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Early Saturday

By M Davies   /     May 16, 2009  /     I hate my neighbors, Mommyhood  /  

I was woken up 3 separate times so far this morning.  I kept hearing drums all night or possibly bass music from someone’s car.  I decided to get up and investigate what the hell was going on.  We live admist a bunch of trailers.  We do not live in a trailer – its a modular, but anyway there are a bunch of trailers including a trailer park around us.  These guys that live across from us caddy corner (in a trailer) always have these drunken nights/days where they are playing horseshoes, or volleyball, or…  tonight they were all gathered around a fire, playing fucking bongo drums….at 4 o’ fucking clock in the morning.  Can you tell I’m not a morning person?

Whatever.  At least I identified where the sound was coming from and could go back to bed.  Or so I thought.

I was in mid REM cycle when Gabby comes out of her room asking me if she could watch Nick Jr. play date because its on.  I mumbled something to her, to go put it on in her room.  She took this as permission to put on her TV and blare it at full volume.  Then she comes out of her room again telling me that she needed a bucket to puke in, I told her to just go into the bathroom and throw up into the toilet.  So I heard her in there doing that.  At that point Rich wakes up and flips out on her for having the TV turned up so loud. 

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  At any rate, I’m up. There’s no going back to bed now.

What is up with Nick-at-Nite anymore?  I remember vividly when I was maybe 7 or 8 watching Mr. Ed, the Donna Reed show, Car 54 Where are you?, Get Smart and such shows with my grandfather.  To me those shows are classic TV and will forever be mortalized in Nick-at-Nite status for that very reason.  I was flipping through the TV this morning and now Nick-at-Nite has The Nanny on?  What the hell?  Home Improvement?  Family Matters?  Have I woke up in a parallel universe? 

Speaking of Mr. Ed…

Our neighbors directly next door got horses!  Two honest-to-god real, live horses.  I have rode on horses before, but never in my life have I experienced living next to them and getting to see them all of the time.  They are so NEAT!  Here are some pics: 



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