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By M Davies   /     Jul 11, 2008  /     BUGS  /  

In my list of top ten things I fear the most, Bees is numero uno.  With the extreme fear I have you’d probably think I was stung numerous times.  Not so.  I was only stung twice. 

The first time was when I was on a picnic with my grandparent’s.  It was called the "Sunday School Picnic" and it was sort of a religious outing.  Not for me though, I couldn’t care less about the religious overtones.  It was more of a family reunion at an awesome park somewhere near Berwick I think.  There were tons of swings and sliding boards, basketball hoops, tennis courts, etc.  I was walking back from the monkey bars and lost my footing in a hole.  Sure enough the next thing I knew I felt extreme pain radiating from my ankle.  I didn’t know what to do so I just stopped dead in my tracks and screamed at the top of my lungs.  At that point my family came running over to see what was going on.  Once it was determined I was stung (people were trying to ask me questions but I was crying and screaming hysterically)  Everyone started applying first aide all at once.  "No you have to get the stinger out first", "No you have to do this first", blah blah blah.  Finally they got it all fixed up, but it still hurt badly.  Maybe I didn’t hurt and I was just making a big deal of it.  It just seemed like a very traumatic incident for me.  Maybe I was an 11 year old drama queen.

The next time I was stung was only a few years ago actually.  In the summer of 2005, Gabby was only a youngin then and Owen was a twinkle in my eye.  Somehow a wasp got into my VW Beetle.  Now mind you, I was in a rush because I was running late for work in the AM.   I just put Gabby’s carrier in the car and walked around to my side of the car and sat, getting ready to put the key in.  The next thing I know, there’s an extreme pain radiating from just under my right butt cheek (not to be gross or anything).  I didn’t look at the seat before I sat down and apparently I sat right on top of this wasp.  Luckily I was wearing long pants which prevented the stinger from going in.  I thought I had "shooed" it out of my car, but then I noticed it again later in the day when I went out to my car for lunch.  After work that night, Rich went out and found it and killed it.  You know that myth you hear about bees dying after losing their stinger.  Not for wasps.  They are bastards.  

That all being said, take a look at this beauty:

This is new.  At our 4th of July party my brother had noticed it and pointed it out to us.  The bees must have JUST built it.  Sick sick sick.  We watched it awhile and it was indeed live.  There were hornets flying in and out of it.  Well to be honest, we didn’t know what kind of bees they were at first, but after watching them for a while, you could see a distinctive "white tail" (or thorax if you want to be all scientific about it)

I’ve done some research and figured they’d have the name like "White Tail Hornet" or something.  Nope, actually these little bastards are called "Bald Faced Hornets" and they are MEAN.  Here’s the wikipedia article about them (btw, if you do click here check out the pics of the nests, sorta similar looking to above)  Rich walked over with a full can of hornet/wasp killer that shoots 25 or so feet and sprayed it.  3 of them immediately came out and chased him down the yard.  They are highly, HIGHLY, HIGHLY aggressive.  Here’s another article about them, this one was more informative.

We had a bee guy out this morning, it cost 200 dollars.  Every nest is gone.  There was this one on side of the house, and three or so in the shed.  Also, there were wood boaring bees in the eaves and overhangs of the deck.  They are all gone.  He additionally sprayed for spiders, ants and earwigs!  Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DIE bugs.  DIE!  I wish I was around this morning to witness the bug genocide.  I was kind of interested in the procedure for taking the nests out.  Not that I’d try to do it myself or anything, but I was thinking he’d have to wear at least 5 layers of protective clothing.  Like maybe a nuclear space suit or something. 

No more bees.  Now I can do my happy dance. 

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  1. Harold Says: July 11, 2008 5:12 pm

    So I have this birdfeeder that Ive been kind-of ignoring, And some hornets built a nest in it. A teeny tiny thing, smaller thn a walnut, but the little bastards go into it somehow.

    Well, in the past Ive dealt with it by filling the bird feeder with bird seed, which I assume crushes the hownets. But each time, they come back.

    I’ve ignored the bird feeder for a while, and now the nest looks bigger. I wonder if I’ll be able to fill it with seed again?

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