to, until Brandon was walking in the front door.

In Sweet Valley, I have 3 neighbors that surround me.  The neighbors directly next door to me have no kids, but 2 horses.  They are quiet and older.  I’ve never lived so close to horses in my life.  Its amazing to walk outside of your house and see horses prancing around.  The neighbor across the road is hardly ever home.  Paul was related to the people that previously owned our house.  He’s a good guy, older gentleman, divorced and works odd hours.  Caddy corner from us, you have, what I like to refer to as, "Drunken Redneck Volleyball Team".  I’m not totally sure who these people are.  From my best guesstimate, its a bachelor pad that has parties every other weekend.  They’ve been known to play drunken volleyball, horseshoes, football outside at all hours of the night.  Also, they have sat outside playing bongos at 4am.  They also own about 12 dogs.  All of which come over and mall me everytime I take out the garbage.  I feel like Christmas Story, with the Bumpus dogs

       3.  How’s your tolerance for physical pain?

Depends on what it is.  I would prefer childbirth over going to the dentist.  I would prefer the dentist over going for blood work

       4.  How’s your tolerance for intolerant people?

I can tolerate them and their opinions, but it doesn’t mean that I have to accept them.

       5.  How’s your tolerance for bad music?

I hate Nickleback.  I hate cock rock.  Other than that I’m pretty tolerant.

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