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What am I?

By M Davies   /     Feb 17, 2008  /     Mommyhood, Youtube  /     4 Comments

A lot of people wonder what its like to live with toddlers that are 20 months apart on a daily basis, and "how I do it"?  The below video is a lot like a typical day in my life with Gabby and Owen — minus the curses. (My brother sent me this Friday night and it made me piss my pants with laughter).  The end part of the video is NSFW, btw. 

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*Cough*Cough*Blow snot out of my nose*

By M Davies   /     Feb 17, 2008  /     The WTF File  /     3 Comments

Well, I still have bad cold symptoms, nearly a week later….WTF

I honestly think that I might have a sinus infucktion.  I had a really bad sinus headache last night and took Sudafed PE for Sinus headaches, and it did nothing.  I’ve also taken Theraflu tablets, Dayquil, Benadryl Severe Cold, Claritin D and nothing helps.  I have post nasal drip pretty bad too, at night all of the snot in my head runs down the back of my throat and then I’m hacking it up the next morning. 

I need something stronger.  This OTC shit, it does nothing.  I could blow my nose every 5 minutes and still have 8 lbs of snot in my head.  I need something that is going to dry out my head.  I need it as dry as the Sahara in there so I can actually sit and hear myself think.

Anyway, that’s how I feel physically.  Lets move on to how I feel mentally.

My dryer (which was built in like 1950) died the Friday night.  It is a gas dryer.  What happens is, it turns on, but it doesn’t heat up…at all.  Which makes it pretty useless, because you need the heat to dry the clothes.  I ran clothes through 3 times and they were sopping wet.  Why does god hate me?  Apparently, it may be able to fixed, it may need a fuse or something, but the problem is….ITS OLD.  Like older than me (and I’m 27).  The part would cost like 50 dollars if not more because it would have to be specially ordered.  So we bit the bullet and decided to order a new washer and dryer from Home Depot, they are having a 10% off appliance sale, free haul out, free delivery and if we use our Home Depot Card (we are) no payments/no interest for 12 months.  Oh, and I should explain our Washer situation as well.  Our washer is from the 1980s.  It is not a matching set — the washer and dryer.  When you put clothes in and turn it on, it fills up fine, but once its filled it doesn’t spin.  The clothes basically just sit in the water bath.  The washer spins during the spin cycle, but not during the washing cycle.  This has been going on since at least the summer, but we’ve been living with it because it still works….sort of.  So yay, new washer and dryer.  Unfortunately its going to cost 900 dollar, but at least we are getting the cool side loading washer and dryer.  I’m excited. 

Here’s an picture of the POS (notice the mirror-like finish, and the cool puke green 1970s panelling):

I accepted a position with a Company I interviewed at recently.  I have two major issues right now that I’m stressing about. 

1.   They want me to start the week of the closing of the new house we are moving to.

2.   I can’t find a daycare provider with an immediate opening.  I’ve called around to at least a dozen places in the Back Mountain area with no luck.  I have to do some more calling again on Monday.  Please cross your fingers, toes and eyes for me.  Because if I can’t find a daycare provider, I’m pretty much not able to accept this position. 

I’m under SEVERE stress right now. 

Blah 🙁  Can’t anything go my way, for once in my life?

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