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By M Davies   /     Feb 28, 2008  /     Mommyhood, TV Rants  /     2 Comments

I’ve been on a big commercial hating spree lately because Gabby, Owen & I are stuck inside most days because of the weather.  This amounts to endless hours of watching TV and commercials.  I definately hate the Wendy’s commercial (see below), but there are a few others too. 

I can’t find a video of this one on Youtube, so I have to post a link directly to the site…. click here

Its really disturbing.  "Baby Alive Wets and Wiggles" I think its called.  Basically when you open the baby’s diaper the doll has projectile "urine" (probably only water) and can shoot you square in the face from 5 feet across the room.  I mean, I have 2 kids, so I know that yes, you can get peed on changing diapers.  Owen used to be famous for that during infancy.  However, I do not need another THING in my house that pees on me.  

Sorry Gabby, you are out of luck.  Santa is NOT bringing this for you for Xmas this year. 

Although, since I know everyone loves a good youtube video, check out this inappropriate Super Soaker called the "Oozinator" that was for sale a few years ago.  Its pretty horrible.  Don’t marketing reps think about these cliches before releasing products/commercials to the public?  Come to think of it, Gabby & Owen love that show "Little Einsteins" on the Disney Channel, which is fine.  But one of the main features of the show is that the Little Einsteins (who are all from diverse backgrounds) ride around in a Red Rocket.  This reminds me of a South Park Episode a little bit.  If you haven’t seen it, its really bad.  (I suggest checking google, but be warned its definately NSFW) I would have thought Disney would have known about it, but apparently not. 


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