People are shitbags.

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People are shitbags.

By M Davies   /     Jul 10, 2008  /     I hate my neighbors, NEPA  /  

I went to pick up a Turkey Hoagie from Black Dog Deli for lunch and seen the following outside of the restaurant:

This deli is located on Lee Park Ave somewhat down the street down from where I used to live.  Right across from St. Al’s Church.  How much of an asshole do you have to be to stoop as low as to steal an SPCA collection container?!  I’m sure there was what, maybe 4-5 dollars, maybe 10 dollars at most in the container?  And don’t give me that crap that its because the economy is bad and someone had to steal the money to buy a loaf of bread for their family or buy diapers for their baby momma.  Its bullshit.  You know they took that money and went to buy drugs or booze with it.  How do I know?  Hmmmmm, lets see, in the last few months, the Pantry Quik was robbed, Phillies Phinest was robbed, the Dog Groomer was robbed and there was a major fugitive found on our street that stole money to buy heroin.  This is all within less than a 1 mile radius.  It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure it all out. 

I hope you choked after chugging down your 2 40oz of beer, asshat.  YOU WILL BE CAUGHT.  SOON.

That is all.

****UPDATE – The story has made it to WNEP.

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