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The stages of packing

By M Davies   /     Apr 19, 2008  /     Misc/Crap  /     0 Comment

Stage 1:  Denial.  "I don’t need to pack anything yet, its too early and I absolutely NEED everything in this house." 

Stage 2:  Agree after much persistance that you should begin to start packing up things that you never ever use, or that take up too much space.  Pack a few boxes, carefully.  Wrap breakables in newspaper.  Tape boxes well, label EVERYTHING.

Stage 3:  After taking a few carloads of stuff to new house, and freeing up more space at existing box:  Continue to pack more boxes, filling as many as you can with stuff you won’t need anytime soon.  Wrap breakables in newspaper.  Tape boxes well, label EVERYTHING.

Stage 4:  Magically its moving morning, wake up as early as possible.  Start throwing shit in boxes, who cares if its properly wrapped or labeled.  Shoes in the same box as dishes?  Sure why not?!  THE. MOVING. TRUCK. IS. HERE. NOW. 

Stage 5:  Begin unpacking LABELED boxes at new house, because you know what is in them.  *ahem* Kitchen *ahem*

Stage 6:  Slowly figure out what is in the other boxes, figure out if you actually *NEED* the stuff or not.  Begin boxing stuff for Sal-Val or organizing stuff, looking through boxes to find missing power to digital camera.

Stage 7:  Start to move the contents of the attic from old house to new house.  Why are we saving all of this shit?  Our garage is packed to the gills with crap that was collecting dust in the attic.  Does anyone need a basket?  Apparently there were about 5000 in our attic.

Stage 8:  Move outdoor stuff to new house?  I miss my park bench and gas grill. 

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