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Mini Blinds Suck Ass

By M Davies   /     Feb 05, 2008  /     Annoyances  /     0 Comment

I was feeling slightly ambitious Superbowl Sunday (AM) and decided to clean the two windows in the hallway.  There’s a small crank window at the top of the stairs, and a larger normal sized window to the right of the stairs.  I took the screen off of the inside of the crank window and windexed it.  I also soaked the screen in the tub and got all of the dust off of it.  In order to windex the larger window, I had to take down the curtains and the mini blind.

Ew.  Ew.  Ew.  Ewwwwwwww

There was literally about 6 lbs of dust between the curtains and the mini blinds.  I threw the curtains in the washer.  Then I took down the miniblinds to wash.  I windexed the window.

Mini blinds just completely suck ass.  They are such a pain in the ass to keep clean first of all.  Second of all, when they do get dusty and dirty, they are impossible to GET clean.  I have tried many techniques….nothing is effective as……………. . . ..


Seriously.  They are 5 or so bucks.  Why not?  It saves you the aggravation of trying to get them clean.  I guess that really isn’t a "green" thing to do, but I can’t think of a better way.  I’ve tried washing them in the sink, the tub, with a garden hose and scrub brush, soap and water while hanging up, etc.  My mom even used to own a special cleaning brush designed for miniblinds, using that thing only pushed the dust around thereby making the blinds look much worse. 

I have a problem buying new miniblinds.  Apparently, I must be a moron and do not know how to measure them properly.  Right after I was laid off, my first order of business was to clean/get rid of all of the miniblinds in the kitchen.  The dust bunnies on them were having dust bunny babies.  One day when I was feeling ambitious (before the holidays) I measured all of the windows, and took a trip to walmart.  I bought a size too small for the door in the kitchen.  I ended up having to clean the original one that was hanging up and reused it.  I got one correct size for one of the other windows in the kitchen…YAY, score one for me.  Then I assumed since both of the windows were the same size to just get the same size for the other window.  *AHEM*  Bad Idea…  For whatever reason, even though the windows are the same size, there was a larger mini blind on the other window.  Does that make sense at all?  Not so much.  So I had to clean the original mini blind and hang it back up there.  What a pain in the ass.  Lesson of the day kids:  have your husband measure the blinds before you buy them and be sure to measure ALL of the windows.  You know what assuming does…(It makes an ASS out of U and ME)

Anyway, the blinds are now clean and have been hung back up, and the curtains are rehung.  It looks clean in my house once again.  Yay!

I think I want to buy Roman Shades from now on and be done with it.  Mini blinds are the bane of my existence.

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