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By M Davies   /     Apr 23, 2008  /     Misc/Crap  /  

I finally have a camera with working batteries.  I gave up on uploading pictures last night after I realized how dead the battery was in the camera.  After I woke up this morning I went over and tried to turn on the camera.  It turned on for approximately 1 nano second and then powered off.  WTF???  I tried to turn it on again and it was DEAD.  I’ve seen corpses with more life in them then the camera had at 7am this morning.  It charged all night.  ALL F-ING NIGHT.  What the hell???  Rich then told me that the camera doesn’t like when you hook the power cable to it directly.  It likes it better if you put it on the dock and then hook the power cable to it.  Does it really matter?  Apparently so.  The damn thing is lucky I’m charging it at all.  The next step is EBAY, you hear me….E.  BAY.

In case you are wondering, the answer is yes.  I do frequently yell at inanimate objects around the house. 

Anyway, here’s a link to some pictures of the stuff I bought at various garage sales last weekend.

I took Owen to the urologist appointment earlier.  The doctor was shocked at the size of the hydrocele.  In fact, when I opened Owen’s diaper, his exact words were.  "Wow.  Ok, that IS big."  The doctor seemed a little nervous about doing surgery on Owen at this point because of the asthma thing, and the fact that he’s under two.  I guess the anesthesia was what he was concerned about, not the actual procedure itself.  I explained to him Owen already had anesthesia once for the Ear Tube procedure, and responded well to it.  Responded "well" meaning, there were no side effects or complications.  When he woke from the procedure he was completely out of it and was really disoriented and was screaming.  The ENT assured me this is a normal reaction for kids to have, so I told the urologist I was not concerned about the anesthesia.  He still wanted to wait until Owen weighed a little more and was a bit older, so we set up a follow up appointment for July 30th.  He agreed with me about the fact that the hydrocele is not going to go away by itself though.  Surgery definitely will be needed.  So that’s where that stands.

Well anyway, that’s all I have for now, I have to get the kids ready because we are going to attempt to go out to eat.  I smell a disaster waiting to happen.


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