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Breaking News

By M Davies   /     Apr 22, 2008  /     Misc/Crap, NEPA  /     1 Comment

I just got two breaking news email alerts from and (hello?  earth to TL, CV and WNEP???  Bueller?) that Hillary has won the Pennsylvania primary, but now the question is by how much of a margin?  If its less than 10%  It may very well be the end of the road for Hillary.

BTW, I just visited and they have a county map of PA.  It turns out in my crappy county of Luzerne 76% of voters voted for Hillary and 24% voted for Barack.  With 85% of the precincts reporting.  Its amazing that all of the sudden NEPA matters in the presidential race.  I love live results. 

According to the TL, Meuserbot appears to be winning the 10 CD House Seat:

U.S. House – District 10 – GOP Primary
134 of 531 Precincts Reporting – 25%
Name Party Votes Vote %
Meuser, Dan GOP 6,609 53%
Hackett, Chris GOP 5,978 47%

25% is still to early to call. 

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I before E except after C

By M Davies   /     Apr 22, 2008  /     Annoyances, Misc/Crap, Technology Hates Me  /     1 Comment

I went to the polling place in the Lee Park Towers with Gabby and Owen in tow.  I parked the car in front of the house and we took a walk down to the Towers.  Btw, the Lee Park Towers is an older care home.  I frequently call it the "High Rise" because I’m from NEPA, land of the coalspeak

On the way down to the Towers a guy gets out of his car.  "Um?  Where do I vote, in the Firehouse or the Lee Park Towers?" he asks me.  Do I look like I work for the Election Bureau?  Look on your fucking Voter Registration card, jackass.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t say that out loud because of Gabby and Owen being there, but instead I told him of how certain parts of Lee Park voted at one place, and the rest voted at the other.  I don’t know the specifics as to why its setup like this.  I know the division line is down Lee Park Ave, since I was on the even side I voted at the Towers…the odd side votes at the Firehouse.  Its confusing….I know, (considering ITS WRITTEN RIGHT ON THE TOP OF YOUR VOTER CARD)  Rocket science people, rocket science.

I get to the voting place to check in.  You have to sign your name on the paper and then go over to the voting machine.  The women that work at the check-in area obviously live in the High Rise and are approximately 150 years old.  She asked me for my last name, I say "Davies". 

"DAVIS?" she goes.

Me:  "No, DAVIES.  IES.  D-A-V-I-E-S.  Not Davis."

She starts looking through the book and surprise!  I’m not in there (or so she says).  I proceed to have her check under my maiden name, even though I know damn well that I already updated the last name on my registration.  No luck, although there was a person with the name of Hruckno…that was kind of comical to me.   In the meantime, I dug out my voter registration card, except the only one I can find is the one with my Libertarian registration.  OH!  She goes, "DAVIES", I was looking under Davis. 


Finally I was able to get to the booth, cast my vote and walked back to the house.  I was going to pack up some misc stuff from the side porch to take back with me but the stuff I was going to take was missing.  I panicked, thinking that someone stole it, but it turns out that Rich was there earlier in the day and took it with him.  This is the second time he’s freaked me out about moving something and not telling me.  I went to the house about a month ago and the HEAVY park bench from the front porch was missing.  He some how managed to move it to the back porch, but I freaked and thought it was stolen.  You never know in our neighborhood…..

I was just about to take some pictures to put up to Flickr of my Garage Salin’ this past weekend, but it turns out I still can’t find the charge cable for the new digital camera, and then I found the old digital camera and got psyched only to find out the battery was dead and now that has to charge.  Luckily I was able to find the cable for that one.  Its charging, and hopefully I’ll be able to upload some pics before the night is over.  Provided my laptop battery doesn’t die.  You know my luck with batteries. 

BTW, I voted for Hillary.  I hope that doesn’t make me a sellout.

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A friendly reminder to PA friends

By M Davies   /     Apr 21, 2008  /     Misc/Crap  /     0 Comment

**** Get out there and cast your vote tomorrow in the PA Primary.  Whether you vote for Obama or Clinton, who cares…..JUST VOTE!  Polls are open from 7am to 8pm tomorrow.  ****

BTW, is it just me or does Chris Hackett and Dan Meuser look like game show host robots? 

I’m Michelle Davies, and I approved this message.

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Now what

By M Davies   /     Apr 21, 2008  /     I hate my neighbors, NEPA, The WTF File  /     0 Comment

On Monday of last week, Rich put up a "For Sale by Owner" sign on our house in Hanover Township. 

On Thursday of the same week, I received an email from my friend to my cell phone that there was a report of body parts being found in suitcases and bags behind the school that was directly across the street from where I lived.

What the hell….

Hanover Township, Lee Park was a great place to live when my grandparents still lived in the house.  There were 2 parks in the area, a farm, parades and a general "community atmosphere" type of feeling.  Back then, no one locked their doors, everyone knew everyone and were respectful of each other and each other’s property.  Now that all of the older folks have died off or are dying off, the houses are being sold off at rock bottom prices to scumbags who care very little for their neighbors.  And care even less about their property, or the way it looks.

Before I moved I had my screen doors, doors and windows all locked up like fort knox.  Many of you that have been to my house make fun of me for this…Who’s laughing now? 

In the last few years, the Convenient mart was robbed (and the owner chased the guy out of the store with a golf club), the pet groomer was robbed, there were scumbags 2 houses down that robbed a donut shop, numerous times guns were pulled at the St. Al’s bazaar, there was a guy a street over who killed a toddler, another douche bag that crapped his pants when he was arraigned at the magistrates office down the street (for real), and lets not forget the drug dealing that went on in the park and now the body parts. 

Lee Park isn’t exactly what it is/was years ago.  The park that was at St. Al’s was paved over and made a parking lot.  Businesses have come and gone.  The park in Hanover Twp near the high rise is a mess, dirty and shady people hang out in there.  You barely even see your neighbors most days, let alone get to know them on a personal level.  It is just a sad, sad state of affairs.

At any rate, so there were two body’s found on Loxley Street which is an alley that runs parallel to the school.  One body was in the woods right near the elementary school (comprised of K-2nd grade) in 2 bags/suitcases, and the other body was found the next day in 11 Loxley Street.  The police are calling this a murder-suicide, as the two guys identified knew each other and had a romantic relationship with one another.  Apparently what happened was that the guy found in the house committed suicide after he had heard someone discovered the body parts…the guy who was dismembered was killed back in January or something inside of the 11 Loxley Street house.  Apparently the two broke up, and the guy that offed himself murdered and cut up the dismembered guy after the fight/break up and threw his body parts in the woods.  Yeah, fun stuff folks.  What’s worse is the guy who apparently killed the other guy has a violent past, and has violated PFAs, etc.

Its a trainwreck.  One question burning in the back of my mind….no one heard anything?  no one saw anything?  Is good samaritanship out the window? 

And furthermore, who is going to want to buy a house in the neighborhood after all of this crap?  I’m already going to have a hard enough time selling it with the price I have in mind and the housing market in its current state.  Property Value.  Through the floor boards.

So at any rate, here are some related articles to yet another crime that has happened in Hanover Township.  It’s good bedtime reading folks.

Timeline of Links:

Last Thursday; First body discovered – and (with photos)

Last Friday; This was after the second body was found –

Sunday TL; History of Abuse Article –

Updated 5/4/08Portrait of a Troubled Lifetime, W-Barre TL

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