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We match

By M Davies   /     Apr 26, 2009  /     Mommyhood  /     1 Comment

Long ago and not-so far away I was a four year old single child.  I was visiting my grandparents house with my Dad and Mom.  My parents left me in the house to watch TV when I desparetly wanted to go outside and play in the beautiful sunshine.  My Mom was outside sunbathing and my Dad was loading something in his truck in the yard.  Since no one was around I decided it would be ok to just leave myself outside figuring I’d get yelled at, but hoping that once I was outside it would some how turn out to be ok.

I opened the old screen door.  No one saw a thing.  I tip-toed down the stairs.  No one seen anything.  I was free!  FREE!

Twirling around in the yard.  Spinning, twirling.  Dizzy.  Dizzy.


Right into the side of my fathers truck.  More specifically the corner of the gate in the back.  The SHARP corner.  I saw stars.  My nose was bleeding in two places,  Once from the bridge and also from my nostrils.  I started to scream.  I ran inside and everyone started questioning me what happened.  Before I knew it I was in the ER being X-rayed and examined.  Stitches followed.  Right along the bridge of my nose.  It turns out I had a pretty deep gash, which to this day is still visiible if you look closely.

Today, my daughter tripped in my son’s bedroom and fell against his Thomas the Train nightlight.  She has a gash in the same EXACT place on her face that I did on the day I ran into my Dad’s truck.  The difference being, she was lucky.  Her cut is not as deep as mine was.  I am pretty sure there will be some scaring involved, but I am putting Neosporin on and hoping for the best. 

We match. 


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