One more thing to annoy the bejesus out of me….

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One more thing to annoy the bejesus out of me….

By M Davies   /     Jan 10, 2009  /     Annoyances  /  

My vehicle annoys the hell out of me.  I mean seriously.  That thing is like the money pit. 

My tires were more or less bald since god knows when….probably the summer.  My rear passenger side tire would loose pressure every few days.  There would be days I’d have to fill it just to get to work.  I’d fill it in the morning and by the time I got home it was near empty again.  My husband took the tire pressure at one point and said there was 10 lbs of pressure in it.  I just stared at him blankly as I know nothing about cars.  Then he said the tire pressure should be 35 lbs.  Oh.  Yeah, that could explain why my tire feels like its kicking out from under the vehicle making left turns.  There was also this light that would constantly ding and flash in my jeep.  When I looked it up in the manual it said it was (SURPRISE) low tire pressure. 

Well guess what.  I got 4 brand new tires a few weeks ago and that damn light still comes on.  WHY????? 

In addition to that my car is low on washer fluid, so that dings every few minutes.  If you don’t put your seatbelt on it dings at you.  I AM SICK OF DINGING.  Everytime I hear a ding, I’m like WHAT, WHAT WHAT NOW????!  What else do you want from me?!  A ding for low gas, a ding for this, a ding for that.


I need to get my car inspected by the end of the month.  It better not need anything to pass or I’m driving it of off a cliff.

A few months ago I was getting into the car and some random piece of the door fell off and hit me in the head.  I think it was insulation or something.  The passenger side has a panel coming lose.  The seats are trashed.  I hate that jeep.  HATE.

I can’t trade it in because I’m upside down on my loan.  Thank you auto industry.  No wonder why no one wants to buy a Chrysler.  Because you pay 20,000 for the damn thing and two weeks later its worse less than half of that.  I really hoped the auto industry would not get a dime from the government for this very reason.  I had a VW Bug a few years ago that I traded in, and that retained its value.  NEVER AGAIN CHRYSLER/DODGE.  NEVER.  I will buy anything foreign over these crappy domestic cars.  I don’t care if that means having a higher monthly car payment. 

I just remembered, something new is happening in my car.  Usually when I engage the e-brake there is a light that comes on that says "BRAKE" on the dash.  Now if I suddenly have to brake, the same light comes on as if the e-brake is engaged.  What’s up with that?

Anything to annoy the bejesus out of me, that’s what.

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