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Massive Blog Maintenance

By M Davies   /     Apr 25, 2008  /     Technology Hates Me  /     0 Comment

In the last few days, I’ve done so much maintenance blog its sickening.

  • I did the CNAME record thing.  blog.mhryvnak.net = mhryvnak.net/blog
  • I installed a Mobile Phone Plugin and also the Poll Plugin.
  • I installed Google Webmaster Tools on this blog and agnesinnepa.org.  I also installed Google Analytics here and on agnesinnepa.org. 
  • I updated this blog and agnesinnepa.org to WordPress 2.5.1

Now I have to get all of the updates to all of my plugins and I should be good to go.  By the way, if you decide to install the new WordPress 2.5.1 the backend is TOTALLY different from the last update.  Its like learning the WordPress platform all over again.  I’d take screen shots, but I’m too tired to deal with that tonight.  I would almost revert back to the previous installation if it wasn’t for the numerous security updates included.  This is definately going to take some getting used to. 

Now with Screenshots!
Dashboard | Write Page (top) | Write Page (bottom)

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Circle one: yes/no

By M Davies   /     Apr 25, 2008  /     Mommyhood  /     2 Comments

Rich and I can’t seem to agree on one thing:  Does Owen need a haircut? 

I say YES YES YES.  Rich says NO NO NO. 

What do you think?  This is a picture of Owen after he woke up this morning:  circa 7am.  I mean, just look at that curly afro he has going on.  Its a mess.  You can’t comb it or wet it down either because once it dries it ends up looking exactly like this.

So here’s your chance to vote.  I just installed a new Word Press polling plugin located on the right hand side above my calendar.  Cast your vote now!  You’ll be happy to know your opinion won’t mean much (nor will Rich’s) as I already have an appointment setup for him to get his hair cut tomorrow morning at 9:30am.  I will be sure to post an "after" picture when we get back from the appointment!  I’m just excited that I got the polling thing working, so help me test it out!

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